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Musical Help: Tab programs

02 Jun 02 - 08:49 AM (#721522)
Subject: Musical Help: Tab programs
From: van lingle

I'm looking for a musical program that has a simple and easy to operate tab system. I have Musedit and don't like it to much. Any suggestions? Thanks, vl

02 Jun 02 - 10:23 AM (#721568)
Subject: RE: Musical Help: Tab programs
From: X

Try "TABrite" It's so simple that even this banjo player can use it!

Good luck.

02 Jun 02 - 11:39 AM (#721611)
Subject: RE: Musical Help: Tab programs
From: Justa Picker

Tabledit or Guitar-Pro.

02 Jun 02 - 11:48 AM (#721616)
Subject: RE: Musical Help: Tab programs
From: DMcG

Guitar-Pro is one of the better ones but it not a very general program: it is a little too focused around guitar tabs!

I use a combination of Guitar-Pro, ABCMUS and Harmony Assistant which together cover just about the whole range I am interested in. ABCMUS is good from reading SongWrite and converting them to ABC, which I can then read and manipulate with Harmony Assistant to finally export a MIDI file which can by imported to Guitar-Pro for polishing if I want. Equally, I can start in Guitar-Pro, export as MIDI and then use Harmony to get to ABC.

All of these three programs are pretty cheap and are available, I think, as shareware for evaluation.