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Peter Sellers

01 May 98 - 12:54 AM (#26942)
Subject: Peter Sellers
From: Moira Cameron

The threads on the Two Ronnies reminded me of this one. Has anyone heard Peter Sellers' take off of a folklorist? I have it recorded on a CD of "The Best of Peter Sellers". The folklorist gives three examples of folk singing--one from England, one from Scotland, and one from Ireland. Being of Scottish ancestry myself, I particularly loved the second one. I laughed myself to tears the first time I heard it. Unfortunately, only people in the folk music field could really appreciate the recording fully.

01 May 98 - 01:08 AM (#26945)
Subject: RE: Peter Sellers
From: Pete M


thanks for the lead, I haven't heard that one but will look it up. Have you heard the Rambling Sid Rumpo spoofs done by Kenneth Williams on "Round the Horne". Again you need to be a folkie to appreciate just how wickedly accurate some of the parodies are.

Pete M

02 May 98 - 02:31 AM (#27036)
Subject: RE: Peter Sellers
From: Moira Cameron


I've never heard of them. I can't say I know who Kenneth Williams is. I guess I'm pretty isolated up here in the frozen, but thankfully thawing, north.

Tell me more about him.


02 May 98 - 09:27 PM (#27094)
Subject: RE: Peter Sellers
From: alison


You are probably most likely to have seen Kenneth Williams in the "Carry On" Movies.He usually played one of the lead roles. Small thin man, big nose very nasal voice.

One of his most memorable ones was a Julius Caesar in one with the immortal line, "Infamy, infamy, they've all got it infamy." In the "Carry on doctor / Nurse" type ones he always played the head doctor, (Dr Tinkle) to Hattie Jaques' matron character.

He also did a lot of work on radio, as mentioned before.



05 May 98 - 06:06 PM (#27391)
Subject: RE: Peter Sellers
From: Antaine

Another hilarious sketch was called "A Drop of the Hard Stuff" (folklore collector recording an Irish Céilí Band). I suppose it might not be completely politically correct nowadays but it's very funny. Slán go fóill, Antaine

06 May 98 - 01:24 PM (#27491)
Subject: RE: Peter Sellers
From: Moira Cameron

That "Drop of the hard stuff" comes from the Peter Sellers' skit I was refering to. The third example his folklorist gives of folk music comes from Ireland--leading, of course, to a fight because someone accuses one musician of playing a 'bum note'.

06 May 98 - 04:00 PM (#27498)
Subject: RE: Peter Sellers

Peter Sellers also did a guest appearance on a Steeleye Span album, "Commoner's Crown", where he played the ukelele and muttered incomprehensible imprecations on "New York Girls".