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Lyr Req: going home:spiritual? (Dvorak)

08 Mar 99 - 09:37 AM (#61899)
Subject: going home


Does anyone have a suggestion as to where to find the lyrics for the old spiritual "Going Home" or possibly "Goin' home"? The melody is virtualy identical with part of Dvorak's New World Symphony.



08 Mar 99 - 11:52 AM (#61920)
Subject: RE: going home
From: Roger the zimmer

Paul Robeson recorded it. I used to have a copy of a US army hymnal acquired from an army surplus store(!) which I bought because it had lots of spirituals in it,but don't have it now. I would think it must be in mainstream non-conformist hymnals as well.
Go here: Lyr Add: GOING HOME (Dvorak, et al) --JoeClone, 11-Jan-2010.

15 Sep 01 - 06:35 PM (#551031)
Subject: Going Home
From: GUEST,Mac

A piper played a slow air called "Going Home" at the funeral of one of New York's fire fighters. Does anyone know any of the history of this air?

Click for lyrics and discussion

15 Sep 01 - 06:39 PM (#551034)
Subject: RE: Going Home

Going Home,Going Home, I'm a Going Home??

Is that the song? I believe it's a old spiritual.

15 Sep 01 - 06:45 PM (#551038)
Subject: RE: Going Home
From: Mary in Kentucky

Mac, do a SuperSearch on the words going home. Also, if searching on the 'net use the words go'in home and goin' home.

We've discussed this here, and there's lots of info. Most people think it was an old spiritual, but Dvorak seemed to have composed it after the "style."

It's used a lot here in the US at funerals. The firefighters also have a VERY close brotherhood, and use it and Amazing Grace often.

We'll see it a lot here soon.

16 Sep 01 - 01:32 AM (#551291)
Subject: RE: Going Home
From: Dicho (Frank Staplin)

This tune by Dvorak was used in the funeral for the fire chief and a lieutenant (sorry, ranks probably wrong) along with Amazing Grace.

16 Sep 01 - 08:09 PM (#551908)
Subject: RE: Going Home
From: DougR

The tune is the second movement (I believe) from Dvorak's "Symphony from the New World."


16 Sep 01 - 09:50 PM (#551979)
Subject: RE: Going Home

I cried when I heard them playing "The Minstrel Boy"...

02 Jul 02 - 09:23 PM (#741087)
Subject: going home:spiritual?
From: Mr Happy

this is a song i've sought for a long time, anyone have the words.

the tune i know is like new world: dvorak

02 Jul 02 - 10:05 PM (#741107)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: going home:spiritual?
From: masato sakurai

See previous threads:

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03 Jul 02 - 12:32 AM (#741159)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: going home:spiritual?
From: Dicho (Frank Staplin)

This seems to come up every six months or so. See threads 13099, 2103 and 38463. The link 'Going Home' by Masato, above, 2103, has lyrics. So does thread 13099: Going . The other thread noted by Masato, 'G..H.. recording' has discussion (38463).

There was no previous spiritual; all sets of lyrics are later than Dvorak's composition.

These threads should be combined.

05 Jul 02 - 02:32 AM (#742686)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: going home:spiritual?
From: Rt Revd Sir jOhn from Hull

It's from the New World Symphony By Antonin Dvorak (No.9)