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Gil Morice

08 May 98 - 11:19 AM (#27732)
Subject: Gil Morice -seeking lyrics and info.
From: Philippa Robinson

I just remembered that I haven't checked to see if the lyrics are already on the DT archive. Ewan MacColl recorded a 44 verse saga; I used to know ALL the verses, but probably only remember about 50-60% now (that might be enough to tell the tale). I think it may also be known as Child Morice.

A real soap opera of a song. Gil Morice sends a message to the Baron's lady, but the Baron intercepts it - despite the nurse's attempts to divert him

    Then up and spak the wily nurse
    The bairn upon her knee
    If it be come from Gil Morice
    Then dearly it's welcome tae me.

The angry Baron heads off to kill the man he presumes is his wife's lover, after which she admits she'd had an illegitimate son, Gil Morice, and the Baron laments his rash action

    I curse the hand that did the deed
    The heart that bore sich ill,
    The feet that bore with me wi sich speed
    The comely youth tae kill

    I'll aye lament for Gil Morice
    As gin he were my ain
    And I'll ne'er forget the tragic day
    On which the youth was slain.

So - is anybody up to typing out the other 41 verses?
Also - background info.
A true story???
I recall the MacColl sleeve notes said a play based on the story was very popular at one time.

Now I'll go back to search the archives!

08 May 98 - 11:26 AM (#27734)
Subject: RE: Gil Morice
From: Philippa

Yes, the lyrics are already in the archive, but background info remains welcome and should interest others as well.

09 May 98 - 07:11 PM (#27857)
Subject: RE: Gil Morice
From: Bruce O.

MacColl's 47 verse version is on Washington 719, and MacColl got it from Grieg and Keith's 'Last Leaves'. It's Child #83.