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Joseph Spence songbook

13 Jul 02 - 12:17 PM (#747684)
Subject: Jospeh Spence songbook
From: GUEST,Robert

I'm looking for a copy of a songbook entitled "Joseph Spence, The Complete Folkways Recordings 1958." This item is out of print and contains some very good tab. Any suggestions on finding the book or Joseph Spence tabs?

13 Jul 02 - 12:43 PM (#747693)
Subject: RE: Joseph Spence songbook
From: GUEST,van lingle

I have a copy, Robert and I believe I got it from Elderly Instruments at You might check in with them and see if they have any more in stock. It is indeed a good book and Lenny Carlson seems to have an excellent grasp of the Spence style. vl

13 Jul 02 - 12:50 PM (#747696)
Subject: RE: Joseph Spence songbook
From: Joe Offer

Dang. I found it listed at this site, and several others, but then the listing is noted that the book is out of print. Maybe you'd have luck if you contacted the publisher, Mel Bay,
This site (click) still has the book listed - give them a try.

Click here for a Google search for the book. Trouble is, there's a CD with the same name to confuse things. I have the CD - it's a good one.

-Joe Offer-

14 Jul 02 - 01:32 PM (#747845)
Subject: RE: Joseph Spence songbook
From: dwditty

Just for the record, the book matches the CD of the same title. I used to have both. ona search...that was several moves ago. As I recall, the tab covers the first several minutes of each song.

Oh yes, in my opinion, Spence's right hand was one of the greatest of all time.