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Lyr Req: Mexican Hat Dance (Allan Sherman)

19 Jul 02 - 04:24 PM (#751234)
Subject: mexican hat dance
From: old head

does anyone know allan shermans lyrics to the mexican hat dance? i can only remember half of them and could do with some help. all the best.

19 Jul 02 - 04:29 PM (#751237)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: mexican hat dance
From: Dicho (Frank Staplin)

Thread 11049: Chiapanecas

20 Jul 02 - 04:26 AM (#751491)
Subject: Lyr Add: MEXICAN HAT DANCE (Allan Sherman)
From: masato sakurai

(by Allan Sherman; Parody of "Mexican Hat Dance")
As recorded by Allan Sherman on "My Son, the Celebrity" (1963)

Oh Americans dance on a dance floor.
And the Spaniards, they dance on a table.
And the Russians, they dance on a saber.
But the Mexicans dance on their hats.

Oh they dance on hot coals in Calcutta.
In Wisconsin they dance on fresh butta,
Which they squeeze from one cow or anutta.
Yes, the Mexicans dance on their hats.


There are Mexicans dancing on derbies.
There are Mexicans dancing on caps.
They just throw their fedoras
Wherever the floor is,
And start doing horas and taps.

They won't quit! They go on!
It's a Mexican custom,
To take hats and bust 'em,
By doing a dance thereupon.

Oh the reason they shot Pancho Villa
Was he danced on his mother's mantilla.
And the message did not reach Garcia.
He was out somewhere dancing on hats.


There's a fellow in West Acapulco,
The most elegant man you could meet.
He does sambas on hombergs
To tunes of Sig Romberg's,
And sometimes the Nutcracker Suite.

So take care! So beware!
Or they'll put castanets on
And ruin your Stetson,
'Cause they all think they're Fred Astaire!

If you're ever in Mexico proper,
And you're wearing a straw hat or topper,
When the band starts to play, call a copper,
'Cause by now you should know
That they'll grab your chapeau,
And they'll stomp till it's flat,
And that's that!

That's what Mexicans do on your hat.



20 Jul 02 - 04:50 AM (#751500)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: mexican hat dance
From: greg stephens

Anybody recall a TV/radio prog when the words "I'm-a Mexican Pete the bad bandit"were sung tp the Hat Dance? Can't get the phrase out of my ead but I cant visualise the programme at all. (UK 1950's I am talking about)

20 Jul 02 - 06:04 AM (#751520)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: mexican hat dance
From: Dave Bryant

The programme was a Saturday evening children's show called "Whirligig" with HL (Humphrey Lestocq), Mr Turnip, and Hank the cowboy - one of whose adversaries was Mexican Pete. "Whirligig" alternated with "Saturday Special" which was presented by Peter Butterworth.

You can find further details HERE

There is a previous thread all about those favourite TV programmes, which you should be able to find.

20 Jul 02 - 06:09 AM (#751522)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: mexican hat dance
From: greg stephens

Thanks Dave. It all comes back now, HL and Hank. those were the days.Mind you, these are the days too.