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Eric Bogle parodies

11 May 98 - 06:45 PM (#28005)
Subject: Eric Bogle parodies
From: steve t

I'm going to see an Eric Bogle concert tomorrow night. Neat, eh? Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could suggest some good parodies to be sung during the break. I know of:

Nobody's Moggysland. The Band Played Appropriate Music.

Any others?

12 May 98 - 02:59 AM (#28045)
Subject: RE: Eric Bogle parodies
From: Joe Offer

Check under Bogle in the database, Steve, and you'll find at least a couple more. The one I like is called simply Bogled.
-Joe offer-

12 May 98 - 04:33 AM (#28046)
Subject: RE: Eric Bogle parodies
From: Martin Ryan

Try No Man's Land (3) in the DT! May need some "localisation" depending on where you are!


12 May 98 - 04:50 PM (#28101)
Subject: RE: Eric Bogle parodies
From: steve t

Arghh! Check the DT first, Steve, check the DT first! Many thanks. It oughta be fun tonight :-)

13 May 98 - 12:55 PM (#28181)
Subject: RE: Eric Bogle parodies
From: erica

steve, where did you see him, out of curiosity? i think he was playing near me sometime recently (in albany, ny) and was wondering if maybe that's where you saw him. probably not, but i thought i'd take a stab!

14 May 98 - 02:05 AM (#28257)
Subject: RE: Eric Bogle parodies
From: steve t

I saw him in Wakefield, Quebec, about a half hour drive north of Ottawa. Beautiful weather too. I'm glad he saw it.

His tour dates can be found at:

I see that he was in Albany 2 days before. It's a pretty hectic tour -- lots of dates close together. He says he hopes to come back in 2000 to get away from the olympics.

Nobody was interested in singing any parodies during the break (sigh), and I thought the base drum, used on about a third of the songs, was WAY too loud, but still, it was really neat to see what the guy who wrote so many great songs was like. He wrote Leaving the Land too. Wow. And he sang Leaving Nancy -- even better than Neville, a local folkie, sings it, and I've always thought Neville's version was as perfect as a song could get.

14 May 98 - 07:21 AM (#28275)
Subject: RE: Eric Bogle parodies
From: Frank McGrath

How are ye lads?
Martin Ryans colleague in arms in the South Roscommon Singers, one Declan Coyne, sings a version of Willie McBride which every devoted Bogle fan will appreciate. It is both funny and brilliant.

Martin, any chance we could prevail on you to add the lyrics to this thread?

Great to meet you at the weekend! Thanks for coming down to the session.

Frank McGrath
Nenagh Singers Circle

15 May 98 - 08:08 PM (#28457)
Subject: RE: Eric Bogle parodies
From: Martin Ryan

Its in the DT already. Declan "borrowed" it from me some time ago - and still hasn't given it back! I agree, of course - he does a very good job on it.


16 May 98 - 03:38 PM (#28532)
Subject: RE: Eric Bogle parodies
From: Moira Cameron

I once heard a song by another Australian folksing/songwriter called "And the band played 'And the Band Played Waltzing Matilida'" about always being requested to sing that classic Bogle song.

06 Nov 98 - 02:28 PM (#44482)
Subject: RE: Eric Bogle parodies
From: Philippa

I don't know who wrote the following parody. I'm missing a verse or two and had to ad lib some lines. I first heard it from Earnan O raghallaigh of Dunfanaghy, co Donegal, who has gotten sick and tired of being asked to sing this parody:

If you go for a drink on a Saturday night,
A song and a pint, everything's going right
Till some drunk in his cups stumbles inside
And asks for that song called Willie McBride.

You say you don't know it, but that doesn't do,
"That being the case, I'll sing it for you,"
Then raises his voice and sings in a key,
Never heard before on land or on sea.

If you think that is bad, it gets even worse;
It appears that this fool knows every verse.
With his arm round your shoulders till he gets to the end
He sings it to you, for now you're his friend.

Oh, Willie McBride, why the hell did you die?
What trouble you'd have saved us if you'd come back alive
And got a wee job or signed on the bru,
We wouldn't have to hear all those songs about you.

Willie McBride, but I'm glad that you're dead
With the Green Fields of France piled over your head.
By the trouble you've caused with that song about you,
Oh, Willie McBride, shooting's too good for you.

HTML line breaks added. --JoeClone, 15-Nov-02.

06 Nov 98 - 06:48 PM (#44527)
Subject: RE: Eric Bogle parodies
From: Martin Ryan


There's a bit more of it in the DT. It was written by a man called Crawford Howard (or was it Howard Crawford?) some years ago. Fintan Vallely also added some bits to it in recent years.

Funny that Earnan should get sick of singing a song about being sick of singing a song.... Is there a Third Policeman in the house?


06 Nov 98 - 11:47 PM (#44564)
Subject: RE: Eric Bogle parodies
From: Lucia

Speaking of Parodies, there is a great parody to "And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda",

It is called "And The Band Played Stairway To Heaven", and it is about the realities of realising that you are an ageing Rock 'n' Roller.

07 Nov 98 - 06:45 AM (#44591)
Subject: RE: Eric Bogle parodies
From: Mo

PLEASE can we have the lyrics to "Band Played Stairway to Heaven" ?! I have an ageing rocker friend who also likes Eric Bogle, and I'd loved to be able to sing this for him!! Thanks in advance Mo

09 Nov 98 - 04:00 PM (#44677)
Subject: RE: Eric Bogle parodies
From: alison

Oh yes please.

I want "the band played Stairway to Heaven."



09 Nov 98 - 04:11 PM (#44680)
Subject: RE: Eric Bogle parodies
From: Philippa

Re Martin Ryan's message - That would be Crawford Howard. - Funny I never liked him much before when I heard him on the radio. What's the title of this parody on the DT database?

Heard Eric Bogle recording of Green Fields of France just the other day, in relation to WW1 remembrance. A good song really, but the parody is of the singers, not of the song. June Tabor did an excellent rendition.

09 Nov 98 - 04:34 PM (#44689)
Subject: RE: Eric Bogle parodies
From: Martin Ryan.


Its there as No Man's Land(3)