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Yazoo Man of Constant Sorrow CD

03 Aug 02 - 03:29 AM (#759154)
Subject: Man of Constant Sorrow CD
From: Stewie

I draw attention to this lovely compilation CD. I don't know whether Yazoo is starting a new 3000 series to complement its beaut 2000 series, or whether this is a one-off to capitalise on the popularity of 'Oh Brother'. Whatever - it's Various Artists 'Man of Constant Sorrow and Other Timeless Mountain Ballads' Yazoo 3001. Most of these cuts have appeared already on CD on various old-timey labels, but this is a delightful collection for anyone who does not have them: there are classic performances from B.F. Shelton, Burnett and Rutherford, Charlie Poole, Buell Kazee and Jimmie Tarlton. The standout for me is Charlie Parker and Mack Woolbright's delightful rendition of 'Will The Weaver' [Laws Q9]. There is also a delightful 'In the Hills of Roane County' from The Blue Sky Boys. The least exciting track is the title one, because Emry Arthur is a boring singer - it is a pity Burnett didn't record his own song! Unfortunately, this collection has no notes and no discographical information, merely a few stanzas quoted from the songs. However, it is the music that is important, and there is some lovely stuff here. A full track listing may be found here:

'Man of Constant Sorrow'


03 Aug 02 - 05:40 AM (#759182)
Subject: RE: Man of Constant Sorrow CD
From: masato sakurai

I got the CD last week, and I'm listening now. Stewie, you said it!


03 Aug 02 - 01:55 PM (#759339)
Subject: RE: Man of Constant Sorrow CD
From: Jerry Rasmussen

Hi, Stewie: Guess it's all a matter of taste. I LOVE the way Emry Arthur does Man of Constant Sorrow. Joan Baez did it pretty, the Soggy Bottom Boys did it with great harmonies, but Emry sounded like he WAS a man of constant sorrow. I like the way that he resolves the line back at the end of each verse. I've done it that way ever since I first heard it. Musically, maybe there's not a lot going on with Emry, but I get the feeling of the song. Them old country boys didn't fancy-up songs. Suits me Jez fine. :-)

Thanks for this thread... good songs on the CD!