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Lyr Req: Go, Lassie, Go

25 May 98 - 11:46 PM (#29300)
Subject: go lassie go

Hi Its Mike again, looking for another son, this one called go, lassie go, I think. The database turned up a one verse tune with the right music, but the lyrics were vastly different then the ones I'd heard. The version I heard ws melancholy; the database's was funny. Thanks for any help! Mike

25 May 98 - 11:55 PM (#29302)
Subject: RE: go lassie go
From: alison


try a search for "Wild Mountain Thyme." or "The braes of Ballyquidder." I'm sure on or other of them will be here.



25 May 98 - 11:58 PM (#29304)
Subject: RE: go lassie go
From: Jack Hickman


Will ye Go,Lassie,Go, is originally a Scottish song, but has been adopted by both Irish and Scottish singers as their own. It is also popularly known as Wild Mountain Thyme. I'm sure that if you do a search using either of these titles, you'll come up with something

26 May 98 - 10:36 AM (#29322)
Subject: RE: go lassie go
From: Bruce O.

It was written by Robert Tannahill. Therre's an earlier thread on this song and its tune.

26 May 98 - 12:09 PM (#29326)
Subject: RE: go lassie go
From: dick greenhaus

Braes of Balquidder is by Tannahill; Wild Montain Thyme is by Jimmy McPeake.

26 May 98 - 02:53 PM (#29346)
Subject: RE: go lassie go

Hi Mike -- I have the lyrics to the version of "Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go?" as performed by the Clancy Bros. and Tommy Makem -- very sweet and sentimental. Email me if you like and I'll be happy to send them along.

karen mahoney

26 May 98 - 05:56 PM (#29359)
Subject: RE: go lassie go
From: Roger Himler

We encourage sharing on the threads. The song is in the DT, just type in Wild Mountain Thyme in the search frame at the upper right top of this thread.

Roger in Baltimore

26 May 98 - 06:50 PM (#29370)
Subject: RE: go lassie go
From: Bob Bolton

G'day all,

The Robert Tannahill connection is interesting.

We have the song "Wild Mountain Thyme" or "Will ye go, Lassie, go?" that was folk processed down from Tannahill's "Braes of Balquidder", passed over to Northern Ireland and was collected from the McPeake family. This became endemic in folk clubs - certainly in Australia - as the "Go home everyone and let me clean up" song that ended the night.

Australia's unofficial anthem - certainly our best known song - Waltzing Matilda has a tune that descended by various arrangements, (mis)rememberings and fittings to 'Banjo' Paterson's words from the tune set to Tannahill's "Bonny Wood of Craigielea".

I also seem to remember reading that the Irish rebel song/unofficial anthem, "Wearing of the Green", is from an 1848 musical play (about the 1798 rebellion) by Dion de Boucault (??? dubious about spelling) and uses a Scots tune that he filched from another setting of a Tannahill poem.

Maybe we should go digging for a Tannahill level in the archeology of a few more national icons.


Bob Bolton

27 May 98 - 11:04 AM (#29434)
Subject: RE: go lassie go
From: Mike

Thank you all very much! The Wild Mountain Thyme version is what I recall- The group that accompanied the Trinity Irish Dancers played it very nicely and I wanted to try to learn it for myself. Off to the guitar! Mike

27 May 98 - 02:03 PM (#29451)
Subject: RE: go lassie go
From: Bruce O.

I don't recall any Tannahill songs to "The Wearing of the Green". Bouicault's song is from his play 'Arrah na Pogue', 1865, but there was an earlier version of the song that has proven elusive (the tune as "The Wearing of the Green" was published in New York in 1859). At any rate the tune was by James Oswald, and is "The Tulip" in his 'Airs for the Seasons' copyright 1747, but apparently not published until 1756. It was subsequently used for a song in a play, and from the burden of the song we get the title of it for a dance tune "Ballance a Straw". Anne Geddes Gilchrist published a note on the use of the tune in 'Southern Folklore Quarterly', noting it as the tune for the 19th century American hymn "We are coming Father Abraham". I think most of this is in the Irish tune index on my website.

28 May 98 - 11:28 AM (#29535)
Subject: RE: go lassie go
From: Jerry Friedman

Since the spelling of that Irish playwright's name was brought up, it's "Dion Boucicault". (Yes, Bruce, I know that's what you meant.)

28 May 98 - 01:39 PM (#29544)
Subject: RE: go lassie go
From: Bruce O.

Yes, sorry. I didn't check. His signature is even reproduced on a sheet music issue of "The Wearing of the Green" in the Library of Congress.

20 May 08 - 05:32 PM (#2345538)
Subject: RE: go lassie go
From: GUEST,Jenna

Hey Mike, The song you are looking for is "Will you go, Lassie,Go?" it is a very lovely song. I'm looking for the chords for taht one right now.

20 May 08 - 06:58 PM (#2345606)
Subject: RE: go lassie go
From: Bob the Postman

Chords available on GEST's site, under the title "Go, Lassie, Go".

20 May 08 - 08:06 PM (#2345653)
Subject: RE: go lassie go
From: Bill D

Uhhh...Jenna, you are replying to a question asked 10 years ago...