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Lyr Req: Sandy Boys

17 Sep 02 - 08:44 PM (#786293)
Subject: Sandy Boys
From: GUEST,Jack Wilson

Does anyone have LYRICS to Sandy Boys. The tab and midis are easy to find, but I can't find the words. Thanks.

17 Sep 02 - 10:55 PM (#786357)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Sandy Boys
From: Sorcha

I sent you to this thread the last time you asked.

17 Sep 02 - 11:08 PM (#786369)
Subject: Lyr Add: SANDY BOYS
From: Sorcha

Or, is this the version you want?

Somebody stole my old black dog
I wish they'd bring him back
He run the big hogs over the fence
And the little ones through the crack

Coonie's got a bushy tail
Possum's his is bare
Rabbit ain't got no tail at all
Just a little patch of hair

We all had a picnic lunch
Dinner all over the ground
Possum meat was nine-foot deep
Green flies a-walkin' around

Sixteen miles of mountain road
Chickens are crowin' for day
We are lookin' for the big boss man
Tryin' to get our pay

('Now, here's where you come in', he said:)


Do get along, sandy boys
Do get along, do
Do get along, sandy boys
Away from the bugger-boo

Mama, she lies sick in bed
Papa's gone to town
Julie wears her high-top shoes
I wish that she'd come 'round

Cho: Do come along, sandy boys
Do come along, oh do
Do come along sandy boys
Away from the boogerboo

You can take the old gray mare
I will take the roan
If you get there before I do
Leave my gal alone.


Sixteen miles away from town
Rooster crows for day
Somebody's upstairs with my true love
Better be gettin' away


22 Sep 02 - 12:29 AM (#788866)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Sandy Boys
From: GUEST,Thanks Sorcha

Yeah! Those are the lyrics that I was looking for. Thanks a million

28 Dec 20 - 03:34 PM (#4085367)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Sandy Boys
From: Joe Offer

Richard Adrianowicz sings a quite different version, about a shark.