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Treasures in the DT

18 Sep 02 - 02:25 AM (#786427)
Subject: Treasures in the DT
From: wysiwyg

I dunno about you, but now that I have a fresh version of the DT downloaded, I don't get so upset when the modem suddenly goes down because the cable company is screwing around with the lines miles away, as if it should have anything to do with ME. Nope, that's "Plumb the DT" time here at our house!

So today I cruised around during the downtime, and found this:


Hilarious! NOw, where can I perfrom it, being a pastor's wife and all in a small-town county???? Oh well, we'll find somedamnwhere!

No, no clicky. GO FIND IT (download if necessary) AND ENJOY THE NEW D.T. FORMAT.

Your newly-appreciated DT treasures would be.... what?


18 Sep 02 - 08:27 AM (#786585)
Subject: RE: Treasures in the DT
From: MMario

I haven't even begun to "mine" the new DT - still going through the list of "with tunes" and "without tunes" - gotta get that done before I get distracted!

But I'm noticing a bunch of titles I don't recognize!

18 Sep 02 - 06:57 PM (#787055)
Subject: RE: Treasures in the DT
From: Susanne (skw)

I haven't tried it either, but I spent an hour downloading it last night (rather than wait for the CD), and I'm sure that was a well-spent hour. Looking forward to using it! Heartfelt thanks to Dick and Susan and everybody who helped!

18 Sep 02 - 07:04 PM (#787060)
Subject: RE: Treasures in the DT
From: DonMeixner

I will download the new DT only if there is a statement of approved scholarship and historic fact by the Library of Congress.



18 Sep 02 - 07:14 PM (#787066)
Subject: RE: Treasures in the DT
From: Bill D

oh...well, then..I'll run rght downtown and buttonhole the staff t the L of C..*grin*....they should have that certification in oh...maybe 84.27 years!