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BS: To Phil Cooper

14 Oct 02 - 12:08 AM (#802597)
Subject: BS: To Phil Cooper
From: Robin2

Hi Phil,

Robin, from Ten Penny Bit

I didn't know your mudcat handle, so must post it here, and this isn't really BS

Just wanted to thank you for the song "The Greatest Man I never Knew", on your Heart's Return Album.

Really hit me at home, and your singing was the best.



14 Oct 02 - 04:15 PM (#802997)
Subject: RE: BS: To Phil Cooper
From: Phil Cooper

Dear Robin,

    Thanks for the kind words. My mudcat handle is, indeed, my real name, so you got it right. I must admit to a certain fondness for country music, when I'm not listening to the staight ahead celtoid stuff. I know you can make the claim that Reba McEntire is more pop than country these days. But I liked the way she sang the song, but thought it would help to do it with fewer dramatics.

       I was inspired to learn it because Margaret told us when her father died, that he was very good with them as small children, but seemed confused with them when they got older and developed their own personalities. So he got to be more distant the older she got. I've always gotten on well with my folks, so I found that puzzling.

   On a different tack, I'm hoping we get down to Louisville next summer and get another chance to play with you folks. We had a great time last time, inspite of the rain. Got a new recording to swap with you when we see you next.