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BS: Smoking cigarettes

22 Oct 02 - 02:21 PM (#808686)
Subject: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: 53

to smoke or not to smoke.

22 Oct 02 - 02:25 PM (#808693)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Ed.

Never starting is doubtlessly the best idea.

Sadly, I did. However much I know about what it's doing to my body, I do find it very pleasurable.

22 Oct 02 - 02:32 PM (#808698)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: GUEST,Paul "Mr. Wonderful" Orrndorff

Well 53, of course, you should smoke cigarettes. How else can you so easily increase your chances of dying prematurely, make sure that you stink like a sewer, look old before your time and give large sums of money to multinational corporations and governments.

22 Oct 02 - 02:34 PM (#808700)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes

Bob, of course you should smoke them, what else can you do with them? Eat them? Wear them?

22 Oct 02 - 02:36 PM (#808703)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Joe Offer

Well, a beautiful woman once told me that giving up cigarettes would improve my love life.
So I did.
And it did.
But not with her.

-Joe Offer, who quit in 1994-

22 Oct 02 - 02:36 PM (#808704)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Giac

Well, sir, I can't afford to set $150 afire each month.

22 Oct 02 - 02:59 PM (#808729)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes

The question that begins this thread has got to be the most moronic thing that I've ever seen on the Internet.

BTW, 53, the first letter of your first word should be capitalized and your question should end with a question mark rather than a period. Most people learn that in the first grade.

22 Oct 02 - 03:01 PM (#808731)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: GUEST,Mike Cahill

This thread must have something to do with the fact that advertising tobbaco in any form has just been banned (ban comes in force today) in this country (UK). For years the tobbaco companies have been saying that their ad's don't encorage people to smoke, but are just to convert existing smokers to their brand. This must be the only example of the ad industry saying their ad's don't work

22 Oct 02 - 03:14 PM (#808740)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Ed.

GUEST 02:59 PM,

If that's the most moronic thing that you've ever seen on the 'net, then your usage of the medium must be extremely limited.


That's not what they're saying, but anway: I'm not sure about the adverts. I started smoking partly because '50s filmstars and '60s rock stars looked so cool, and all my heroes smoked. (Make no mistake, smoking did look cool, but dying at 30 is cool when you're 15)


22 Oct 02 - 03:32 PM (#808752)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: artbrooks

Not. I have enough bad habits as it is...but taking anonymous cheap shots has never been one of them.

22 Oct 02 - 04:07 PM (#808781)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Little Hawk

Yeah, funny how the movies are always promoting smoking, isn't it? Can anyone say "Payoff"?

I am happy to report that an old friend of mine has finally quit smoking (he's been on the wagon for 8 months). I never thought he'd manage it. He was a true chainsmoker, and used to cough for an hour each morning as a result of his habit.

He now is no longer coughing in the morning. Bravo, David!

- LH

22 Oct 02 - 04:15 PM (#808790)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: catspaw49

If he no longer coughs upon arising, how does he get any exercise. I mean, it's hard to fit it in and when you smoke, yo DO get the mandatory exercise every morning.


22 Oct 02 - 05:57 PM (#808874)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: alanabit

Wasn't flaming invented just to prove that there are dumber acivities than smoking?

22 Oct 02 - 06:22 PM (#808896)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Catherine Jayne

Well I used to smoke. I gave up 4 months ago, I had a little lapse at Micca's birthday party which confirmed to me that I didn't like smoking or smelling like an ash tray. Personal choice.


22 Oct 02 - 06:29 PM (#808899)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Ed.

Addiction is somewhat hard to deal with. Dumb 'holier than thou' comments don't mke it any easier

22 Oct 02 - 06:39 PM (#808905)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: maire-aine

My cousin died yesterday, of lung cancer. He was 64 and had smoked ever since he was in high school. He was diagnosed 3 years ago, and had been in the hospital for the last 9 weeks. RIP, Bill.

I quit 16 months ago, and I felt better almost immediately.

22 Oct 02 - 07:30 PM (#808920)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Bee-dubya-ell

This is the third time I have tried to post this message. It keeps falling into the "post-holes" that seem to have opened up around here since the upgrade. Anyway...

I smoked in my late teens and early 20's for the usual dubious young-person reasons. Then, at 25 or so, I made a deal with my then wife that if I would quit smoking I could spend the cig money on a new guitar. Got a D-35 Martin and stayed smoke-free for ten years. Then, I got divorced and started back smoking due to boredom and the fact that all the dateable women I met were smokers. Got remarried and continued to smoke for 5 or 6 more years. Then, I just started feeling bad all the time. Nothing particular, just sorta like having a flu that won't go away. I was on the verge of going to the doctor with it and I knew that the doctor would tell me to quit smoking anyway, so I decided to try quitting to see if that would make me feel better. It did, and I haven't smoked one in 6 or 7 years now. I still get the urge, particularly as most of the people I play music with regularly are smokers. But I've been able to resist it so far.


22 Oct 02 - 07:39 PM (#808921)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: dorareever

Do what you want.

I don't smoke anymore,but if it wasn't for my stomach I would.Because I know I wouldn't smoke too much,just like I don't eat or drink do too much.

If you want to smoke smoke,if you don't,then don't.Simple as that.

22 Oct 02 - 08:47 PM (#808952)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: michaelr

Wish it were that simple, dora...

I've been trying to quit for 6 years. Went for three months one time... then, kerplunk -- stress in my life, I fell off the wagon.

Nicotine is the most insidious addiction there is.


22 Oct 02 - 09:47 PM (#808977)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: GUEST,leeneia

I have three brothers who have stopped smoking, so it can be done.

One told me that it helped to think about the benefits of quitting, rather than to dwell on the dangers of continuing. He said, for example, that after only a few days he could taste things again. So that is one word of wisdom - focus on the benefits.

Another friend quit when she joined a program run by the Seventh-Day Adventists. It worked even though she was a Presbyterian.

Some years ago, the tobacco companies changed the formulation of cigarettes so that smokers are now "free-basing" nicotine. (Don't ask me what that means exactly.) As a result, it is harder to quit. So if you want to quit and can't,don't be ashamed or defensive. Go to a doctor or the Lung Association or somewhere and get professional help.

22 Oct 02 - 10:00 PM (#808984)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: GUEST,van lingle

There's a very funny book about the tobacco lobby and the payoffs that Little Hawk was referring to called Thank You For Smoking by Christopher Buckley. vl

22 Oct 02 - 10:16 PM (#808988)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: GUEST,London Non Smoker

I'd rather eat shit than smoke....It is disgusting and i've got that off my chest i'll get back to scoffing my bar of chocolate ..

22 Oct 02 - 10:29 PM (#809000)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Don Firth

I quit in 1978 after smoking like a chimney for twenty-nine years. It often occurred to me as I sat there on the edge of the bed every morning trying to cough up a lung, "And I'm a singer. Now, if I were a clarinetist, would I blow hot smoke through my clarinet thirty or forty times a day?" It also occurred to me that a clarinet could probably take it a whole lot better than my larynx could.

And Joe, a beautiful woman once told me that giving up cigarettes would improve my love life.
So I did.
And it did.
I married her.

Don Firth

22 Oct 02 - 10:33 PM (#809004)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Clinton Hammond

I got a steaming heap here you can start on London!

Go ahead... smoke...

Ya wanna live forever or somethin'?

22 Oct 02 - 10:35 PM (#809007)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Stephen L. Rich

Sadly, I've been smoking for thirty years. I've been trying to quit for the last five or six. If you haven't taken up the habbit, DON'T!!!

23 Oct 02 - 12:11 AM (#809056)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Little Hawk

Only the soul lives forever, Clinton. :-) As for your body, if you want to abuse it in order to have some fun, well, that's your business, of course. There are a number of other exciting and harmful activities I can recommend to you if you're not getting enough of a kick out of the ones you already enjoy.

I think it's quality of life rather than duration of it we should focus on here, given the fact that even a totally healthy person can still die at 20 if hit by a bus, etc...

- LH

23 Oct 02 - 12:58 AM (#809075)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Stilly River Sage

Considering all of the body parts my mother had to have removed over the years due to ill health from smoking, anyone who was around her would be insane not to get the idea that smoking is bad for you. It annoyed me as a kid to have to sit next to her at the dinner table where the ubiquitous burning cigarette was in the tray between us. She smoked in our bedrooms even when we asked her not to. "It's my house, I'll smoke where I want." This from a woman who was a MSW working with abused children.

I was a "second-hand smoker" for 19 years until I could get out of there and breathe some clean air. We fought over it for years, and it was an issue that was never resolved before her death. Even though she had to quit cold turkey when the dacron arteries were surgically run from her abdomen to her legs so she wouldn't lose both legs to Buerger's Disease (may be a misplaced vowel in that spelling), she still defended the smoker's right to smoke where they wanted.


23 Oct 02 - 12:59 AM (#809076)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: GUEST,.gargoyle

Only smoke the "GOOD STUFF"


23 Oct 02 - 02:48 AM (#809100)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: mack/misophist

Having smoked for 30 years. Having smoked 2.5-3 packs a day for 5 of those years, my advice is: if you don't do it, don't start. They've made it too damn expensive. If you smoke in moderation, don't worry about it. Unless every one in your family dies of cancer, the odds are in your favor. I had to quit but I'm sorry I did. There ARE rewards in tobacco. And sometimes a price. As the sargeant said outside the gates of Troy, 'Come on you bums, You wanna live forever?

23 Oct 02 - 03:01 AM (#809104)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Gervase

That's half the trouble, Gargoyle. I've given up any number of times - the best being for seven months - but it's the 'good stuff' that gets me back onto the weed. I'll just have to hone my cooking skills, I suppose...

23 Oct 02 - 06:40 AM (#809113)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Dave Bryant

It can't be THAT hard to give it up - one of my dumbest aquaintances has done it no less than EIGHT times !

23 Oct 02 - 08:05 AM (#809143)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Troll

I somked 3 to 5 packs a day for years. Then one day, I realized that I couldn't hit the high notes and that I spent a good hour each morning trying to cough up a lung. I threw a half-a-pack of cigaretts and a new Bic lighter out the car window (OK! OK!I'm a litterbug) and I haven't smoked since, And I haven't had one today. Yet.
After nearly 25 years I still crave tobacco and I probably will until the day I die. Still, I am smoke-free.
A few years later I gave up alcohol. With all that time on my hands, I discovered that I had more time to chase women.
It worked.
I caught one. We've been married 20 years last May.


23 Oct 02 - 08:06 AM (#809144)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Mr Red

if starting - don't
if giving-up consider the ritualistic aspect and try to find a substitute. - sweets, dummy **BG**, doodling,
I used an attitude about someone else with an attitude about me smoking and that worked for me. It took him several weeks to notice I had quit most of which he continued with his attitude. And after that the focus of his attitude changed - he was a negative person.

23 Oct 02 - 08:22 AM (#809156)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: mike the knife

Don't start. I've been smoking off & on for 20 yrs. More on than off. Stupid, I know, & I've been cutting back. I do pretty well during the week, I don't smoke @ work, etc. but damn, when I get a pint in my hand on the weekends all bets are off.

23 Oct 02 - 09:20 AM (#809191)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: 53

I quit 22 years ago.

23 Oct 02 - 10:18 AM (#809239)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Mooh

Well Bob, I was wondering when you'd finish your first! Good that you quit!

My parents exposed me the second hand smoke for years and I do not remember a time when I didn't try desperately to avoid it. My bedroom, the cellar, outside...anywhere to get away from it. Family life was generally happy in our home but would have been much better if the folks had been more understanding about this issue. I left home before they quit, Dad because of a heart attack and dire warnings from healthcare professionals he respected, and Mom because she saw what it did to Dad, herself and others. It's weird to hear my mother express regret about smoking now, and she hates the very thought, sight, scent, and expense of it today. I realize in writing this that I'm still bitter...

There's an ongoing discussion in our local newspaper about public smoking, with input from some not very enlightened local bar staff. It's a pity that drinking, eating, and smoking are so much a combined social activity. Because of smoke we have to avoid otherwise decent restaurants, smoking "areas" being a ruse and a farse hereabouts.

Smoke has made me avoid gigging in bars too, and the risk to musicians (sometimes with their heads higher in the cloud on elevated stages) must not be discounted as an occupational hazard.

I never did figure out what made smoking cool.

Peace, Mooh.

23 Oct 02 - 10:21 AM (#809241)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes

to smoke or not to smoke.

-53, October 22, 2002

I quit 22 years ago.

-53, October 23, 2002

So, 53, if you were smart enough to quit 22 years ago, why would even ask the question?

23 Oct 02 - 10:23 AM (#809242)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Bagpuss

Maybe hes feeling tempted to start up again and needs a bit of encouragement?

23 Oct 02 - 10:26 AM (#809244)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: 53

Its just a talking thread to find out what everybody thinks about smoking.

23 Oct 02 - 10:26 AM (#809245)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes

Approximately 26,000 Americans have died from smoking tobacco since the DC sniper murdered his first victim.

Approximately 1300 Americans have or will die today from smoking tobacco.

BTW, approximately another 30 Americans who have never smoked die each day from the effects of second hand smoke.

23 Oct 02 - 10:40 AM (#809255)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Steve in Idaho

GUEST - I think 53 just wanted to twist your tail. Glad he did - it's always inspiring to see the tables turned on occasion!!

Been three days for me on my last go round of quitting. Can't say I am happy about it - just made a deal with my partner. She exercises and I don't smoke. I've always found smoking to be pleasurable and have given it up many times. 5 years was my longest quit. In the past three years I've not smoked for 2 1/2 of those years.

I can tend towards fatalism at times and my favorite line, "No one is getting out of life alive" seems to be some form of justification to not worry about the effects of smoking (or anything else buggin me :-)). Hell - anyone who was bitten by a mosquito this year is going to die. But I must be honest about the quality of life that one can acquire from not smoking might be a motivator.

Bob - I'm just plumb proud to see you on the forum and doing so well - Bless you my friend.


23 Oct 02 - 10:43 AM (#809260)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: 53

Thanks Steve.

23 Oct 02 - 11:17 AM (#809291)
Subject: BS: What kind do you smoke?
From: 53

Do you smoke regular or menthol cigarettes?
Hi, Bob - There's an existing thread on smoking that's already going, so I moved you there.
It's not quite fair to start a new thread on a topic when there's an existing discussion.
-Joe Offer-

23 Oct 02 - 11:30 AM (#809297)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Joe Offer

I used to smoke unfiltered Camels and Pall Malls in college, then filtered Marlboros, then generic filtered cigarettes. My mom smoked menthol cigarettes, and I'd scroung one every once in a while.
I'll scrounge a puff or two now and then, but haven't smoked an entire cigarette since February, 1994. Still every once in a while, I feel like it would be really nice to have a cigarette.
-Joe Offer-

23 Oct 02 - 11:39 AM (#809304)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Little Hawk

Like I said, this isn't about death. Everybody dies. It's about quality of life in between now and when you do eventually die...and it's about what you are doing to other people's quality of life due to your addiction. I thank God my parents did not smoke, because it certainly would have bothered me, and I might have ended up imitating them.

Cigarettes stink, and so, unfortunately, do smokers. How many beautiful women have I seen in my life whom I might have wanted to go out with, had they not smelled like ashtrays when you got up close to them? Yuck. Talk about being oblivious to the obvious...

I guess that sense of smell (and taste) become a bit stunted after one has been smoking awhile. Yeah, that must be it...

Note that all animals will retreat from the smell of cigarette smoke, and try to avoid it. Only people are stupid enough to inhale it. Same goes for marijuana smoke, by the way.

- LH

23 Oct 02 - 12:00 PM (#809329)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: 53

I get your smoke Joe, and I understand.   Bob

23 Oct 02 - 12:03 PM (#809340)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Steve in Idaho

LH - Does this mean that you and I will not be taking sensual showers together? Dang it - just when you think it's all over - it starts again. ......

Wait didn't Willy Nelson sing that song?

BTW - I think I said that - but then again - thinking is just now starting to work on me again -

JUS JOKIN' wit cha LH!!!!


23 Oct 02 - 12:13 PM (#809349)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: GUEST,Charmion at work

As a practising asthmatic (I'm still polishing my skills), I avoid tobacco at all times and have never smoked an entire cigarette in my life. In my dizzy youth, when smoking was fashionable and I didn't realize why exercise made me wheeze and cringe with pain, I tried the odd butt, but I just didn't like it and never got hooked. Now, when I see the state of other people in the respirologist's waiting room, some of them years younger than I, I thank God and count my blessings.

My first husband was a fully addicted smoker in the European "what's your problem?" style. When he took himself and his attitudes off and out of my life, the smell of tobacco gradually vanished from the house. One of the clearest memories I have of that period is the feeling of relieved delight that came over me one day when realized, on entering the house, that it smelled only of soup, fresh ironing and just a hint of cat pee.

My sister-in-law, whom I love dearly, is a martyr to the weed; she has tried to quit at least yearly ever since I first met her more than 20 years ago. In fact, I love her so much I would even let her smoke in the house, but she conscientiously goes outside even in the dead of winter. Now, that's consideration.

They say that young teenage girls are the largest cohort of new smokers now, a statistic that bodes ill for initiatives against the various cancers that kill off women too young. All the pink ribbons in the world will achieve the square root of sweet fanny adams until somebody manages to make smoking unfashionalbe to young folks.

23 Oct 02 - 01:41 PM (#809448)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: 53

I can still taste them.

23 Oct 02 - 04:48 PM (#809535)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Little Hawk

Yes, young teenage girls are the biggest smoking contingent by far around here. Amazing, isn't it? I wrote this song once called "No Fool Like A Young Fool", doing a switch on the old expression.

- LH

23 Oct 02 - 07:06 PM (#809640)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: 53

Price is to high to smoke now.

23 Oct 02 - 07:15 PM (#809650)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Leadfingers

If God had meant us to smoke we'd have been built with chimneys

23 Oct 02 - 07:59 PM (#809706)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Little Hawk

Yeah! And if God had meant us to fart we'd have been born with...

No...wait a minute...

Forget it.

- LH

23 Oct 02 - 08:57 PM (#809743)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Bill D

can you imagine if smoking had NOT been started several hundred years ago and someone tried to introduce it now?

"Hey, I have a new take this plant and chop the leaves off and dry them....then you roll them up inside a piece or paper and set fire to them and suck the smoke into your lungs! Wow! Try some!"

In the USA, the Food and Drug Administration would turn purple and stomp on this fast! Cigarettes would NEVER be allowed to go to open market! It is $$$ that keep this going, and I cannot see why, knowing what we do about the dangers, that it has been allowed to continue for 20-30 more years!

I suppose I should just be pleased that today, I can go to a restaurant or store or fly in an airplane and NOT be surrounded by smoke! It was not too long ago that I had to BEG for the right to NOT have smoke blown in my face.(One of the few things I ever threatened to hit someone over)

I grew up in a house full of smoke...both parents smoked, and my younger brother too it up just as early as he could get away with it.

I was NEVER even tempted, and have never taken a puff on a cigarette...why? *shrug*...just lucky in the genetic wiring, maybe...

I do hope all those who are trying to quit succeed...

24 Oct 02 - 05:21 AM (#809925)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Gurney

A few isolated points.
A good friend (smoker) died recently, mostly because of Emphysema. That she died at all is sad. That she gasped for breath for two years, and in the last year couldn't even walk the length of her home, was sadder.

My Mother-In-Law (smoker) died of Lung Cancer at 53.

I've had 3 workmates who gave up. Too late!

I smoked for 26 years, 15-40, then I got a pain in my chest that DIDN'T GO AWAY WHEN I STOPPED SMOKING! I was convinced that I had the big C. It wasn't, but that was warning enough. Haven't even WANTED a smoke in the last 21 years. Lucky, eh?

Never mind film stars, ATHLETES smoked when I was younger, Chris Chataway for one. He gave up, too.

24 Oct 02 - 06:23 AM (#809969)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: alanabit

Yes - didn't Frank McLintock smoke during the half time break of one of Arsenal's Cup Finals? In some ways the world has changed for the better!

24 Oct 02 - 08:36 AM (#810033)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: Mr Happy


24 Oct 02 - 09:27 AM (#810083)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: 53

What is the price of a pack of cigarettes now?

24 Oct 02 - 10:01 AM (#810124)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: JudeL

The price of a packet of cigarettes is a lot more than money, it's the effect on the quality of life of both the smoker and anyone who is around them, most of which the determined smoker refuses to believe. It is not just a case of what an individual choses to do to themselves but the impact of their choice may effectively remove choice from all around them. I am not being moralistic or holier than thou but I do resent not being able to enjoy amongst other things concerts that I have paid for because some self centered individual insistes on smoking and will not recognise that their "personal choice" affects others. Jude who now has asthma despite never having smoked cigarettes.

24 Oct 02 - 11:37 AM (#810214)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: 53

Just think how much money you can save by quitting.

24 Oct 02 - 11:45 AM (#810225)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: KJ

I'm a smoker & am sick of being treated like a leper. It seems the sins of the world are laid upon smokers shoulders. We cost the NHS an awful lot of money & are reckless with our health & well-being.
Well what about drinking? Misuse of alcohol costs the country just as much as smoking. Ever been in A & E on weekend nights? Many of the problems to be seen there are a result of drunkeness;drink driving can devastate people's lives;domestic violence is also linked with alcohol misuse & the effect on children of living with an alcoholic parent is also well-documented.Many organisations are involved in dealing with the problems caused by alcohol abuse such as the NHS, Police, Social Services,Law Courts...the list goes on & this all costs money. Yet drinking is still socially accepted, unlike smoking. It seems to me us smokers are being scapegoated.

24 Oct 02 - 11:59 AM (#810237)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: JudeL

The point is that smokers are not just reckless with their own health but with those around them as well. Smoking has no redeeming health value even in small amounts. Alcohol has some value if not abused and taken to excess. For some people there is no such thing as moderation or just one drink and for them alcohol is dangerous and in those cases alcohol not only damages them but can damage those around them, no arguement . But your arguement is that all drinking is bad and that drinking at all should be seen as worse than smoking. But you have ignored the fact that there are some benefits to drinking in moderation , but if you look at the media it pillories out of control drinking even more than smoking.

24 Oct 02 - 12:20 PM (#810250)
Subject: RE: BS: Smoking cigarettes
From: annamill

Don't get me started on smoking..

I definitely have a drinking problem and I wish I could stop. The problem I have is I don't have any of the problems that KJ mentioned. I don't misuse alchohol. I just drink it. I don't drink during the day, even on weekends. I enjoy being sober too much. It's at night after a hard day at anything. When I get home from work, or I'm out for a drive. It doesn't matter. After 6pm to 8pm it's off to the fridge for my T+T (Tanqueray + Tonic). My husband is a non-drinker so
this makes it easier for me to drink. I don't have to worry about driving. He is extremely tolerant of my drinking because he used to be a really bad drunk. From morning to night. I met him him after he had quit. Actually, I think he sometimes enjoys it when I drink. You know that alcohol is a great un-inhibitor ;-)

I tried help. AAA is a religious organization and hearing other peoples problems just doesn't help me.

My personel experience tells me that if I want to badly enough, I will quit. Problem is, I'll never hit bottom because my drinking is too controlled. I haven't been feeling well lately and it has me worried. As I told my son (the smoker), drinking used to keep me alive, but now it's killing me and I need to stop.

I've tried but I keep coming back. Quiting smoking was much easier for me.

Just spouting... thanks for listening.

Love, Annamill