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The 'Jewel' Chromaharp Info

24 Oct 02 - 12:16 PM (#810247)
Subject: The 'Jewel' Chromaharp Info

Recently came into possession of a The "Jewel" Chromaharp. The only information I have is that it was designed by Jewel Boesel, 1983 Winfield winner. Rhythm Band Instruments in Ft. Worth has no info. Anyone who can help with parts, etc? Aliciah

24 Oct 02 - 12:52 PM (#810283)
Subject: RE: The 'Jewel' Chromaharp Info
From: wilco

Aleciah: Go to Cyberpluckers, which is the site on the net for autoharpers. They'll probably be able to tell you more than you ever wanted to know about it. You can get there through the Autoharp Quarterly home page. Cyberpluckers is a forum similar to mudcat.
I play an Orthey chromatic autoharp. These are lovely insturments.

24 Oct 02 - 02:46 PM (#810358)
Subject: RE: The 'Jewel' Chromaharp Info
From: Sorcha

How would the "Jewel" model be different from others?

24 Oct 02 - 05:05 PM (#810455)
Subject: RE: The 'Jewel' Chromaharp Info
From: wilco

Sorcha: I don't recall the specifics on the "Jewel" set-up, although I have heard it discussed. Autoharps can be widly individualized, in all kinds of tunings, scales, chraomatic or diatonic. The arrangements and alignment of the chord bars can be individualized. Lots of autoharp players will have key specific, or song specific, harps. I tease these folks, when they come to a jam with ten harps.
The woods chosen and the sound-holes are specific too. Some people like a softer wood on top, or bottom, etc. My favorite harp has a mulberry body, cherry chord bars, chestnut trim, and oak rests. And, a birch top. Its a chromatic. The oak is from a cabin that A.P. Carter built. The mulberry from the Carter Fold, the cherry from Patsy Stoneman's homeplace, and the chestnut from Orthey's.
    At these "championships" like Winfield or MLAG, these custom harps are given to the winner, and the luthier will further customize them for the winner. Sometimes these unique set-ups "just catch-on," in terms of popularity. And, that's all I know about them!!!

26 Jun 09 - 07:56 AM (#2665169)
Subject: RE: The 'Jewel' Chromaharp Info
From: GUEST,Ron Smith

Try to Search Jewel Boesel and accept for her 1983 Autoharp win there is little else. The autoharp she designed was made by Rytym Band in Korea as a professional instrument.Screened logo rather then label. Spruce top .Frame made with W German maple..Has binding around top .Extra large sound hole with deluxe bracing .Harp came with four chord bars each in two keys already made up with quick action and set close to the strings. The 8 position chord bars could easily be changed by releasing the two quick release rods .This was so you could play in any popular key while having more realestate on the harp and only eight fingure positions. Very innovative. I believe this is the only professional grade harp Rythym band made.Also they were supposed to have additional chord bars you could buy to set up your own chord set.Came in a deluxe leather fleece lined case with picks and tuner which held the harp and 4 chord bars weighing in at 27 pounds and 4 feet long. It would be nice if Jewel could weigh in as no one seems to have any info and these harps arent that old only about 25 years.

04 Aug 09 - 01:59 PM (#2693648)
Subject: RE: The 'Jewel' Chromaharp Info
From: GUEST,D. Martin Bynum

I recently purchased " The Jewel " from R. Smith. I have been on the quest for this Chromaharp for quite a while. I have seen only one other of these. There isn't much information out there. I like the versatility of the fact that the playing area of the Jewel is more open, and that you have 4 sets of chord bars to select from, each playin in 2 keys. I know that is was made by master craftsmen, and not on production line. I am looking forward to playing the Jewel when it arrives. I will post later to let anyone know more about it.

04 Nov 10 - 01:00 PM (#3023494)
Subject: RE: The 'Jewel' Chromaharp Info
From: GUEST,A. Clay Worrell

I have recently purchased a "The Jewel" Chromaharp from a swap meet in San Diego, it is in practically perfect condition, looks brand new. My wife got it because she is interested in learning to play the autoharp. Since this particular harp is unique we think it might be best to sell it and get her a more typical one. Does anyone know roughly what the value of this "the Jewel" is and where would be the best place to sell or swap it? Thanks, -Clay Worrell

04 Nov 10 - 05:46 PM (#3023750)
Subject: RE: Help: Autoharp Models: History

oh, and my email address is thanks again
-Clay Worrell

05 Nov 10 - 01:54 AM (#3024032)
Subject: RE: The 'Jewel' Chromaharp Info
From: Joe Offer

Hi, Clay -
take a look at this Website of Jewel Shield, who claims to have designed the "Jewel Chromaharp" which was manufactured and marketed through the educational Music Company Rhythm Band Inc. (I'm guessing Jewel Boesel changed her name to Shield).


08 Nov 10 - 11:22 AM (#3026728)
Subject: RE: The 'Jewel' Chromaharp Info

thanks joe. i already sent her an email, and she gave me her number to get more info on the chromaharp. thanks for the help! - Clay

17 Nov 10 - 09:30 PM (#3034801)
Subject: RE: The 'Jewel' Chromaharp Info

would anyone be interested in purchasing my Jewel Chromaharp off me? im in san diego/los angeles area and can ship if needed. i am a beginner autoharp player, and i would like something more simple and ready to play. its in great condition, all ready for someone to love! email - Clay