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looking for 'summertime' recording (sax)

25 Oct 02 - 09:50 PM (#811608)
Subject: looking for 'summertime'
From: GUEST,Ellen

I am trying to find a recording, preferably cd, of 'Summertime' played by solo sax. I heard it once and loved it so much that I really want to buy this cd/record. Anyone who knows of such recording please post artist name and where I can hear/purchase it. I would recognize this immediately, It is true blues, slow and beautiful. Thanks for your help.

25 Oct 02 - 10:12 PM (#811638)
Subject: RE: looking for 'summertime'
From: masato sakurai

I'm not sure this is it, but anyway a solo sax recording.

Robert Kyle: Solo Sax #1


25 Oct 02 - 10:20 PM (#811643)
Subject: RE: looking for 'summertime'
From: khandu

Here is one. Clicky

I don't know if it is the one. If not try typing "Summertime on saxophone" in Google. There are quite a few listed.


26 Oct 02 - 04:28 AM (#811753)
Subject: RE: looking for 'summertime'
From: JudeL

Khando I tried to listen & it gave me an error message & told me I didn't have permission but if I ever figure how to get past that it looks like a good site.

26 Oct 02 - 05:34 AM (#811772)
Subject: RE: looking for 'summertime'
From: Nigel Parsons

No good looking for 'summertime' in the UK, it's just an abstract concept!


26 Oct 02 - 08:01 PM (#812079)
Subject: RE: looking for 'summertime'
From: GUEST,Ellen

Thank you for all your responses. This was sent to me by a friend who knows I am looking for 'summertime'. This is exactly what I am looking for, but it still does not tell me who the artist is!!! Maybe you know? Click on the second card (the frog) be patient and connect the dots.

27 Oct 02 - 03:00 PM (#812613)
Subject: RE: looking for 'summertime' recording (sax)
From: Gypsy

yep...........jus' loooooooooooooove hot sax in the summertime