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Anne Byrne: What does she now?

30 Oct 02 - 10:32 AM (#814394)
Subject: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: Wolfgang

Anne Byrne...what is she doing? Any recent stuff out? She has the most beautiful voice (Mary Garvey in another thread)

I'd like to know too and when searching in Mudcat only found that this question has been asked by several persons more than once, always buried in threads. That's why I make this question more prominent. I've bought everything I could get from her since I saw and heard her in Frankfurt life in 1969. She has the most beautiful voice. (That has been said already by Mary? It is worth repeating)

I'll never forget that evening. It was my first folk concert and I got kissed (no, not by Anne) and that's what hooked me to (Irish) folk music. And it was too late for unhooking when I realised that getting kissed does not come as a rule with going to folk concerts.


30 Oct 02 - 11:01 AM (#814421)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST, Dale

Well, I am one of those who asked, and I have searched the internet several times over the years, with little success.   I have located a few old LP recordings for sale, mosly in the 40 pound range, but VERY little more.

I have just the one album, Capitol International 10543, by Anne Byrne with Paddy Roche and Mick Crotty, which I purchased back in the 60s. I wish it were more.

Add my voice to those who want to know.

30 Oct 02 - 11:42 AM (#814462)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: mg

several years ago I did get one of those cassettes with a music book for Christmas..where they sing just one verse and the chorus..she was singing on that.

Surely some Irish folk here know her whereabouts. Perhaps she has joined a convent or something.


30 Oct 02 - 11:48 AM (#814468)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: Declan

I have heard people talk about Anne Byrne's singing, but I can't say for sure that I've ever heard it. I was quite young in 1969!

Its always possible that she got married and sings under another name? If anyone can provide a bit more background I'll see if I can find out anything. For example what songs did she perform ? Did she sing with a group or as a solo act ? etc.

30 Oct 02 - 12:15 PM (#814485)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: Wolfgang

She could sing solo, but her own instrument play was not enough to carry the voice, so she mostly had a male accompanist. He did the instrument, she did the singing.

Paddy Roche, Jesse Owens are two names who played with her.

The one time I heard her life she did at the end a duett singing 'Whisky in the jar' with the young Johnny McEvoy to a German audience that went wild. I still have the tape and I think both must still rue they did it.

I have three LPs, some of the material comes on more than one LP.

I'll have to check at home for a songlist that is longer than just three titles: Bonnie Irish boy, Croppy boy, D'Arcy Farrow,


30 Oct 02 - 12:18 PM (#814487)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: mg

let's see ..on the tape I still have..which might be a compilation from a couple of records..crooked jack, a great job on Captain Kidd, have you been to Avondale..

on a record I had....I think come by the maybe that is on the tape..the lowlands of Holland...if you can't come along you must stay behind..


30 Oct 02 - 12:19 PM (#814488)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: Wolfgang

I hate it when I still get things wrong I have looked up a couple of times before: live!


30 Oct 02 - 12:24 PM (#814495)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: Declan

I did some quick Searches and haven't found anything she recorded after 1973. I have a hunch that she might still be singing under a married name, but I'm not posting anything about that until I'm sure.

Anne Byrne is a very popular name in Ireland so there are a lot of hits when searching on her name. One was married to Dustin Hoffman and had a role in Woody Allen's movie Manhattan, but I don't think this is the same person. I'll be playing in a session tonight with a few people who would have been around the folk scene in the 1960's and 70's and I'll see if they can give me any more information.

30 Oct 02 - 12:56 PM (#814518)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: Willie-O

There's also a Canadian musician by the same name, she plays cello on various singer-songwriter recordings, (Jane Siberry) including her own, and sings. Not old enough to be the one you mention.


30 Oct 02 - 01:00 PM (#814522)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?

I think she did live in Manhattan for a time (circa 1970?); she had a regular gig at Tommy Makems Irish Pavillion, E 57 St, Manhattan

30 Oct 02 - 01:10 PM (#814529)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,Ard Mhacha

Anne Byrne appeared on an RTE Programme about two years ago, I think it was "Come west along the road" an excellent series which featured he vibrant folk scene of the 60s.
Anne as lovely as ever and the voice still as beautiful sang "Come by the hills", I believe she married, either Paddy Roche or Jessie Owens.
The programme included Anne`s singing of the "Foggy Dew" from an old 60`s programme, brilliant.
So Wolfgang I always knew you had good taste. Ard Mhacha.

30 Oct 02 - 10:52 PM (#814928)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: mg

This is driving me crazy.....I put the question on a list that has librarians on it and I know they won't be able to rest until we have found her. What is RTE? Can we search their archives. We must get this woman to make some more cd's etc. mg

31 Oct 02 - 08:21 AM (#815091)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,Ard Mhacha

Mary,"What is RTE?" God save us Mary dear, what planet are you living on, all you have to do is type RTE on your Google search and up will come Ireland`s Radio and TV Station.
And Mary I have bad news for you, Anne Byrne to my knowledge hasn`t made a recording from way back and that could well be the late 60s. Ard Mhacha.

31 Oct 02 - 09:35 AM (#815155)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: Wolfgang

It's not that easy with only three letters.

Among many others, RTE are 'Real Time Enterprises', 'Royal Thai embassy', 'Round Table Estonia', 'Reseau de transport d'Electricite'.

I didn't make them up, that's only a small choice of companies and whatever that come up in a search for RTE.

I'm sure I bought one record much later. I'll look for details, but won't be able to post them before Monday.


31 Oct 02 - 09:54 AM (#815170)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: Declan

RTE stands for Radio Teilifis (Television) Eireann (Ireland) and ought to bring you there. If you follow the links for a TV program called Come West Along the Road there may be some info there.

I talked to a couple of people last night who remembered her well from the 60s/early 70s and they also said that she had married a musician. Although they mentioned Jesse Owens they didn't think it was him, but it may have been Paddy Roche. The consensus seemed to be that Anne had given up her singing career when she got married and had a family etc., although they seemed to think that she still did the occasional gig, but probably just local stuff rather than anything big time.

I'll see if a search for Anne Roche shows up anything. I'll let you know if I can come up with any additional info.

31 Oct 02 - 11:44 AM (#815255)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: mg

I emailed someone from RTE and she said to contact this person by phone

I would suggest you telephone Nicholas Carolan of the Irish Traditional Music
who presents Come West Along The Road,
and his number is 6619699.

Is this a local number for anyone who can call? mg

31 Oct 02 - 01:10 PM (#815324)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,Ard Mhacha

Wolfgang yer heads a marley, [old Belfast put-down], RTE will get you there with the least trouble, c`mom. Ard Mhacha.

01 Nov 02 - 05:58 AM (#815787)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,Ard Mhaca

Some more information on Anne Byrne, I picked this wee smattering from an RTE P rogramme recorded around 1994.
The Programme was "Whats another year" and it featured various artists who had dropped out of the limelight, Anne Byrne sang "Lily of the West", in the small piece of conversation with the host she relates that she opted out of singing when she married Paddy Roche, this at the early age of 23.
Any recordings of the Lovely Anne would now rank as collectors items. Ard Mhacha.

04 Nov 02 - 11:41 AM (#818092)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: Declan

By coincidence the Come West Along the Road program shown on RTE last Friday night featured a duet by Jesse Owens and Anne Byrne from 1971. Although the arrangement sounded a bit dated at this stage there was no doubting the quality of Anne's voice.

However if Anne has opted for a life out of the public glare, I think that is her right.

04 Nov 02 - 12:41 PM (#818161)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,Ard Mhacha

Declan, the oul memory returns, the name of the compere on "Whats another year" was Shay Healy, and Declan on "Come west along the road" she sang "The Croppy boy", "the early early in the spring version, brilliant.Ard Mhacha.

04 Nov 02 - 12:53 PM (#818171)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: Declan

Ard Mhacha,

That was on an earlier program in the series. She was on again last Friday with Jesse Owens. I didn't recognise the song they sang and didn't take a note of the name of the song. I think the program is repeated on RTE at some stage, so if I can find out what they sang I'll post it here. Incidentally CWATR seems to be one of the few RTE Programs that doesn't have a page on the RTE web-site.

04 Nov 02 - 01:15 PM (#818194)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,Ard Mhacha

Declan, missed last Fridays CWATR, no doubt it will be shown again.
This is an excellent Programme and yer man Carolan the Compere is a "throwback" made for the role. Ard Mhacha.

26 Nov 02 - 07:31 AM (#835263)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: Moleskin Joe

Is this the same Ann Byrne who was one of the Abbey Tavern Singers?

26 Nov 02 - 10:01 AM (#835424)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,Martin Ryan

I have a vague memory that Anne Byrne emigrated to Canada many years ago. I could ask Nicholas - but I'd be afraid to mention that throwaway "throwback" remark!

26 Nov 02 - 10:27 AM (#835435)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: Wolfgang

That reminds me I always wanted to post a song-o-graphy for Anne Byrne that is a discography with the titles not sung by her (sung by her varying partners or instrumentals) left out (I'm sure I have made some mistakes here not having listened again). Here it is. Part of it I only have on tape with no information except the titles.

Anne Byrne sings:

on the LP titled 'I choose the green' (co-artist: Paddy Roche):
Pal O' mine
Come by the hills
Mary Hamilton
Hold on to me, babe
Plaisir d'amour
Fiona and Shane
I'm bound for the mountains and the sea

on the second LP (title?) (with Jessie Owens):
Oh, sail away
All my trials
Bold Irish boy
It's all over now, baby blue
Come o'er the water
Buachaill on eirre
Four strong winds

on the LP 'Come by the hills' HALP127:
Crooked Jack
Dublin's fair City
House carpenter
Willie O'Winsbury
Captain Kidd
D'Arcy Farrow
An Suantri
Pretty Saro
Swallow, swallow
Constantly changing
Come by the hills
My father

on the LP 'From Bunclody to Avondale' HPE 651:
D'Arcy Farrow
Wind that shakes the barley
Buchaillin Donn
Lady Gregory
Come by the hills
My father
Lord of the dance
Lilly of the west

on my tape from a radio broadcast of a life concert in Frankfurt in 1969 (with Paddy Roche):
Bonny Prince Charlie
Crooked Jack
Last thing on my mind
Croppy boy
It's all over now, baby blue
Foggy dew (the 1916 song)
Bold Irish boy
Whiskey in the jar (finale with, among others, J. McEvoy)

A double CD with her best songs (or even all songs) should sell I'd say.


28 Jul 10 - 03:59 PM (#2953996)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,Paddy her husband

I can't believe that you still feel for the voice that I (Paddy Roche) fell in love with so many years ago. Anne is not well at the moment - depression! I will convey to her all these good vibes and hope that they will help her on her difficult journey to recovery.

28 Jul 10 - 04:09 PM (#2954002)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,mg

Oh my goodness..tell her I am so in love with her voice. In fact there were several of us on the internet years ago who traded cassettes back and forth. I always say she has the most beautiful female voice ever. I am sorry to hear she is depressed...

One of my goals in life is to actually meet her..and I will be going back to Ireland at some point...

Could she be persuaded to sing again if her depression lifts?

Anyway, she has a couple of songs on you tube for those who have not heard her....and she had several albums out way back when. mg

28 Jul 10 - 08:23 PM (#2954153)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,mg

About depression and the Irish..I have read frequently in various places, internet or wherever..(here is one place I grabbed quickly several groups of people who co-evolved with lots of marine oils in their diet never developed the ability to convert to fats their body needed in terms of Omega 3. Groups were Native American, Irish, Scandinavian and Russion..think of groups who have problems with melancholy, alcohol, depression, etc...sort of overlaps.

Anyway, the solution is for people with this ancestry to be sure they get Omega 3 at least in part from fish or marine can't hurt to have salmon or other fish a couple of times a week, as well as walnuts, flax seeds etc..

And there is not only music therapy, but now there is Irish music therapy, coined by James Keane? who is the great accordian player who used it on himself I guess through cancer treatments...sort of interesting.

Anyway, I will try to think of more home remedies that at least can't hurt..lots of lavendar and essential oils..rose is good...I have to catch a bus now but I will check more this evening. mg

28 Jul 10 - 09:30 PM (#2954191)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?

Tell Anne that there are so many of us here and elsewhere too, I would suspect, who would love to hear from her again. (Mine was the second post, back in 2002) I get those recording from youtube and my old album out and play them more frequently than most from that era. Good music from such talented people never grows old.

Dale in Arkansas, USA

29 Jul 10 - 12:59 PM (#2954582)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,mg

Can Anne or anyone recommend any current female Irish singers? (Please, not Celtic Women)..Who sing in a strong voice? I do search on you tube etc. but they all sound so purposely adolescent in voice that I just can't listen to them. mg

29 Jul 10 - 01:15 PM (#2954592)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: DonMeixner

Hi Paddy

I remember when I first heard Anne's wonderful voice. I had bought an album because I wanted one song, Crooked Jack. Anne's recording was the only one I had found. The added benefit of it having Come By the Hills on board made it an easy purchase. Until this time I had never heard Anne sing. Over time I have appreciated that wise and perfect purchase. I have enjoyed her elegant voice no for many years.

My sympathies regaurding the problem with depression. I know that companion too well. There may not be any truly safe harbors in the world but there are friendly ports.
Have her stop in and say hello when she can.


30 Jul 10 - 03:18 AM (#2954978)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: scowie

I too would like to wish Anne well,her recording "Bunclody to Avondale"
is the only one I have, but it is outstanding,especially "The Wind that Shakes the Barley" to a somewhat different tune than usual. The absolute purity of her voice is amazing, she is such a beautiful singer.
Heartfelt good wishes for a quick and complete recovery.
Your friend and admirer,

30 Jul 10 - 04:28 AM (#2954999)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?

The most beautiful female voice in Ireland, ever ! I wish her a speedy recovery back to good health.

31 Jul 10 - 03:54 AM (#2955568)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: Gweltas

I adored her voice from the first time I ever heard her sing in the Abbey Tavern, in Howth, Co. Dublin, back in the 1960's (and much to my regret it was the only time I heard her sing "live") and I used to look forward to her singing with Jesse Owens on RTE TV and later on, singing on TV with her husband, Paddy Roche. It was such a pity that she decided to retire from singing to raise her family and such a desperate loss to the Irish folk scene.

I am so very sorry to hear that she is now having to contend with depression. The purity and clarity of her voice was amazing. She was Ireland's magnificent answer to Joan Baez (whom I have also heard singing "live") but, unfortunately, was never recognised as such. While I also admire Baez's singing, I have always maintained that, of the two, Anne Byrne's voice was by far the better voice. She had a unique way of causing her listeners to fall in love not only with her singing, but also with every song that she sang.

It's lovely to know that there are other Anne Byrne fans in the world, who have not forgotten her, despite the passage of time. I fervently hope that she will once again grace the folk world with her wonderful singing and I send my very best wishes to her and will pray that she will soon return to a much happier state.

I also send my best wishes and thanks to Wolfgang, mg, Árd Mhaca, Don Meixner, scowie, Mariner, and of course also to her husband Paddy, for all their posts which has resulted in this up to date news of Anne.
Best Regards,
Anne XX

31 Jul 10 - 11:00 AM (#2955705)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,Desi C

I saw a reply from Anne to a question posted on You Tube, for the life of me I can't recall the name of the group she sang in which was the clip on You Tube. She is still alive living in Dublin, suffers badly from Bi Polar disorder posssibly due to a long running dxispute with her old recording company, which if/when settled she would like to record again

Desi C

10 Sep 10 - 12:26 AM (#2983676)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,seamus

lily of the west with anne and jesse

10 Sep 10 - 11:47 AM (#2983975)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,Philippa

best wishes, Anne

someone told me Anne swam with seals in Lough Swilly, off the coast of Buncrana Co Donegal. Is it true? I must have heard the story in the early or mid 1970s

10 Sep 10 - 01:52 PM (#2984050)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: VirginiaTam

thanks for the video link Seamus... wonderful stuff.   What a waste if she is not still singing... but I certainly understand how your mental state affects expressions of art and music... indeed the desire to express at all.

best wishes to Anne

11 Sep 10 - 01:52 AM (#2984357)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,Guest - Lin

It's so wonderful to know there are many people who still remember the beautiful voice of Anne Byrne. I searched for her albums for many years and have quite a few LPs, some solo and others with Jesse Owens and then one with Anne singing with the Abbey Tavern Singers. I'm not sure how many of those albums she appeared on. I have several Abbey Tavern LPs but only one that she sings on. I would be curious to know exactly how many Abbey Tavern Singer albums she was included.

I found many of her albums (before internet and Ebay came along). I was lucky to find her records at different record shops over the years. Some in the Los Angeles area and some of her albums in record shops in London, England when I was there during the 1980's. Of course then the records were affordable.

I have always loved these albums and just think Anne had a stunning voice! I know there are many great current female Irish singers around but I really cannot think of any other Irish folk singer who I enjoy listening to as much as Anne Byrne.

I have been a hugh fan of Joan Baez for decades but of course Joan's voice with age (she admits to that) has changed her voice and she cannot sing the high soprano or range she had in the 60's and 70's. Perhaps the same has happened to Anne vocally. I read posts that Anne Byrne has suffered from depression. I don't know if this is true or not and no one knows what kind of depression she may have.

I would say hopefully it can be treated and if there is any remote possibility that Anne herself reads this, just wanted to say that there are many of your fans who just have gotten tremendous enjoyment from your records and your talent.
I like others would love to hear you sing again or to see your recordings become available on CD but of course you are dealing with record companies and it is not always easy to do this.

I wish you well.


29 Jan 11 - 01:34 AM (#3084497)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,Lin

Just wanted to post message here again to see if anyone has any updated news about Anne Byrne? I hope she is well and still wonder if any record company will ever release any of Anne's records on CD? Is she still in Dublin and involved with music at all? From all the various postings here....she has a lot of fans who love her voice!

10 Feb 11 - 11:06 PM (#3092896)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?

Message to Paddy - This is one of your 2nd cousins in the U.S. My mother Kathleen was your Dad's cousin. My mother returned to Ireland in 1981 to visit your dad & he took her to see Anne perform - I have photos of them in the pub that night in Dublin - you may have also been there. I also have a photo of you, Anne and the family on your wedding day. I've been desperately trying to find you Roche cousins when I came across this site. Must be the luck of the Irish.

Please write me at

My best to all of you and hope Anne is doing well.

10 Feb 11 - 11:45 PM (#3092915)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: Clontarf83

Was she the singer in the Ludlows?

11 Feb 11 - 01:01 PM (#3093327)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,machree01

No, that was Margaret O'Brien

04 Apr 11 - 12:32 AM (#3128016)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,Guest - Lin

Just wanted to post here again to find out if there is any new information about how Anne Byrne is doing? Perhaps anyone that performed with her at one time or a musician that was on any of her albums?

It seems like many people have inquried about her albums being released on CD's? Anne had a truely beautiful voice and was extremely talented. We hope she is well and would return to music again, even if just to record in a studio. I know some artists do not want to perform in front of an audience again but perhaps she would consider going into a studio where she knows some of the engineers who would put her at ease in recording some of her songs again.

To me, Anne's voice is much better then most of the current Irish female folk singers (who sometimes tend to have their albums overproduced). Even though I have listened to many current or fairly current Irish singers - I must say that Anne Byrne's singing is on the top of my list of favourite Irish singers.

04 Apr 11 - 01:36 AM (#3128037)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,mg

Me too as I have often favorite female voice of all time I think. mg

06 Apr 11 - 01:20 AM (#3129584)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,Guest - Lin

To Guest, MG

Awhile back you posted a message that you were looking for female singers who sing with a strong voice (not Celtic).

Did you have any luck? I know what you mean about some of the current singers - and not wanting to listen to them.

Back in the 1960's there was female folk singer out of the Boston, MA area who had a beautiful folk soprano (strong voice). She only recorded two folk LP's. One is called, "After the Snow" and the other one, I can't think of at the moment (but actually have both albums). If you ever find her albums for sale try to get them.

Dayle Stanley is another 60's folk singers who just completely got out of the music scene it seems.
She used to sing in folk clubs in the Boston and NY areas from what I once read about her some years ago now.

04 Jan 12 - 09:51 PM (#3285046)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?

she has a web site

04 Jan 12 - 09:58 PM (#3285047)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: maeve

She does indeed have a website, updated in the very new 2012, with an email form one can fill out and send:

26 Jun 13 - 06:59 PM (#3530757)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,Metoometoo

Anne lives in her hometown of Dun Laoghaire, Co.Dublin with her husband Patrick Roche (who was part of the band The Ludlowes) She has two sons, and five grandchildren.

She does not sing anymore, except for family and friends.

10 Nov 13 - 08:05 PM (#3574535)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: mg

good news..someone has posted more songs on youtube...I think she has the clearest voice I have ever heard. Here is High Germany

26 May 15 - 09:29 PM (#3712036)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?

Anne had the classic 'show biz' start to her singing career appearing on stage at the age of three with her Mother and Father in amateur pantomime and musical shows. Her mother's family, the Bradys, hail from Dun Laoghaire in Co. Dublin and were all extremely musical. Her uncle, the famous Willie Brady, who in the nineteen-fifties and sixties had been a recording artist for Avoca Records in the U.S.A. and Ireland. was one of the first Irish artists to revive and popularize the singing of Irish songs and ballads at this time. He was frequently to be heard on Radio Eireann.
Anne's professional singing career began when, at the age of seventeen, she won first prize in the Father Mathew Feis which brought her exceptional singing voice to the attention of a wider audience.
In the early sixties The Abbey Tavern in Howth began to run ballad sessions and before long Anne was to become the leading female singer at this venue.
   Her artistry soon attracted the attention of the newly fledged Irish television station (Telfis Eireann) and she was to become a regular performer on the numerous folk and ballad television programmes Telfis Eireann produced during the sixties and early seventies.
In 1969 Anne travelled to New York with her husband Paddy Roche to take up a residency in the Irish Pavilion on 57th Street and Lexington. From this base she was to travel extensively throughout the USA performing in many prestigious venues.    A highlight of her American sojourn was her performance on the Philladelphia folk festival in 1969 alongside such artists as Richard Thompson, Jim Croce, Doc Watson, and The Fairport Convention.
In early 1971 Anne decided that the rearing of her two year old son Jason took precedence over her American singing career and she returned to Ireland to devote more of her time to family life. She still continued to sing in the major Dublin venues and throughout Ireland and also make many more television appearances. However with the arrival of her second son Oisin in 1973, Anne decided to retire from the professional entertainment world and now lives a very contented existence with her husband Paddy in Dun Loaghaire in Co. Dublin, the beautiful seaside town where she was born.

04 Apr 17 - 04:13 PM (#3848622)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?

Hi Anne and Paddy,

We were neighbours of Paddy's many moons ago and I just hope our paths cross again before too long. Listening to the Croppy Boy and some of the other music of Anne and the Ludlows brings back great memories of happy evenings spent at the Embankment - Charles Sinnott

05 Apr 17 - 05:29 AM (#3848723)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,Gealt

The Ludlows' singer was Margaret O'Brien, another very fine folk performer.

14 Feb 18 - 12:30 PM (#3905703)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,evelyn brennan templemore co tipp

i had holiday job in abbey tavern in sixties while studying in ucd i was enthralled with annes voice and cud never serve drink while she sang my favourite was an buachaillin doinn nothing compared to her except the harpist who now lives on the arran islands anne im so sorry to hear of ur deppression and will be praying for you

14 Feb 18 - 03:23 PM (#3905747)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,guest Morris

I think (but I'm not sure) that the man in this clip, Oisín Roche, is the son of Anne and Paddy.

03 Mar 18 - 09:42 AM (#3909212)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,Martin Collins

Where have I been since Wolfgang posted that first comment over 17 years ago - on 30/10/2002. I only came across the site last night. Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens and later Anne Byrne & Paddy Roche were some of my favourite performers too away back in the 1960s and 70s.
And Anne became even more of a favourite when I learned that she was a niece of Willie Brady - my first childhood singing hero. I first heard him in the mid 1950s when he was a regular on Din Joe's 'Take the Floor' on Radio Eireann.
I compile Historical stuff from time to time and the following is a listing of some performances by Anne and others in the 1960s and 70s, mostly on RTE TV but also at some venues. It might be of interest to some - I hope it fits on this site,

Best wishes,

Martin Collins

Folk/Ballad Research                
Date of         Name of Venue or        
Event        Programme        Participant
08/11/1963        Abbey Tavern        Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
05/05/1964        Ballad Session        Ronnie Drew Group
09/06/1964        Ballad Session        Ronnie Drew Group
17/09/1964        Ballad Session        The Dubliners
01/10/1964        Ballad Session        Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
08/10/1964        Ballad Session        The Dubliners
15/10/1964        Ballad Session        Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
29/10/1964        Ballad Session        Wolfe Tones
05/11/1964        Ballad Session        Ronnie Drew Group
12/11/1964        Ballad Session        Dolly McMahon & Dick Cameron
26/11/1964        Ballad Session        Wolfe Tones
03/12/1964        Ballad Session        The Dubliners
10/12/1964        Ballad Session        Maeve Mulvany
31/12/1964        Ballad Session        The Dubliners
28/01/1965        As Zozimus Said        The Dubliners
11/02/1965        As Zozimus Said        Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
25/02/1965        As Zozimus Said        Maeve Mulvany
04/03/1965        As Zozimus Said        Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
11/03/1965        As Zozimus Said        Maeve Mulvany
25/03/1965        As Zozimus Said        Sharon Colleen
01/04/1965        As Zozimus Said        Wolfe Tones
29/04/1965        As Zozimus Said        Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
13/05/1965        As Zozimus Said        Ludlows
20/05/1965        As Zozimus Said        Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
27/05/1965        As Zozimus Said        Willie Brady
10/06/1965        As Zozimus Said        Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
01/07/1965        As Zozimus Said        Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
08/07/1965        As Zozimus Said        Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
23/09/1965        As Zozimus Said        Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
28/09/1965        Bring Down the Lamp        Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
28/09/1965        Life of O'Reilly        Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
26/10/1965        Bring Down the Lamp        Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
26/10/1965        Life of O'Reilly        Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
02/11/1965        Bring Down the Lamp        Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
02/11/1965        Life of O'Reilly        Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
16/11/1965        Bring Down the Lamp        Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
16/11/1965        Life of O'Reilly        Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
07/12/1965        Life of O'Reilly        Kathleen Watkins
14/12/1965        Bring Down the Lamp        Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
14/12/1965        Life of O'Reilly        Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
28/12/1965        Life of O'Reilly        Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
04/01/1966        Life of O'Reilly        Deirdre O'Callaghan
05/04/1966        Life of O'Reilly        The Dubliners
19/04/1966        Life of O'Reilly        Gay Byrne
03/05/1966        Life of O'Reilly        Liam Devally
07/08/1966        Embankment        Anne Byrne & Paddy Roche
03/10/1966        Embankment        Anne Byrne & Paddy Roche
14/10/1966        Be My Guest - Din Joe        Maeve Mulvany
28/10/1966        Be My Guest - Din Joe        Celine Hession
06/11/1966        Embankment        Anne Byrne & Paddy Roche
11/11/1966        Be My Guest - Din Joe        The Dubliners
08/02/1968        Bring Down the Lamp        Tralee Dancing Group
18/04/1968        Bring Down the Lamp        Tralee Dancing Group
16/05/1968        Bring Down the Lamp        Tralee Dancing Group
27/06/1968        Bring Down the Lamp        Tralee Dancing Group
30/08/1968                Anne Byrne & Jesse Owens
24/09/1968                Anne Byrne & Paddy Roche
23/12/1968        RE - Preab sa Cheol        Anne Byrne & Paddy Roche
01/05/1971        Late Late Show        Anne Byrne & Paddy Roche
02/02/1974        Late Late Show        Anne Byrne & Paddy Roche

04 Mar 18 - 05:19 PM (#3909453)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,Lin

To Martin:

Thank you for taking the time to post the thread of all these Anne Byrne, Jesse Owens and Paddy Roche performances. I have been a huge fan of Anne Byrne for many years and have several of her LPs.
I live in California so never had the chance to see her in any concerts of on any of the TV programs you mentioned. I have heard all the Youtube videos of Anne Byrne solo & some with Paddy or Jesse.

I did want to ask you if any of these programs you have listed are available to hear (other then the ones already on Youtube?)
Do you have copies of all these performances from TV or other venues?

Since I am in USA I don't know how to obtain them other then what is on Youtube. Anne Byrne is my favorite Irish singer!

I actually did find some of her LPs years ago in some record shops in L.A. and others when I traveled to UK in the 1980's.

04 Mar 18 - 05:35 PM (#3909458)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: keberoxu

Years and years ago, on a television broadcast,
Anne Byrne made a guest appearance and sang
"The Patriot Game."
Never heard her before or since.
NEVER forgot her, regardless --
I can still hear the memory of the sound of her voice.

Her website includes some remarks about
how the music business got her down,
issues with copyrights and royalties.
The business has no mercy on sensitive souls.

04 Mar 18 - 06:33 PM (#3909465)
Subject: RE: Anne Byrne: What does she now?
From: GUEST,Martin Collins

Lin - I would love to be able to tell you that I have all those broadcasts but, unfortunately, as far as I know they do not exist. The Irish Television service was in its infincy in the 1960s (established on 31st December 1961)so very little of its content was recorded and preserved at that time. As far as I know most of what was recorded and preserved is up on Youtube, including some of Anne Byrne's material. Very few of those programmes which I listed have been preserved. I think Nicholas O Carolan, who produced the 'Come West Along the Road' series for Irish Television, has done a thorough search on all that remains in the Irish Television Archives and he has included all that in his wonderful series of programmes down the years.