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Chord Req: Young Ned of the Hill

02 Nov 02 - 01:17 PM (#816936)
Subject: Chord Req: Young Ned of the Hill
From: GUEST,Hrafn

Hi Folks. Has anyone got the guitar chords for the song Young Ned of the Hill. Would love to find out what they are as all I can find is tabulature for it. Any advice, chords, or help would be extremely thankfully recieved.

02 Nov 02 - 04:20 PM (#817032)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Young Ned of the Hill
From: GUEST,allen woodpecker

Do you mean the Terry Woods/Ron Kavana song or the trad song Ned of the Hill?

03 Nov 02 - 10:51 AM (#817408)
Subject: Chords Add: YOUNG NED OF THE HILL
From: breezy

Yes I do it I sat down with Cathy Ryan and we worked it out together, what reference point?
I base it on the D chord family.
D - DARk is the even....... silent the G hour,
Oh D who ...Am minstral G Yonder lone A7 tower
Whose D hear.... touchibg with G skill
oh D who can it Bm be but yuong A7 Ned...the D hill

It is G hard D cape from that G young....A7 Bower
For D high is the Bm castle and G guarded the A7 tower
But the D mind .....holds the G will and D Eileen is Bm gone with young A7 Ned of the D hill.
link is based on G- A7 twice
best I can offer off the top of me head but I was singing in the street and met a man Bob who can sing it in gaelic, so he did.Its great how the music introducespeople to each other good luck I run a club in Herts Eng

03 Nov 02 - 12:50 PM (#817488)
Subject: Chords Add: EAMANN AN CHNOIC
From: The Pooka

Assuming it's the trad song, breezy & Cathy Ryan have nailed it, I'm sure.

The following supplementary attempt is Foolish of me (but, at my age why change now?:) because I play neither the guitar nor any other instrument (bit of the tin whistle, but I said "instrument":); nor do I read music (haul away O hear me sing, I'll prove it to yez); NOR do I have the gaelic. Accordingly, with these eminent qualifications, (and begging yer kind pardon pleezy, breezy) --

Hereinbelow, transcribed (including phrasing hyphenations) from The Irish Songbook copyright 1969 by Tiparm Music Publishers Inc., is The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem version -- with *their* chords (any good?? I dunno) as best I can place 'em in the first verse (hope the placements survive transmission); in the Irish, as best I can type it but **without the crucial accent marks** (sorry! "I dunno how it works!" - Wizard of Oz); and with the CBros&TM phonetic (fanatic?) spellings below each line. Please be tolerant. (Gaeltacht 'Cats - fix it up??) / As approximately set forth below, this was recorded longlong ago as a Liam Clancy solo. / Thanks. - da Pook

Eamann an Chnoic
(Ay-mon a Kun-ick)

   C         Am
Ce he sin a-muigh,
Kay hay shin an-uh,

          C          F
A bhfuil faobhar ar a ghuth,
Ah will fware err ah goh,

   C            Am       F6
Ag rea-bahd mo dhor-ais dhun-ta?
Egg ray-bah muh gur-ish dhoon-thah?

G7    C          Am
Mi-se Eam-ann a' Chnoic,
Mish-ah Ay-mon ah Kun-ick

    C             F
A-ta bai-te fuar fliuch
Ah-thaw baw-te floor fluck

   C          Am          F6    G7 C
O shior-shiul shebh-te s' gleann --- ta!
Oh heer-hool shlay-te iss glown-thah!

   F            C
A lao dhil s'a chuid
Ah lay gill sah quid

         F            C
Cad a dheanfa-inn-se dhuit,
Kedh ah yane-hing-sha gwith,

                     Am          F
Mu-na gcuirf-inn ort be-inn de m' ghu - ne,
Mun-ah gwir-hing urth buy-ing dhem goon-ah,

       G7    C         Am
'S go bhfuil pu-dar go tiubh,
Sgu will poo-dhur gu chuve

    C                F
Da shior-shei-deadh leat
Dhaw heer-hay-dha lath

       C         Am   F6    G7 C
'S go mbeim-is a-raon much --- ta.
Iss gu mem-eesh ah-rayn mook-thah.
Is fada mise amuigh
Iss fod-ha mish am-uh

Faoi schneachta is faoi shioc
Fwee nock-thes fwee huck

'S gan danacht agam ar aon neach;
Sgon dhawn-ockt ah-gum err ain nock

Mo sheireach gan scor
Muh hesh-ruck gawn scur

Mo bhranar gan chur
Muh vron-ur gawn cur

Is gan iad agam ar aon chor!
Iss gawn eedh ah-gum err ain cur!

Nil caraid agam
Neel kor-ah ah-gum

Is danaid liom san,
Iss dhun-ah lum sun,

Do glacfadh me moch na deanach,
Dhu glock-hug may muck naw day-nock,

'S go gcaithfidh me dul
Sgu gay-ig may dhull

Thar farraige soir
Horr for-igg-ah sirr,

O iss ann na fuil aon de m' ghaoltaibh.
Os oun naw fwill ain them gwale-thiv.

03 Nov 02 - 12:56 PM (#817491)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Young Ned of the Hill
From: The Pooka

Waal, dammit, the chord placements *didn't* survive the transmission correctly; they're over different words now. / Well I tried -- and the *sequences* & lines are correct, anyway. (I think.) You real musicians can figure it out, right? / Back to yer tin whistle, Pooka, before you post again and Put the Tin Hat On It. :)

03 Nov 02 - 02:02 PM (#817548)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Young Ned of the Hill
From: wysiwyg

Easy-- just (D)do them like (A)this, (D)Pook.


07 Nov 02 - 02:07 PM (#820922)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Young Ned of the Hill
From: GUEST,hrafn

I am looking specifically for the modern version as sung by the Pogues. Any help is greatly appreciated

07 Nov 02 - 07:43 PM (#821168)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Young Ned of the Hill
From: breezy

just play one chord a growl, its a rap version to be sure and the c is missin'

08 Nov 02 - 11:34 AM (#821503)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Young Ned of the Hill
From: Big Tim

Can't help with the chords but I once spoke to Terry Woods, co-author of the song, in the pub before a Pogues, Barrowland, Glasgow, gig (in was chaos in there but the Pogues were a real band of the people - spoke to ordinary people and drank ordinary beer). I didn't know what to say so I tried "thanks for writing a great song Terry". He looked a bit suspicious (Shane was the great songwriter of the band) - "what was that?" - "Young Ned of the Hill" . He was delighted and sang the song with amazing gusto on stage about an hour later.

The original Ned, Edmund Ryan (Eamonn a Chnoic) was born in 1670, died 1724. He was a rapparee, a political rebel outlaw. He was indeed murdered for "blood money", a reward of £200. A memorial marks the spot where he is buried at Currahheen, near Hollyford, Tipperary.

11 Nov 02 - 05:27 PM (#823659)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Young Ned of the Hill
From: The Pooka

Thanks ~Susan. / I knew that. Ahem. / Hrafn, click here. And, keep scrolling down; there's more. / Any good??

11 Nov 02 - 06:30 PM (#823698)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Young Ned of the Hill
From: GUEST,Richard Bridge (cookie and format C)

Pogues version Am, G, C, sometines the Am and the C swap places