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Denver Question

15 Nov 02 - 01:12 AM (#826591)
Subject: Denver Question
From: Bull Am

Greetings All
   I've recently returned to Denver from a 3 month stay in France and it's been a little while since I've stopped in at the Cat...I have a question concerning any music opportunities here in Denver. Are there any Mudcatters that know of sessions or particularly appealing open stages? Or perhaps just anyone interested in jamming...The music bug is biting, and it's been too long since I played for a public...

15 Nov 02 - 01:16 AM (#826592)
Subject: RE: Denver Question
From: Bert

I'm here in Colorado Springs, send me a PM. LEJ performs regularly in Denver. Blue Jay is down in La Veta and kat is just across the mountains. Rex is around here somewhere and Sorcha is a ways up north.

Anyone else?

15 Nov 02 - 02:03 AM (#826607)
Subject: RE: Denver Question
From: Joe Offer

Hi, Bull Am - I had a good time at the Swallow Hill Music Association when I was working in Denver a couple of years ago. Harry Tuft's Denver Folklore Center is a legendary music store, but I didn't get a chance to go there. Harry hosts wonderful Hootenannys at Swallow Hill during the summer.
-Joe Offer-

16 Nov 02 - 01:36 AM (#827629)
Subject: RE: Denver Question
From: katlaughing

I am out of the loop, so far, but will post anything I might hear about, though it would be on the Western slope, as Bert said. Welcome back to Colorado.

18 Nov 02 - 02:33 PM (#829165)
Subject: RE: Denver Question
From: GUEST,Rex on the work 'puter

Swallow Hill is a good place to start for music in Denver. ( And yep, Harry Tuft is still doing the Hootenannies. Bless his heart. The next one is Dec. 6th.

There are gospel/bluegrass jams at the White Fence Farm. ( on Thursdays I think. More info on such things can be found by my friends, Bing and Suzie on their Gospel Grass website. (

There are some open stages in the foothills in Evergreen, Indian Hills and Aspen Park if you want to travel further. Holler and I'll post more details.