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Tech: Home recording bewilderment

20 Nov 02 - 02:30 PM (#830928)
Subject: Tech: Home recording bewilderment
From: GUEST,rich_and_dee

Hi All,

I've searched the net far and wide for a what is likely a simple answer to a not-very-smart question.

I purchased a Fostex X12 4-track cassette deck (analog lingers!). It generally accomplishes what I need it to do.

However, and here's where I show my idiot gene, I really want to be able to record, say, a vocal to track 1 and a guitar to track 2 in a "live" setting. That is, while the singer is doing her thing to track 1, the guitar is recording to track 2.

Can someone out there point me to a product that would accomplish this? I grew up in analog cassette land. Do I need to drink the blue KoolAid and go digital?

Thanks for your help.

20 Nov 02 - 03:28 PM (#830980)
Subject: RE: Tech: Home recording bewilderment
From: Kudzuman

Two Mics (or three if you you want to mic the guitar from two separate vantage points like the lower bout and at the end of the fingerboard [12th fret]) Give yourself some distance from each other to help avoid sound bleeding onto the other track although in this situation some is inevitable. One mic to each track input and away you go! This allows you to change levels and add effects to either vocals or the guitar without to much influence on the other. For better separation, hang a heavy towel or blanket between you and your vocalist with only eye contact available. You get that kind of connection which I think helps in live settings. My 2 cents worth.


20 Nov 02 - 04:01 PM (#830997)
Subject: RE: Tech: Home recording bewilderment
From: Amos

IF your multitrack tape deck won't accept separate mics you may need to buy an inexpensive mixer. But it should.


20 Nov 02 - 04:38 PM (#831037)
Subject: RE: Tech: Home recording bewilderment
From: M'Grath of Altcar

plug gtr mic into input 1.

plug vocal mic into input 2

You may need adaptors to do this if your mikes don't have jack plugs.

Pan guitar to the left - pan the vocal to the right -

They will be on separate tracks.

(Apart from the "spill" between the mikes.

and you won't need a mixer!