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Lyr Req: Bold Orion (Leo Kretzner)

23 Nov 02 - 04:12 PM (#833418)
Subject: Lyr Req: Bold Orion on the Rise by Leo Kretzner
From: GUEST,

Can someone please get me the lyrics to this song today?
I only know the chorus and really need it! It goes so well with a story I'm telling tonight..

KAthleen (Zentz)Fogarty

23 Nov 02 - 05:21 PM (#833458)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Bold Orion on the Rise by Leo Kretzner
From: harpgirl

Leo has moved to California!   If all else fails, email him ....

Assistant Research Scientist
Department of Urology and Department of Cell and Tumor Biology

Department of Cell and Tumor Biology
City of Hope National Medical Center and
Beckman Research Institute
1500 East Duarte Road
Duarte, California, 91010-3000

Telephone: 626- 301-8879
Fax: 626-301-8972

Dr. Kretzner joined the staff of the Department of Urology in January of 2000, with a joint appointment in Cell and Tumor Biology. He is a native of Michigan, where he received a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. He recieved his PhD in Molecular Biology from Brandeis University and was, until recently, an Assistant Professor of Cellular and Molecular Biology at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion SD. While in South Dakota he became interested in the tumor biology of prostate cancer and his work since 1999 has been in this area. He works closely with Dr. Smith and with Dr. Crocitto on telomerase as a diagnostic tool in Expressed Prostatic Secretion. He hopes to establish his laboratory research around that project and the expression and characterization of proteins that interact with the telomerase system.

23 Nov 02 - 05:24 PM (#833460)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Bold Orion on the Rise by Leo Kretzner
From: GUEST,

I found this in the "Astronomers' Songbook;" had problems capturing and pasting, but here's the url for the html version.

I heard it sung two years ago by the Carlsons -- Don ( and Mim ( Might try them, if time permits.


23 Nov 02 - 05:28 PM (#833462)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Bold Orion on the Rise by Leo Kretzner
From: harpgirl

Yeah, that's where it is but I can't get the durn thing up!

24 Nov 02 - 06:30 PM (#834103)
Subject: Lyr Add: BOLD ORION (Leo Kretzner)
From: Jim Dixon

Copied from

By Leo Kretzner, Verse 3 by Jon Bell

 Em                                          D
When the days are gettin' shorter, and the nights are growin' long,
C D Em
And the north wind puts a tear into your eye,
If you're out about 'round midnight and you look off to the east,
C D Em
There you may see bold Orion on the rise.
G Em
You may know him by his stance or the starry shield he holds,
G Em
As he rises silent in a clear cold sky.
D Em
Young Jack Frost and Old Man Winter, they both beckon to the call
D C Em
Of their master bold Orion on the rise.
C Em D Em
CHORUS: Bold Orion, mighty hunter, rising in a clear cold sky,
C Em D C Em
See the summer fall before him. Bold Orion's on the rise.
2. For seven starry ages, he has ruled the winter skies
With the fires of lost eons in his eyes.
He has seen the rise and fall of kings and continents and all,
Rising silent, bold Orion on the rise.
When he ascends, no hesitation; when he moves, no turnin' round,
Like a soul been called to glory, earthly born but heavenly bound.
Now the bird is on the wing, and it's southward that she flies,
Hastened on by bold Orion on the rise. CHORUS

3. Orion had a lover. She's the goddess of the hunt,
And of the forest and the golden moon.
Artemis they called her, the fair sister of the sun,
But their time together ended all too soon.
Apollo took his vengeance on the man his sister loved.
An arrow sped him to a painful death;
But once a month she visits him, a moon among the stars,
Looking down with whispered love upon her breath. CHORUS

4. Summer comes on all too slowly, and it passes far too fast,
And you wonder, is there nothin' that can last?
Here today and gone tomorrow as the green leaves turn to red,
As the present quickly turns into the past.
Cut the wood and stack it high now. Stoke the fires in your home.
Burnin' nightly send the smoke up to the sky.
Keep the winter at your door and keep the summer in your heart.
Drink a toast to bold Orion on the rise. CHORUS 2X

24 Nov 02 - 11:45 PM (#834249)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Bold Orion on the Rise by Leo Kretzner
From: The Pooka

Hey, thanks folks. Lovely. I love it. I've long had a Thing for Orion (it goes back to a mystical dream about my First Love, but never mind about that); now I've got a Folksong for him. Bless this 'Cat.
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