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Copyright & the Internet-Some News

16 Dec 02 - 05:15 PM (#848398)
Subject: Copyright & the Internet-Some News

There is an interesting story in today's Wired News on how some creative types are trying to take best advantage of the internet, serve the community/public domain interest, but do so without losing the rights to their work. Thought some people here who do MP3, streaming, etc. might find it to be of interest.,1283,56704,00.html

Roger McGuin will be using this licensing approach, and you can read a blurb about it at the Creative Commons website (providers of the software/licensing) here:

16 Dec 02 - 11:12 PM (#848611)
Subject: RE: Copyright & the Internet-Some News
From: George Seto -

Very interesting. Thanks, Guest.

To make it easier here are "blickies" for the above:

Wired News: Creative Types: A Lot in Common
Roger McGuinn to use Creative Commons Licenses