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Lyr Req: Talking Integration?

16 Dec 02 - 09:14 PM (#848551)
Subject: Talking Integration?
From: Greg F.

I dimly recall bits of a 1960's talking blues, possibly Phil Ochs or Tom Paxton, that went something like:

Walkin' out 'bout one o'clock
Out on the streets of Little Rock
Lookin' round to see what I could see
When a couple of paratroopers landed on me
Two jeeps, [    ?    ]an army field kitchen
Ya see it was time for the kids to go to school.

Can anyone help with the rest of and/or the correct lyrics & author??


Best, Greg

01 Dec 07 - 02:43 PM (#2206390)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Talking Integration?
From: Greg F.