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dobro strings?

22 Dec 02 - 05:06 PM (#852296)
Subject: Tech: dobro strings?
From: BK

Just got a new round neck spider bridge "dobro" (generic; resonator guitar); it sounds fairly sweet as is w/the original factory bronze strings still pretty fresh. The trebles sing out better than the base (wound) side. anybody have any experience w/resonator guitars & advise on strings? I like simple fingerpicking, doubt if I'll try "bottle-neck" any time soon... What abt very bright, vs phosphor, bronze - or monel? stainless? "white" bronze? banjo strings?


Thanx, & cheers, BK

22 Dec 02 - 05:46 PM (#852305)
Subject: RE: dobro strings?
From: Steve Latimer


Rick Fielding put my sister on to some strings that are designed specifically for dobro. They are made by Newtone, who make the best banjo strings that I've tried. They have two styles, National and Blues Master. Check them out here: 12th Fret

23 Dec 02 - 11:10 AM (#852531)
Subject: RE: dobro strings?
From: Grab

Rotosound "Country Gold" strings seem to sound OK on mine. They're very "twangy" strings anyway, so that's fine for a resonator. They're not ideal for slide though - the wound strings have thick windings which makes for big ridges and therefore a lot of string noise.


23 Dec 02 - 11:39 PM (#852916)
Subject: RE: dobro strings?
From: BK

Steve & Graham; Thanx for the info; I'm (at best) a simple fingerpicker & strummer, so slides are not in the card for me anytime soon - if ever.

Cheers, BK

01 Jan 03 - 11:28 AM (#856594)
Subject: RE: dobro strings?
From: BK

Back from xmas in Milwaukee - 500 miles by road - & the passing of my father-in-law; Thanx again for the info on sources; Does anyybody have any preferences or opinions they'd like to share on the types of strings - monel vs bronze, for example, or the gauges preferable for fingerpickin' a round neck dobro??

Thanx again, BK