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Review: Do the Wassail!==>Wassail Hymnal/guide

19 Nov 02 - 09:13 AM (#829782)
From: *#1 PEASANT*

Greetings to one and all!

Those who enjoy the holiday traditions may enjoy this!
Do the Wassail Conrad Jay Bladey, Hutman Productions 2002.Do the Wassail in
the Hall, Do the Wassail Door to Door, Do the Wassail with a Mumming Play.
Do the Wassail with a bowl and do the Wassail with song. Do the wassail with the Oxen or in the Apple it all over the town. Do the wassail with Dickens or with Longfellow! A spectacular
illustrated guide to all things Wassail. All you need to make a perfect
celebration. Recipes, traditions, dramatic plays, sayings, songs, and
celebrations. Well researched and authentic. The only work of its kind.
Great Hymnal for that holiday gathering.
See further informtaion at:
Clickit right here

Conrad Bladey

24 Dec 02 - 09:27 AM (#853101)
Subject: Review: Do the Wassail!==>Wassail Hymnal/guide
From: *#1 PEASANT*

Fantastic Wassail Hymnal and guide!
Get yours today!
-Introduction to Wassailing
-Types of Wassail tradition
-Wassail in literature to convey the atmosphere
-Recipes for cakes and wassails
-The wassail Songs
-A mumming play

All you need except the apples and the ale which I trust you have.
Get your copy here:
Do the wassail just clickit here

also available at amazon but much more expensive there.
Have a happy wassail!


24 Dec 02 - 10:09 AM (#853122)
Subject: RE: Review: Do the Wassail!==>Wassail Hymnal/guide
From: Ron Olesko

I recommend it!   A real fun read and a nice guide to have at your fingertips.

Conrad was a guest on my radio show this past Sunday and his bubbling personality shines through in this guidebook!!   

Happy Wassail!

Ron Olesko

24 Dec 02 - 12:35 PM (#853187)
Subject: RE: Review: Do the Wassail!==>Wassail Hymnal/guide

I am bubbling along toward the holliday!
Wassail is in the air and on the mind!
Ron's show was great everyone should tune him in via the internet each week. Streaming audio worked well.

Christmas is just not christmas unless you are "doing the Wassail" to learn how just clickit right here


19 Dec 04 - 06:55 AM (#1361022)
Subject: Folklore: The Wassail Epicenter- Wassail Folklore
From: *#1 PEASANT*

Greetings one and all!

A seasonal reminder that the Wassail Epicenter is open 24 hours a day to serve all of your wassail needs and it is totally free!

Go here to get there:
for the wassail epicenter click here

We support our free services with the sale of our wassail hymnal- available direct,via paypal and amazon. It is called:
"Do the Wassail"

New this year is another way you can help us continue our work. We have a wassail store. There you will find essential wassail items.

Folklore, recipes, customs, songs ,notation and lyrics

We at the Wassail Epicenter wish you the best wassail season ever!

Conrad Bladey

27 Feb 10 - 06:45 PM (#2851880)
Subject: RE: Review: Do the Wassail!==>Wassail Hymnal/guide

New address for he Wassail epicenter

The Wassail Epicenter

Always growing!
keep us working visit our shop! Check out he book
Do the Wassail