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Origins: Spanish Lady

05 Jan 03 - 05:20 PM (#859395)
Subject: Origin ; Spanish Lady

Can anyone tell me of the origin of the Irish song Spanish Lady?. That's the one that begins "As I roved out through Dublin/ Galway/Belfast city.(Which ever town takes your fancy) I thought I had it in Colm Ó Lochlainn's book of street songs but can't find it.

05 Jan 03 - 05:54 PM (#859414)
Subject: RE: Origin ; Spanish Lady

Origin apparently English, 17th century See: Galway City for a start and chick on the English version as well.
The two versions in the DT are both of the later Irish song. See thread 44796 for more on Irish versions Irish-Spanish
Mention of the English version, dating to 1624, at 11158: Spanish Lady (ies)

The Bodleian Library has about ten broadsides of the older English version, at least one dating to the 17th century. Put Spanish Lady in Search.

Can't find the English original in Supersearch. It is a rather long ballad.

02 Jun 10 - 10:44 AM (#2919008)
Subject: RE: Origins: Spanish Lady
From: GUEST,Judith Judson

Burl Ives recorded this with variants, for instance

Round, round the wheel of fortune,
Where he stops it with his knee
Fair maids they are so deceivin'
Sad experience teaches me.

and the line: in all my life I ne'er did see,
such a fine young girl, 'pon my soul.

(which takes us to the soles of her feet, as in one version)

Ives' version has no mention of Spanish ladies, just the fair young girl

02 Jun 10 - 12:35 PM (#2919081)
Subject: RE: Origins: Spanish Lady
From: Charley Noble

Richard Dyer-Bennet also recorded a version of this ballad.

Charley Noble

16 Mar 11 - 10:52 PM (#3115383)
Subject: RE: Origins: Spanish Lady
From: JB3

We had an old 78 record that had Burl Ives singing this song. As I remember them, I believe the words in the second line are:

'Where it stops worries me"