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copyright info--Deeper Well

27 Jan 03 - 05:56 PM (#876100)
Subject: copyright info--Deeper Well
From: Boab

The ladies of our group would dearly love to put "Deeper Well" on c.d.
"Looking for the water from a deeper well"
Anybody know if this is public domain?

27 Jan 03 - 07:26 PM (#876167)
Subject: RE: copyright info--Deeper Well
From: michaelr

No such luck, Boab. Written by Dave Olney, Daniel Lanois and Emmylou Harris. Copyrighted 1995.

That doesn't mean you can't record it! No permission needed, just pay the mechanical license fee to Harry Fox Agency. For short-run CDs (under 1,000) it's about 7 cents per CD manufactured.


28 Jan 03 - 03:18 PM (#876850)
Subject: RE: copyright info--Deeper Well
From: Jim Colbert

Actually, there are two sets of lyrics- the one with Lanois and Harris is the version Emmylou recorded (I think Christine Collister as well); David's original version- really, they just added/did lyric revisions to it- is just Olney. (Hard ball music.) It's been recorded by him several times, originally on the Deeper Well album and live on Women Across the River. David commented that when Emmylou wanted to record this and wanted to change some of the lyrics, he said, "hmmm, lemme think about that and call you back." Which he followed with, "And that is how you get Emmylou Harris's phone number."

For those interested, David has a new album coming out on February 11th and will be touring in the spring.

Jim Colbert
Bellefonte PA