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WWII Worker's song

06 Feb 03 - 11:09 AM (#884019)
Subject: WWII Worker's song
From: GUEST,Robin

Can anyone help with this question, which came up on the SHAKSPER list?


I wonder if SHAKSPERians could help me with a reference. There is a British song from the Second World War sung from the perspective of a worker who makes the cog that works the engine that runs the tank that's going to win the war. (I've probably got the parts wrong, but the point is that the lowliest wartime labour is integral to the coming victory. I think the worker might be female.)

06 Feb 03 - 11:14 AM (#884028)
Subject: The Thingummy-bob
From: Steve Parkes

Have a look at this thread, Robin. There's another earlier thread about the song, but I can't get to it just now, as the search engine's not working properly.


06 Feb 03 - 11:18 AM (#884032)
Subject: RE: WWII Worker's song
From: Robin

Thanks, Steve!!! I'll pass it on.


I think I'll close this thread to avoid confusion. Please conduct any further discussion in the other thread (click). Thanks.
-Joe Offer-