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Folk-Legacy Custom CD's

18 Feb 03 - 03:55 PM (#892965)
Subject: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: Joe Offer

I hinted about it in the Sharon Mountain Harmony thread, but I didn't want to spread the news until Sandy Paton 'fessed up to it. He did, later in the Sharon Mountain thread.
Sandy and his son David Paton have been working for almost a year, remastering many of the recordings that Folk-Legacy records issued in the years before CD's came into use. Now, those wonderful recordings will be available on CD. I got a box of 26 CD's last week, and my wife and I have had a great time listening to all of them. There are CD's from Mudcatters "Captain" Kendall Morse and Jerry Rasmussen, and from Ed Trickett, Sara Grey, Joe Hickerson, Cathy Barton & Dave Para, Michael Cooney, Rosalie Sorrels, and Helen Boncheck Schneyer. There's a two-disc set of the traditional music of Beech Mountain, NC, and traditional recordings from Ray Hicks (Jack Tales), Lawrence Older (Adirondack songs), Grant Rogers (Catskills), and Norman Kennedy (Scotland). That's a start - there are others I didn't list.

I'm hoping Sandy will post the entire list of what's available. If he doesn't, I will. You can order these wonderful recordings from Folk-Legacy Records, 1-800-836-0901
The CD's aren't listed on the Folk-Legacy Website yet, but you can get a general idea what will be available by checking their Custom Cassette page (click) and (click) (not all of the cassettes are available on CD). You can order by phone or e-mail.

Thanks, Sandy and Caroline, for all the wonderful music you've given us over the years.

-Joe Offer-

Click here for a list of all Folk-Legacy albums.

Most, if not all, will soon be available on CD.

18 Feb 03 - 04:00 PM (#892974)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: MMario

woo-hoo! DickG hinted about this this weekend, too; but I didn't realize it was a done deal.

18 Feb 03 - 06:02 PM (#893095)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: TIA

Any chance that Gordon Bok's first album is in the collection?

18 Feb 03 - 06:40 PM (#893118)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: katlaughing

That's wonderful! Thanks, Joe. I've heard some rumours about a certain Fine Art, a couple of Cooks, and Folk Legacy, too, but I guess it's not ready, yet.:-)

18 Feb 03 - 06:48 PM (#893125)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: Burke

I don't have the money for the Mudcat CD's yet; where am I going to get it for these?

18 Feb 03 - 07:12 PM (#893144)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: open mike

i would love to hear the Rosalie Sorrels one(s)
i produced a concert by here near here and I love
the book she wrote way out west in Idaho..a great
dissertation....what a masterpiece.

18 Feb 03 - 08:46 PM (#893210)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: Art Thieme

Gordon Bok's first CD was on Verve


18 Feb 03 - 08:54 PM (#893214)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: Art Thieme



Art Thieme---THAT'S THE TICKET and


18 Feb 03 - 09:05 PM (#893224)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: Joe Offer

They weren't in my first package, Art. I don't know what's coming in the second one, but Sandy or Caroline did mention something about your albums. Actually, I didn't know second package was coming, but I guess that's what Sandy means in his message. When I told Sandy I wanted "one of each," I didn't know what a treasure trove I was going to receive.
Didn't mean to slight you, Brother Art. [grin]

18 Feb 03 - 09:45 PM (#893242)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: katlaughing

Kewl, Art! I'd hoped I wasn't speaking out of turn.:-) That's wonderful to hear!

19 Feb 03 - 03:09 AM (#893295)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: Roger the Skiffler

Nya Nya Nya!
I've had my Kendall Morse CD from Sandy for some weeks now!
(smug b******)

19 Feb 03 - 04:03 AM (#893313)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's

Actually,. Art's two albums are still in process, as is Jerry Rasmussen's second Folk-Legacy release - "The Secret life of Jerry Rasmussen." It'll be another week or so, Art. We had to take time out to don our "folksinger" hats and do a couple of gigs. Sorry for the delay! Couldn't buy wood for the woodstove without picking up some extra money, and the winter has been a hard one. I think the only "made-to-order" CD ready now that wasn't in Joe's first batch is the great fiddle recording of the Sligo brothers, Seamus and Manus McGuire.

Here's a hurried list:

CD-13 - HANK FERGUSON - "Behind These Walls."
    Hank was first recorded by Bruce Jackson when Hank was serving a sentence in the Indiana State Prison. The noise in the prison's band room made the original tapes unusable, so Lee Haggerty went down a year or so later, aafter Hank's release, to record him at his home in east Tennessee. General country type music, but enriched by three remarkably good songs about prison life. For instance: "I'm not living, I'm just trying to last longer than my time."
CD-14 - RAY HICKS of Beech Mountain, NC, Tells Four Traditional "Jack Tales." The mountain folksayer I recorded back in 1962, who became a star in the growing story-telling revival and was named a national treasure. Unself-conscious mountain dialect and wonderfully spontaneous style.
CD-15 - LAWRENCE OLDER - Adirondack Songs and Ballads sung by a man who grew up working in the lumber woods and who gathered songs from both his family and regional traditions.
CD-22 and CD-23 - The Traditional Music of Beech Mountain, NC. Volume 1 presents the older traditional ballads and sacred songs; Volume 2 offers the later songs and hymns. These are sung by the mountain people of northwestern North Carolina, not by professional "singers of folksongs." I collected this material back in the early 1960s.
CD-27 - GRANT ROGERS - Songmaker of the Catskills. Grant worked in construction during the depression (when he was working at all), then was a stone cutter in a granite quarry, but he was also a regional fiddler and songster, accompanying himself on the guitar. He made up songs, revised traditional songs to suit himself, and wrote tunes for poems he found in the old pulp adventure magazines. A real entertainer, hewn from the native Catskill rocks.
CD-31 - ROSALIE SORRELS - "If I Could Be the Rain." To my prejudiced mind, the best recording Rosalie ever made. That night in the mid 1960s when we sang all night in her Salt Lake City living room, Utah Phillips explained "I write 'em, and Rosalie sings 'em!" Here are songs by Rosalie, herself, by Utah, and a couple that combine the genius of them both -- Utah's words, Rosalie's tunes. There's even a poem by Verlaine, set to music by Rosalie. Mitch Greenhill provides some outstanding lead guitar, too.
CD-34 - NORMAN KENNEDY - Songs and ballads of Scotland. We met Norman when we were collecting in Scotland in 1958, but this recording was made after Mike Seeger brought Norman to the US sing at Newport. We whisked him up to our home (then) in Vermont and recorded a slew of songs and ballads, 16 of which are included here. All unaccompanied, in the rich traditional style of his native Aberdeenshire.
CD-35 - MICHAEL COONEY - "The Cheese Stands Alone." This was Michael's first recording, and it's as vital today as it was when it was first released. Don't miss his preformance of Malvina Reynolds' "The Bankers and the Diplomats are Going in the Army," unfortunately as necessary today as it was then.
CD-46 - ED TRICKETT - "The Telling Takes Me Home." This is my personal favorite of all of Ed's recordings. Great songs, gently and thoughtfully presented, with Harry Tuft of Denver adding neat harmonies on many of them.
CD-47 - JIM RINGER - "Waitin' for the Hard Times to Go." I am assuming than many of you are familiar with Jim's music. His family was blown out of Arkansas in the Dust Bowl, landed in Fresno where Jim grew up making country music until he discovered the folk world. Mary McCaslin, Jon Wilcox, Jay Ungar, and others help out on this one. Utah Phillips songs, along with others by Jean Ritchie, John Prine, etc., the title song by Jim, plus traditional songs from his family's Ozark heritage.
CD-50 - HELEN SCHNEYER - "Ballads, Broadsides & Hymns." One of the most powerful singers in our folk community, Helen is joined here by her daughter, Riki, Jonathan Eberhart, Cathy Fink, and others, in a program of classic ballads like "Sheath and Knife," broadsides like "The Mines of Avondale," and hymns like "I Will Guide Thee." You may have heard Helen on The Prairie Home Companion.
CD-57 - KENDALL MORSE - "Lights Along the Shore." Our own defiant Mudcat Democrat and the former captain of a Fisheries inspection vessel, singing the songs that brought him together with his old friend Gordon Bok, who actually recorded this one up there on the rocky coast of maine. For awhile, Kendall thought he and Gordon were the only ones in the country still singing folksongs! He's found a few others, since.
CD-58 - JOE HICKERSON - "Drive Dull Care Away, Vol. 1." The (now retired) head of the Archive of Folk Culture at the Library of Congress, joined by a goodly number of his singing friends, in a two volume collection of splendid songs.
CD-59 - JOE HICKERSON - "Drive Dull Care Away, Vol. 2." The second CD of the set - but they're available separately for those who who share our chronic cash shortage.
CD-64 - ED TRICKETT - "Gently Down the Stream of Time." Ed's collection of songs reflecting the cycle of life - childhood, youthful rebellion, the coming of age, maturity, and finally old age. Sung with help from Bob Coltman, Ruth Meyer Guffee, and others.
CD-71 - IAN ROBB and Hang the Piper. A wonderful collection of songs and instrumentals by Ian, ably assisted by Grit Laskin, Seamus McGuire, and others. You may have read some of Ian's columns in SING OUT! He's a superb ballad singer, raised in England of Scottish parentage, now living in Ottawa, Canada.
CD-76 - POWDER RIVER - Ron Kane and Skip Gorman, both members of Utah's Deseret String Band at one time, in a program of western songs and tunes. Brilliant fiddling in the real western style, and darned good songs, too.
CD-77 - JERRY RASMUSSEN - "Get Down Home." Jerry's first recording (his second will be coming on CD soon) of a bunch of his fine original songs and a couple of traditional ones to boot. Most of you have gotten to know him through the Mudcat.
CD-78 - "Humours of Lissadell." Superb Sligo fiddling by two brothers (both pediatricians!) who fiddle solo and in duets that are like a single fiddle in two parts. Jigs, reels, and slow airs that can break your heart.
CD-79 - CAPTAIN KENDALL MORSE - "Seagulls and Summer People." Authentic Maine humor by a man who doesn't have to fake the accent - he's the real article. Recorded here in our own living room (when Kendall first saw it, he remarked "My God! This room is as big as some states!" -- it used to be the hay loft of a large dairy barn -- Art can describe it for you -- but it's hell to heat!) with an invited audience that adds contagious laughter all the way through the series of outrageous stories. Warning! Some of 'em are a wee bit salty, but only prudes could object.
CD-85 - HELEN SCHNEYER - "On the Hallelujah Line." A great collection of lesser known hymns sung in Helen's powerful style, with backing by Riki, Jonathan, and many others.
CD-86 - SHARON MOUNTAIN HARMONY - "A Golden Ring of Gospel." Lucy Simpson, Rock Creek (Wally Macnow, Tom McHenry & Bill Destler), Peter and Mary Alice Amadon, and my wife Caroline singing gospel songs from both Anglo and African American musical traditions. Not commercial country gospel dtuff, just good friends sharing some of the hymns they love.
CD-87 - PAUL VAN ARSDALE - "Dulcimer Heritage." Paul is the finest hammered dulcimer player I've ever heard, bar none. He lives in western New York State, worked as a machinist all of his working life, learned his instrument and his repertoire from his grandfather (who was invited to play for Henry Ford, back when Ford was trying to save America's popular music from African influences - Hah!). Paul is amazing. He just sits there, calm as if he were in front of his own fireplace, hands a-flying, and out come some of the neatest riffs you could imagine. Old tunes from colonial times, and more recent ones like Clarinet Polka." John McCutcheon provides some guitar backing, as does Paul's son, but the hammered dulcimer is the star here, played by a true master.
CD-92 - ED TRICKETT - "People Like You." Another fine album from Ed, backed by Cathy Barton, Dave Para, and Bob Coltman.
CD-93 - CLIFF HASLAM - "The Clockwinder." Cliff hails from Manchester, England, sings many rousing and a few tender songs from his native shores in a voice that used to fill the halls at the Eisteddfod in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Cliff now lives in Connecticut, works as an expeert machinist, and has been a musical fixture at the Griswold Inn for years. This was recorded by Gordon Bok, who backs Cliff here, along with folks like Nick Apollonio and Bob Stewart.
CD-100 - SANDY and CAROLINE PATON - "New Harmony." No, the harmonies aren't particularly new, that's the name of the Craig Johnson song that opens the program. What can I say about this one? Well, it includes some good songs and comes with a booklet of all the words, making them easier for you all to learn. Fair enough? Cathy Barton, Dave Para, Ed Trickett, Gordon Bok, and our two sons (David and Robin) fill in the vocal gaps and add some neat instrumental backing, too.
CD-107 - CATHY BARTON & DAVE PARA - "On a Day Like Today." If you don't know the music of this Missouri couple, you really are missing something special. Good songs, good singing, backed by Cathy's superb banjo and hammered dulcimer and Dave's rock solid guitar. We love these guys!

And that's the list for now. More of a pitch than one ought to put up on the Mudcat, but I was asked to do it, and so... well, here it is. For those who are offended by it, I apologize, but remember -- if you order any of these through the Mudcat, we offer a wee bit of the take to Max. Just mention the 'Cat when you call.

Stay well, friends, and work for peace.


19 Feb 03 - 04:08 AM (#893316)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: GUEST,Sandy (cookie-less) Paton

Sorry, folks. I forgot that I don't have a cookie on this computer. The one I usually use up and got sick on me. Had to shoot it. That overlong last catalog was from me, by request from Joe and Animaterra.
    Sandy (working late again!)

19 Feb 03 - 06:47 AM (#893362)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: katlaughing

Faneffingtastic, Sandy! Thanks for taking the time to post that! Good to hear from you.


19 Feb 03 - 10:38 AM (#893400)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: MMario


19 Feb 03 - 11:13 AM (#893425)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: Jim Colbert

Dang, I was hoping to be the first to spread this good news! My lovely wife got me the Jim Ringer disc for valentine's day, and it is so wonderful to listen to one of my all-time favorite folk records without the pops and clicks burnished in by years of listening!

I'm particularly looking forward the the two arts and the secret life reissues too!

Joe, are you saying you BOUGHT THE ENTIRE LIST? How cool...

jim colbert
bellefonte pa

19 Feb 03 - 12:32 PM (#893526)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: Art Thieme


No slight taken at all. It was ME speaking out of turn. I'd made an assumption based on recent talks with Sandy. Well, those 2 will be out soon---and, sandy, ol' Art is real happy about it. Thanks.


19 Feb 03 - 04:31 PM (#893756)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: Joe Offer

Yeah, Jim, I bought the entire list. It was stuff I wanted to hear, but I had no idea it would be so good. I didn't get the "New Harmony" CD yet, and it sounds really good. I love to hear Sandy and Caroline sing, so I'm looking forward to it. Here's what's on it:

Sandy and Caroline Paton
A dozen really good songs, some traditional, some contemporary, performed by the co-founders of Folk-Legacy, with superb vocal and instrumental backing from Cathy Barton, Dave Para, David and Robin Paton and others.
New Harmony, Rambling Man, Hori-Horo, All Gone for Grog, Joshuay, Didn't I Dance, I Have Seen My Valley, Log Driver's Waltz, Rowdy Soul, Roustabout Song, The Great Storm is Over, and May the Roads Rise With You.

20 Feb 03 - 03:30 AM (#894116)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: GUEST,Sandy Paton (more briefly)

You didn't get that one, Joe? I'll send it on right away. I think your shipment went out before we had mastered the duo fiddle recording of Seamus and Manus McGuire, too, so I'll drop that one in the package, too. Caroline just told me today that you didn't get the booklets of notes that come with our "made-to-order" CDs. I'll correct that oversight, too.

Yep, yours are coming up soon, Art. Just not enough hours in the doggoned day! Nearly 3:30 a.m. now, and I've just finished downloading my e-missives and reading my Internet news sources. Can't make it without Portside and TruthOut!


20 Feb 03 - 12:51 PM (#894392)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: Jim Colbert

Joe, I'm jealous! That is truly cool. You latched onto some great, great music. Don't rush through it!

I don't have a ton of FL titles in my humble collection- Bok, BTM, Art's, Jerry's, Cooney, Ringer, Trickett- but I'd have to say there wasn't a clinker in the bunch. I'm really looking forward to replacing some of the vinyl with the discs.

New Harmony is a wonderful song...


20 Feb 03 - 01:03 PM (#894404)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's, first Bok Verve album
From: Barbara

Oh, me too, me too. I'll have to call and order some.
And gang, if you want to PM me and make a donation to Mudcat, I'll tape copy the first Gordon Bok album for you.
Caveat: My first copy died from overplaying, and I picked up a second quite a few years back at a radio station sale. That copy (for DJ play only) is mixed very differently than the original -- it is missing the maxed out bass that the Verve/Folkways publicly released version has. Instead the bass is almost missing. Not sure why that was done for radio play, but it makes quite a different sound.

21 Feb 03 - 04:05 AM (#894993)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: GUEST,Sandy Paton

Maybe we can talk Gordon into re-releasing it on Timberhead. He could probably obtain the rights from Verve. Good idea?

21 Feb 03 - 03:56 PM (#895427)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: Barbara

I think so, Sandy, but I dunno how Gordon would feel about it. I spect he'd at least want a different cover, tho I think it's charming myself. Scowl on his face, pipe in his hand, gazing earnestly off to sea, looking all of 17. How does he feel about that omnipresent bass in the soundtrack? Was that his idea or Paul's?
I know a number of people would love to have it. I was thinking about auctioning off a tape of it in the Mudcat Auction. That might give a show of hands for who's still interested. I think over the years he's re-recorded most of the songs. Not sure about "Rhum", and didn't he just recently put "Herring Croon" on something? Is "Acalanto" on anything besides the February tapes?
Saw Valentine at Harmony, and she suggested I add you to my Christmas card list. Perhaps I'll get you one off by Saint Paddy's day.
Barbara, charter member of Procrastinators Anonymous, no meetings yet, but maybe next week?

22 Feb 03 - 04:34 AM (#895728)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: GUEST,Sandy Paton

Yes, Barbara, Gordon has re-recorded (some at my request) a number of the songs from that first album. I think of "Herring Croon" and "Bay of Fundy" for starters. I'm too tired to check on the others tonight. Someone once offered me $50 for my copy of that first album. I turned him down. I figured if it was worth that much to him, it was probably worth that much to me, too.

22 Feb 03 - 06:04 PM (#896143)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: Bat Goddess

Yee hah!!! Cliff Haslam's on CD!!!1

(Hey, Sandy -- can you coax Cliff back into the studio? I for one would love to have some new recordings.)


22 Feb 03 - 06:28 PM (#896153)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: Guy Wolff

After sitting around talking to JERRY RASMUSSEN in the chat here I thought I would get one of his Cds and Caroline sent it right along. Mostly we talked about snow shoveling so it was great to put a voice and a guitar to the fun of chatting . YAY Mudcat . !! Yay Patons all !! <>><>>< All the best Guy

24 Feb 03 - 12:50 AM (#897114)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: GUEST,Sandy Paton (again)

Well, at last I can let you all know that BOTH of Art Thieme's Folk-Legacy recordings are now available as CDs. "That's the Ticket" was just finished this afternoon, "On the Wilderness Road" was wrapped up yesterday. So new, in fact, that even Art hasn't got them yet!
    Jerry Rasmussen's second album, "The Secret Life....etc." will be ready soon. Also on the brand new list: PADDY TUNNEY, The Man of Songs" and Ed Miller's Folk-Legacy recording (his first) titled "Border Background." Paddy told Mudcatter Liam's Brother that "The Man of Songs," as he put it, "got the best of me."
    So it still goes on. More on the way!


24 Feb 03 - 10:43 AM (#897311)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: Guy Wolff

Great work Sandy and thanks for all the effort. All the best , Guy

24 Feb 03 - 11:05 AM (#897326)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: Joe Offer

Hey, Sandy, how about a reissue of "The Many Sides of Sandy Paton" for all the Sandy Paton fans in the world?
Both of us would buy it in a minute...

Aw, that's not fair - a lot of us would like to have that album, because we think the world of you. Think Elektra would let you do a reissue?
-Joe Offer-

25 Feb 03 - 07:51 AM (#898153)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: Big Mick

I have been doing ebay searches for "The Many Sides of Sandy Paton" for months.


26 Feb 03 - 12:49 AM (#898868)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: GUEST,Sandy Paton

Forget it, Joe! It sucks!. I've spent years being embarrassed by it. If i saw it listed on one of the used LP sites, I'd buy it just to keep it out of the hands of potential blackmailers.

But I'd like to announce that Jonathan Eberhart's solo album on Folk-Legacy, "Life's Trolley Ride," is now ready to go as one of the "made-to-order" CDs. Well, it will be by tomorrow night. David and I mastered it this evening and I will finish the graphics tomorrow. So you may add that one to the list posted above.

Your copies of the new ones will be coming soon, Joe, keeping up with your standing order, for which we are grateful.


01 Mar 03 - 01:32 AM (#900903)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: Art Thieme

That album was much better than Sandy thinks. I'm glad I've got it. I ordered it in 1959 from Bob Shadd's Record Shop in Evansville, Indiana and it took 'em eight weeks to get the one copy for me. I picked it up the last day I was in town before I had to head home to start college.

Every time I listen to it now I keep trying hard to hear what Sandy is hearing that's so terrible----and I can't, for the life o' me, hear it. All I can figure is that some heavy s_ _ _t was going down then to color Sandy's feelings about it. He was fresh back from Grt.Britain with wonderful songs from Jeannie Robertson and others. Even if some songs wound up truncated, it was an amazing introduction, at least for me, to music I never would've heard ever anywhere else. His guitar was solid. His voice was vintage young Sandy Paton and Fred Hellerman's extra guitar was never as big a turn-off to those of us who still love that album as it seems it was for Sandy. "Long a-Growin'", "The Overgate", "The Wee Magic Stane", "Will Ye Go Lassie Go", "Byker Hill And Walker Shore" (or whatever). Great lyrics like

Geordie Johnson,
He had a pig,
He hit it with a shovel
And it danced a jig.
All the way to Duncan's rig,
To the tune of Elsey Marley.

And many more !--- There wan't a bad song on the album.------------ And then, there was that cover!!! What the hell more could a fledgling folkie ask for????? Not much me thinks from where I sit. And I've loved the album for over 40 years.

Sandy, I'm sorry. Just one guys opinion.

And I'd like to order a half dozen of each of my new CDs !!! But I'll have to wait until my Social Security disability check comes in for the month.



30 Apr 03 - 12:27 PM (#943635)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: Joe Offer

I see that there are changes and additions at the Folk-Legacy Website,

Click here for a list of all Folk-Legacy albums.

Most, if not all, will soon be available on CD.
-Joe Offer-

30 Apr 03 - 06:17 PM (#943896)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: Sandy Paton

Thanks, Joe. I'm sorry it is taking us so long to get the current list of available "made to order" CDs on the web site. Here's a listing of the ones that have been mastered and are now in stock:
CD-7 - Paddy Tunney - "The Man of Songs" (Irish trad singer)
CD-13 - Hank Ferguson - "Behind These Walls"
CD-14 - Ray Hicks, of Beech Mtn, "Four Traditional Jack Tales"
CD-15 - Lawrence Older - Adirondack songs and ballads
CD-22 - The Traditional Music of Beech Mountain, NC, Vol 1
CD-23 - The Traditional Music of Beech Mountain, NC, Vol 2
CD-27 - Grant Rogers - Catskill Mountain Songmaker
CD-31 - Rosalie Sorrels - "If I Could Be the Rain"
CD-34 - Norman Kennedy - Traditional Scottish Ballads/Songs
CD-35 - Michael Cooney - "The Cheese Stands Alone"
CD-38 - Sara Grey (with Ed Trickett) - Ballads and Songs
CD-46 - Ed Trickett - "The Telling Takes Me Home"
CD-47 - Jim Ringer - "Waitin' for the Hard Times to Go"
CD-50 - Helen Schneyer - "Ballads, Broadsides & Hymns"
CD-57 - Kendall Morse - "Lights Along the Shore" (Mudcatter)
CD-58 - Joe Hickerson - "Drive Dull Care Away, Vol 1"
CD-59 - Joe Hickerson - "Drive Dull Care Away, Vol 2"
CD-64 - Ed Trickett - "Gently Down the Stream of Time"
CD-71 - Ian Robb and Hang the Piper
CD-76 - Skip Gorman & Ron Kane - "Powder River" (western)
CD-77 - Jerry Rasmussen - "Get Down Home" (Mudcatter)
CD-78 - Seamus & Manus McGuire - "Humours of Lissadell"
CD-79 - Kendall Morse - "Seagulls & Summer People" (humor)
CD-82 - Jonathan Eberhart - "Life's Trolley Ride"
CD-85 - Helen Bonchek Schneyer - "On the Hallelujah Line"
CD-86 - Sharon Mountain Harmony, A Golden Ring of Gospel
CD-87 - Paul Van Arsdale - "Dulcimer Heritage" (hammered)
CD-90 - Art Thieme - "That's the Ticket!" (Mudcatter)
CD-92 - Ed Trickett - "People Like You"
CD-93 - Cliff Haslam - "The Clockwinder"
CD-100 - S & C Paton - "New Harmony" (Mudcatter)
CD-105 - Art Thieme - "On the Wilderness Road"
CD-107 - Cathy Barton & Dave Para - "On a Day Like Today"
CD-131 - The Boarding Party - "Too Far from the Shore"

And more to come as we can get to them!

Aside to Joe Offer: I've lost track of which ones you have already received from your standing order for all of them, Joe. Please send me a list of those listed above that I owe you now. My heart's in the right place, but my bookkeeping stinks!


30 Apr 03 - 06:27 PM (#943904)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: katlaughing

Wow!! Lots of work there, Sandy. COngratulations and good sales!!

01 May 03 - 10:01 PM (#944606)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: Art Thieme

Good people, I grew up with these thaumatergic recordings which Sandy is now making available on CD for the first time. This was the only company whose issued records, over the many years, I never had to hear before purchasing. I knew that they would always blow me away. Amazingly, I was ALWAYS drawn into the music to the point where I would often become a fanatical fan of the various artists. (If that's redundant, so be it. I really do mean this, folks!) So many people on the Paton's roster of singers became good friends of ours over the years---and none were better friends than Sandy and Caroline...

George and Gerry Armstrong and everyone on that first GOLDEN RING album created something so utterly beautiful that it will always be a standard to be shot at when folk albums are put together---then, now and in the future. Win Stracke's huge bass voice was there on many tracks. And the sound of George's bagpipe practice-chanter (without the bag and drones) added a quality of nostalgia and beauty to to "Lizzy Lindsay" that produces shivers down my back and goose bumps on my arms whenever I think about that track. Gerry Armstrong's voice will always be a standard of crystal clarity and purity in my mind. Both of the Armstrongs were terribly important to me---and I really cannot believe that they are both gone now...

Jim Ringer's one album for Sandy is definitely my absolute favorite record that Jim ever made. "California Joe" is a highpoint of that record as well as being the absolute apex of far west Mountain Man era narrative ballad composition and performance --- but every track is superlative. John Prine's song "Paradise" that was recorded by so many people, was done better than all the rest put together on this record by Jim Ringer. "Every Bush And Tree" is beautiful as well. ------ This CD is just the best.

People, what can I say-----if you love Jean Richie, be certain to hear the album her sister, Edna, did for Folk Legacy. Just the one album was all she made I think, and it was a dulcimer-filled gem...

There was an album of jokes by some grizzzled young fart from Maine that was even pretty funny. (Actually hilarious.) But why was he in Florida so much for a while there if he likes Fundy's odiferous low tide mud flats and barnacles so darn much???   ;-) When he sings, on his other album for Sandy, the results are even better---thankfully. But it was from Kendall Morse that I learned once and for all why I should maybe name my next puppy "Biscuit".

I don't want to give you all reader's cramp, but I did want to tell Sandy and Caroline, both David and Robin too, and Lee in absentia just how proud I was to be included in their dream. You all did it the right way-----and you are continuing to do that as we speak.

I'm thinking of the end scene of the film Hans Christian Anderson right now. All of the personages from Mr. Anderson's collected tales parade before the old and ill man. Sandy, I know that right now you are healthier than you have been in a long time, and have many, many more years ahead. ---- But if you ever have doubts, as we all do on occasion, especially when this brave new folkworld rears it's different head, know that all the people on the covers of all those black and white LP covers----Joe Hickerson, Gordon Bok, Annie Muir, Ed Trickett, Skip Gorman, Edna Ritchie, Kendall Morse, Larry Older, Hedy West, Michael Cooney, Arnold Storm, Lee Monroe Presnell, Hattie Presnell, Frank Proffitt, Lucy Simpson, Jonathan, Ian, Margaret, me, and------even the one album on Folk Legacy I wasn't in love with ----- that Kimball guy from Utah whose LP I could never listen to---hell, everyone really. You have made us a part of your folk legacy---a part of your tradition.

I just want to say THANK YOU for all of it----and thanks for bringing us all into the twenty-first century with you by figuring out a way to put our sounds on Compact Discs.

Love to you all----and thank you all for the music !!

Art Thieme

01 May 03 - 10:46 PM (#944619)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: Deckman

Sandy, I agree with Art. I well remember the day, back in to fifties, when Don Firth first showed me your album ... complete with the goofy hats. I was charmed then and I still am. Good Grief Man ... it was, and still is a damn fine album. CHEERS, Bob

02 May 03 - 09:01 AM (#944826)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: DebC

As I was reading Art's post, I was I am so proud to be among the many many folks who call the Patons friends.

I, too echo Art's heartfelt thank you for all that you have done for the love of the music.

Deb Cowan

02 May 03 - 09:08 AM (#944831)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: katlaughing

Art, eloquent and spot on as ever. It is an honour to count you and Sandy and Caroline among my friends. Thanks, darlin',


02 May 03 - 02:25 PM (#945031)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: johnross

While you're at it, why not consider re-issuing those ancient 7-inch Collector EPs you made in England, Sandy?

03 May 03 - 07:26 AM (#945345)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: AllisonA(Animaterra)

Amen, Art!

03 May 03 - 08:35 AM (#945355)
Subject: RE: Folk-Legacy Custom CD's
From: Big Mick

One is never anything but welcome in the presence of Sandy and Caroline. When the Patons and I do our "Cholesterol Bullet" lunches, it is always a gathering of friends that is warm and feels as though it has been going on for years. The fact is that we have only been friends about 5 years. But we tell stories and celebrate friendship. Then we hop in our cars and I head for the Great Lakes and they head for Sharon Mountain. Down the road a bit, it will usually hit me. I will be overcome with the realization that I can count among my true friends two people that are legendary for their efforts to preserve our own legacy of folk music. In the fullness of time, Sandy and Caroline will be remembered as great performers, but their contributions in preserving this marvelous music will be their enduring legacy. The only thing greater than the collection they have built, is the honest love they share with their friends.

Please...........if you call yourself a folkie........go through that that music.....and most importantly, share it with your kids.

Love to you both,