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Chord Req: Three Score and Ten

24 Mar 03 - 10:31 AM (#917045)
Subject: Chord Req: Three Score and Ten
From: GUEST,Jacqued

Memsahib (learning the guitar!) wonders if any Mudcatter can provide chords for the fishing song Three Score and Ten?   I have looked at previous threads but found no mention of chords.   Many thanks in anticipation

24 Mar 03 - 10:36 AM (#917050)
Subject: Lyr/Chords Add: THREE SCORE AND TEN
From: MMario

Three score and ten - chords

using the Nashville Number system

              1                                                 6m            4                             1
And it's three score and ten Boys and men were lost from Grimsby town

                       4            1                               5
From Yarmouth down to Scarborough many hundreds more were drowned

       1                           6m                4                               1                      

Our herring craft, our trawlers Our fishing smacks, as well

         4                            5                                       

They long did fight that bitter night

The battle with the swell

Methinks I see a host of craft Spreading their sails alee
Down the Humber they do glide All bound for the Northern Sea

Me thinks I see on each small craft A crew with hearts so brave

Going out to earn their daily bread

Upon the restless wave

Methinks I see them yet again As they leave this land behind
Casting their nets into the sea The herring shoals to find

Me thinks I see them yet again They're all on board all right

With their nets rolled up and their decks cleaned off

And the side lights burning bright

Me thinks I've heard the captain say Me lads we'll shorten sail
With the sky to all appearances Looks like an approaching gale

Me thinks I see them yet again Midnight hour is past

The little craft abattling there

Against the icy blast

October's night brought such a sight Twas never seen before
There were mast and yards and broken spars A washing on the shore

There were many a heart in sorrow Many a heart so brave

There were many a fine and hearty lad

That met a watery grave

Lyrics/chords copy-pasted from the link cited above.
-Joe Offer-

24 Mar 03 - 10:45 AM (#917060)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Three Score and Ten
From: GUEST,Jacqued

MMario,   very many thanks for the extremely swift response!   Memsahib is nowgoing to try and transpose the numbers into the letters she normally plays!!!
Thanks again

24 Mar 03 - 01:29 PM (#917228)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Three Score and Ten

Chords D   Bm G   D    G D A7   D Bm G D    G A7 D A7 D

24 Mar 03 - 02:57 PM (#917304)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Three Score and Ten
From: GUEST,Jacqued

Thanks, Plonker.   Now memsahib can play in a tune I can understand, I stand a chance of joining in with my whistle!!!

24 Mar 03 - 06:37 PM (#917447)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Three Score and Ten
From: Little Robyn

Hey! What are you guys on about???
Three score and ten is an unaccompanied song - all the way through!!!
Unaccompaniment doesn't have chords!!!
Just 3 (4 or 5) part harmony!

25 Mar 03 - 12:58 AM (#917622)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Three Score and Ten
From: Mark Cohen

You can certainly sing it unaccompanied, Robyn, but that doesn't mean it IS an unaccompanied song. As I recall, Gordon Bok, Ann Mayo Muir, and Ed Trickett recorded it with an accompaniment, though it may well have been originally collected without one. It wasn't written as a song, but a poem, by William Delf of Grimsby. I'd always thought this was one of Gordon's own--an indication of how well he can capture the traditional feeling.