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Happy! Sam

31 Mar 03 - 10:45 AM (#922543)
Subject: Happy! Sam
From: Abby Sale

                                   Happy Birthday to you,
                                   Happy Birthday to you,
                                 Happy Birthday Sam Hinton,
                           Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
                                     born 3/31/1917
                                  Still going strong

Another good year, ter ya, Sam.

Ballad-L member Adam Miller has written a three hundred page biography of Sam. I think that's two pages per year. Pretty small print, too.
Adam Miller, P.O. Box 620754, Woodside, CA 94062
(650) 494-1941 - -

31 Mar 03 - 05:54 PM (#922945)
Subject: RE: Happy! Sam
From: Barry Finn

Hi Abby, is this "Happy" a sign of more "Happy/happy's" to come, maybe a revival. Happy Birthday Sam, I guess you're going into the happy files.


For those who might not be familiar, Abby used to bless us all with a past event that happened on the days date & usually tied it into music/song.

31 Mar 03 - 06:10 PM (#922968)
Subject: RE: Happy! Sam
From: Jeri

Abby's Happy!/? posts are archived at Dick Gaughan's website. *Click*

Happy Birthday, Sam!

31 Mar 03 - 07:24 PM (#923014)
Subject: RE: Happy! Sam
From: Abby Sale

:-) Hi. Well, I plan to start again just as soon as I get organized..............................................................................................................................................

31 Mar 03 - 11:57 PM (#923140)
Subject: RE: Happy! Sam
From: Bev and Jerry

Happy birthday Sam! We think this is number 86.

Bev and Jerry

31 Mar 05 - 02:10 PM (#1448127)
Subject: RE: Happy! Sam
From: Bev and Jerry

According to Adam Miller, Sam Hinton biographer, today is Sam's 88th birthday. He is a national treasure and has had a great influence on us as a lot of the songs we sing we learned from him.

He has a new CD scheduled for release in June entitled: SAM HINTON - MASTER OF THE SOLO DIATONIC HARMONICA.


For more information about this great singer of folk songs, click.

Bev and Jerry

31 Mar 05 - 02:12 PM (#1448133)
Subject: RE: Happy! Sam
From: Bev and Jerry

Sorry, that should have been click.

Bev and Jerry

30 Mar 07 - 07:12 PM (#2012185)
Subject: RE: Happy! Sam

Sam Hinton will be ninety years old on April 1, 2007. If you don't know who he is, click.

Among other things, he was the first person to be billed as a "folksinger" in 1937. He's also the greatest first position harmonica player in this part of the galaxy. He not only knows more songs than any ten of us, but he knows and can recite the history of all them. We have done workshops with him and, unless we wrote the song on the way to the workshop, he always knew more about every song we sang than we did no matter how much research we did.

We went to a party for him a few months ago with about twenty or thirty other folkies and for three or four hours we all sang songs we learned from Sam.

Happy ninetieth, Sam.

Bev and Jerry

30 Mar 07 - 07:29 PM (#2012194)
Subject: RE: Happy! Sam
From: Severn

I still have and play the prized copy of "Singing Across The Land" that I loved as a kid in the form of Decca extended-play 45s that was passed on to me from my late (pre-war) oldest sister. Along with some other stuff as well, of course, but that was and remains a favorite. Good to know you're still out there, Sam!

Happy Birthday!

31 Mar 07 - 11:20 AM (#2012616)
Subject: RE: Happy! Sam
From: dick greenhaus

Actually, there's a fair number of recordings of Sam available. There's a nice Bear Family single, and several of his Folkways recordings, and, of course, his utterly masterful and jaw-dropping 2-CD Harmonica set. If you haven't heard him, you should.
    Available from CAMSCO, of course.

31 Mar 07 - 12:01 PM (#2012653)
Subject: RE: Happy! Sam
From: Stringsinger

Sam Hinton is not only a great folklorist, singer, oceanographer, biologist and educational leader in the university system of California but he happens to be a generous a supportive human being.

I had the honor of his being a mentor for me. He presented me in my solo folk song concert at San Diego State College in 1952 which started a musical career for me.

He has helped countless people in the San Diego area in their interest in folk music.

He is an accomplished performer of folk music and has an extraordinary ability to do what I've never heard from other performer, whistle in two part harmony, whistle and sing Bach counterpoint at the same time and his animal sounds and imitations are legendary among people who know him.

He has done something interesting in his presentation of folk music that I haven't seen too often. He is able to present a chain of folk songs showing their origination and their historical variants consecutively.

Sam is not only a great performer delighting audiences of all ages but is a scholar as well.

He is the true rennaisance man.

Frank Hamilton

31 Mar 07 - 05:42 PM (#2012870)
Subject: RE: Happy! Sam
From: Geoff the Duck

And I tries a bit to care
rough and ready, though my fare
I tries to do my duty to my neighbours
If you wonder who I am
My name is Happy Sam,
I'm a member of the multitude as labours.