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challenge--swingin' 'froggie'

06 Apr 03 - 11:52 AM (#927257)
Subject: swingin' 'froggie'
From: Sam L

Hey y'all,

I've been doing In the Mood, with a little help from 'catters, but don't really have much interest in the lyrics, and I mostly play for kids, and the walls of my house. So I dovetailed Froggie went a'courtin' with it, and it works pretty well--especially how the uh-huh's land on the half-step chords uh-HUH!

Joe, I recall you didn't care much for the lyrics either, I thought you might get a chuckle out of what I wound up doing.

I roughed the Burl Ives version with it, but thought it could get better, and might be fun. I wrote a little intro verse, and dropped and altered a word or two.

   This little froggie could really swing, uh-huh
   and do the jitterbug and everything, oh yeah
   the frog was hip, he was so cool, uh-huh
   I'm gonna tell you he was no fool he said
   I'm tired of hopping home to this empty pad
   think I'll get married, yeah, that ain't bad!

   Froggie went a'courtin' and he did ride, uh-huh
   sword and pistol by his side, oh yeah
   went down to missy mouse's door uh huh
   where he had been many times before
   took missy mouse upon his knee uh huh
   said missy mouse will you marry me?

(skipped the Are you within/sit and spin verse)

   And later I change Uncle Rat giving his consent, weasel writing the publishment to (Uncle Rat) said this calls for a celebration/the weasel sent out the invitations.

   The verses haven't sorted out ideally, but I thought I'd ask for ideas, from other versions people might know, or lines, or variants. Or if anybody does other dovetailed tunes and lyrics? I really try to do straight things but I'm incurably silly.

06 Apr 03 - 12:28 PM (#927279)
Subject: RE: challenge--swingin' 'froggie'
From: Jeri

The version is the one in the DT as "MISTER FROG WENT A-COUTING" - see links at top of page.

He sat Miss Mousie on his knee,
Said "Hey, babe, will you marry me"

"If my Uncle Rat says no"
Kermit himself would have to go"

"Or if you're nixed by Cousin Toad"
I s'pose you'll have to hit the road"
[Instrumental break of "Hit the Road, Frog"] - SQUISH!
(and you thought YOU were being silly!)


The first guest in was a bumblebee
He cut the rug with a crook-backed flea

Sounds like fun, Fred!

06 Apr 03 - 02:44 PM (#927350)
Subject: RE: challenge--swingin' 'froggie'
From: Sam L

thanks Jeri! I may have to learn Hit The Road Jack, seems to have the right quality to pop right in.

   In a related story, when my wife was in college a local radio station changed ownership and played a loop of the Hit The Road chorus for 48 hours straight. Lynne woke up to the radio alarm one day, and thought I'll get up when this song is over. Half hour later, it started to seem to her it was going on a long time, and she was late to her class.

07 Apr 03 - 11:25 AM (#927876)
Subject: RE: challenge--swingin' 'froggie'
From: wysiwyg



08 Apr 03 - 08:46 AM (#928577)
Subject: RE: challenge--swingin' 'froggie'
From: Sam L

? I don't know what you're trying to say. Do you feel the meter requires one syllable? Try pronouncing each word clearly and distinctly, but without over-emphasis.          fred