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Thumb Picks

08 Apr 03 - 04:04 PM (#928901)
Subject: Tech: Thumb Picks
From: Kenny B (inactive)

I lost my last faithful solid plastic, sharp ended, thumb pick some time ago. In my naivety I thought I just had to pop into the nearest music/ instrument shop to buy a new one. Boy was I wrong! again.
I have tried all the well known music retailers in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline to no avail.
Could it be that they are all now south of the border as compensation for draconian licensing laws?
Seriously, all I can get is Dunlop thumb "Paddles" and similar style thumb picks which I have tried filing into the shape I was accustomed to.
Therefore a plea from the heart/thumb. Does anyone know anywhere in the UK or the rest of the world where I can get "decent" thumb picks like wot we used to get?

08 Apr 03 - 04:44 PM (#928930)
Subject: RE: Thumb Picks
From: Clinton Hammond

Got a pick of the pick yer looking for?

I have a heavy, clear plastic sharp ended thumb pick somewhere around here I think, that I HATE... if it's what yer looking for, it's yours!

-IF- I can find it...


08 Apr 03 - 05:14 PM (#928952)
Subject: RE: Thumb Picks
From: reggie miles

I'm partial to Golden Gate brand thumbpicks they seem to know how to do it right. They're like National "used to be". National quit making them the "old way" sometime ago and since then they've been unwearable. Unless, of course, I'd like to get plastic surgery done on my thumb to make it fit their new design.

You might try looking online for the maker of your choice and see if you could order a whole slew of 'em through the mail.

08 Apr 03 - 05:41 PM (#928970)
Subject: RE: Thumb Picks
From: Kenny B (inactive)

819 Google hits on "Thumb picks" - National, Pete Kelly , Jim Dunlop, Gibson etc but none with a straight leading edge & relatively sharp tip on a strong plastic like the jim dunlops I'm not the only one looking for this type of pick. Like most folks I bought a couple about 5 years ago and looked after them like gold.

08 Apr 03 - 07:40 PM (#929074)
Subject: RE: Thumb Picks
From: breezy

Fred Kelly speed pick is what you need.
I was converted to them last June.
I got lots cos I sent for them.
I wont use anything else now.
No more filing, shaping, thudding.
Its improved the quality of the guitar's sound, greater clarity.
easy to get accustomed to.
3 guages, loight med and heavy, but not that heavy,and you can play much quicker too.
And they dont wear out!!
Pm me for more details if your interested.

08 Apr 03 - 09:54 PM (#929149)
Subject: RE: Thumb Picks
From: Clinton Hammond


I found 2 others that might fit the bill, if I could understand exactly what yer looking for...

09 Apr 03 - 10:34 AM (#929520)
Subject: RE: Thumb Picks
From: GUEST,Claymore

Several years ago Spaw put me onto Elderly's ( in order to find a Golden Gate (a serious thumb pick to be used only by professional drivers on a closed course). They seem to be able to get you anything, and are pretty good about customer service. I don't know about the UK, but Elderlys seems to be the court of last resort in the States.

09 Apr 03 - 06:27 PM (#929961)
Subject: RE: Thumb Picks
From: Kenny B (inactive)

Thanks for your suggestions - Clinton Reggie Breezy & Claymore I'll follow them up where I can
Kenny B

09 Apr 03 - 06:34 PM (#929965)
Subject: RE: Thumb Picks
From: CraigS

I can't buy anything but Jim Dunlop picks. I've got them from all the music shops around here. That's life, but I like Gibsons! The last lot I got from a man in Brighton, but I'm sure that or would be helpful. I don't like them pointy, so I have to set them on fire at the end to reduce the sharpness. A twack is what a twain wuns on - so wot!