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Anyone help? (mountain dulcimers in UK)

08 Apr 03 - 06:48 PM (#929026)
Subject: Anyone help?

I'm looking for a music shop in the UK that sells mountain dulcimers..preferably in the SE. I seem to remember a previous thread where someone mentioned a place in Crawley or Croydon. Does anyone else remember...or know?

08 Apr 03 - 06:50 PM (#929028)
Subject: RE: Anyone help?
From: greg stephens

Hobgoblin. You'll find it easily with a search.

08 Apr 03 - 07:05 PM (#929048)
Subject: RE: Anyone help?
From: Leadfingers

Music Room in Oxford are a bit more so than Hobgoblin in my opinion

08 Apr 03 - 07:10 PM (#929050)
Subject: RE: Anyone help?
From: George Seto -

It's not that easy, Greg. IF you can suggest a method.

I looked under Mountain Dulcimer, and got lots of hits. Too many to check each and every hit for Croydon/Crawley. I tried Crawley, and I tried Croydon, and none come up with Dulcimers in the subject. Short of reading EACH and every thread which mentions Mountain Dulcimers, I can't see any way of cutting the time spent. So... if you have some insights into searches that I don't have, please be more specific.

08 Apr 03 - 07:11 PM (#929051)
Subject: RE: Anyone help? (mountain dulcimers in UK)

Thanks Greg..that was the one I couldn't remember...and cheers leadfingers...but Oxford was too far away

08 Apr 03 - 07:32 PM (#929071)
Subject: RE: Anyone help? (mountain dulcimers in UK)
From: JohnInKansas

My google search for "Dulcimer+UK" got its first hit at:

Nonesuch Dulcimer Club

and its second hit at:

NoneSuch FAQ

where the first item listed is "Where can I buy a mountain Dulcimer in the UK – i.e. their list of dealers/makers.

I don't know anything about this club, and can't make much of an evaluation of their list from here in Kansas, but people in your own area are likely to be more knowledgeable than us 'furiners." If you don't find one listed, perhaps contacting the "club" would get info from someone with local knowledge.


09 Apr 03 - 03:43 AM (#929283)
Subject: RE: Anyone help? (mountain dulcimers in UK)
From: Jeanie

Hello Dulcimer Guest !

You can buy a mountain dulcimer in the UK by mail order from

I bought mine that way a couple of months ago - delivered very quickly and safely and very pleased with it.

The Music Room is an excellent shop - they also sell by internet and catalogue - but no dulcimers in it. When it comes to looking for tune books for dulcimer, though, The Music Room has a much wider selection than Hobgoblin.

I've looked in to the Nonesuch website quite a few times, but not joined yet. Lots of helpful information there - for mountain and hammered dulcimers. Also a source for second-hand instruments (I didn't know about them when I bought mine new !) They are a kind of "mini UK Mudcat" for dulcimer players: hold monthly regional get-togethers and one big week-long event every year. It looks like a good organisation.

All the best,
- jeanie