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Chord Req: Singing Waterfall (Hank Williams)

09 Apr 03 - 06:58 PM (#929981)
Subject: Lyr Add: SINGING WATERFALL (Hank Williams)
From: wilco

Got the chords?

there's a singing waterfall in the mountains faraway.
that's where I long to be, at the close of everyday.
That's where my sweetheart's sleeping, down beneath the clay.
I often sit and wonder, why the Lord took her away.

We'd meet there every evening, when the sun was sinkin low.
And, we'd listen to the waters, as they rippled soft and low.
And, since she's gone to heaven, I miss her most of all.
Tonight my darlin's sleepin, by the singing waterfall.

Last night, as I lay dreaming, I heard my darlin' call.
And, then I went to meet her, by the singin' waterfall.
She took me in the arms, just like she used to do.
And then I heard her whisper well beyond the blue.


09 Apr 03 - 07:59 PM (#930022)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Singing waterfall - Hank Williams Sr.
From: Sorcha

At Cowpie

10 Apr 03 - 01:20 PM (#930501)
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Singing waterfall - Hank Williams Sr.
From: Terry K

and if you want to listen to it, it's in Rose the Record Lady's site under Real Country Archives, list 10.

Rose seems to have moved again, but she's still around, bless her!

cheers, Terry

25 Aug 09 - 08:26 PM (#2708605)
Subject: RE: tune Req: Singing Waterfall (Hank Williams)
From: Genie

Sad to say, I think Rose The Record Lady had to close up shop a few years ago. Don't remember if it was financial reasons or copyright red tape.

Anyone know where I can hear the tune to this?