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Tablature Editor

10 Apr 03 - 01:56 PM (#930540)
Subject: Tablature Editor
From: bob schwarer

Ran across this tablature editor. Take a look and see if you can yse it.

Bob S.

10 Apr 03 - 03:21 PM (#930589)
Subject: RE: Tablature Editor
From: Clinton Hammond

If someone figures out how to write standard notation and get tab outa this program, please let me know o.k...


10 Apr 03 - 05:07 PM (#930661)
Subject: RE: Tablature Editor
From: Grab

I've used it on occasion. It's not too buggy, but it's *very* hard to use. God help you if you want to, for instance, insert a bar in the middle of a line, or space a line out a bit more, or pack more bars into a line. Each line of music is an entity unto itself and has no connection with the lines before it or after it, so moving stuff around is a nightmare. Also it is *incredibly* bad at putting chords in, I mean really unbelievably obstructively difficult, which is kind of odd for something that guitarists will use.

The main reason I've used it is that as well as tab it can produce standard notation, and I've not yet found a free editor for standard notation. Not that it's very good at it, mind, because you can only have standard notation as well as tab. If you just want standard notation then you have to export bitmaps to the clipboard and crop off the tab bits.

If someone else can tell me of a free editor that'll produce standard notation and that's easier to use, let me at it!


11 Apr 03 - 01:03 AM (#930900)
Subject: RE: Tablature Editor
From: Mark Clark

Tablature can also be produced from ABC music files. John in Brisbane - PM does a great job of keeping us all up to speed on the evolution of ABC notation and applications that use it. Check out the TABS for Mandolin/Guitar From the DT thread for information on the tablature capability and a thread called Mudcat ABC Tune Guide for programs that use ABC notation to produce a nice looking score in standard notation.

There is also a free version of Finale Notepad for producing standard notation using a proprietary representation.

      - Mark