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Assist on Pickguard removal

17 May 03 - 04:43 AM (#954264)
Subject: Assist on Pickguard removal
From: Greycap

My 1965 Martin D-28 haa parts of the pickguard lifting at the edges, I have a replacement pickguard from CFM and wish to remove the existing old one.
Have any 'Catters ever replaced a Martin pickguard, and if so, how? What pitfalls are there for the unwary? All experienced help/ advice gratefully received.

17 May 03 - 05:46 AM (#954278)
Subject: RE: Assist on Pickguard removal
From: mooman

I have removed and replaced innumerable pickguards as a full-time repairman in an earlier life and the technique I always use is to use a thin and fairly flexible kitchen or palette life (which can be warmed a little but not too hot or it will damage the finish). This can be inserted carefully under the loose edge and, with gentle movements, used to gradually work the guard loose. Take your time and use gentle movements to avoid any large wood splinters being removed from the top. If this happens, it may be possible to carefully glue them back in before replacement.

Before placing the replacement, work over the area gently with some very fine abrasive paper (180+) to provide a "key" and remove any previous glue residues, again taking care to remain within the boundaries of the pickguard and not touching the surrounding finish.

If the pickguard is not already supplied with an adhesive side, always use animal glue. Never use cyanacrylate or similar in case you ever need to replace the guard again. Usually gentle pressure applied evenly across the whole of the new pickguard is sufficient for a secure placement.

I hope this helps a little.

Good luck and best regards,


17 May 03 - 09:26 AM (#954315)
Subject: RE: Assist on Pickguard removal
From: EBarnacle1

If you have access to it, a very fine stainless wire [single strand, not twisted or braided] pulled gently in from the edges will apply cleavage over a broader area than will a knife.

17 May 03 - 10:04 AM (#954327)
Subject: RE: Assist on Pickguard removal

Just go here and read.

18 May 03 - 02:58 AM (#954720)
Subject: RE: Assist on Pickguard removal
From: Greycap

Folks,All of you - thanks a million!!

18 May 03 - 06:58 AM (#954751)
Subject: RE: Assist on Pickguard removal
From: Mark Cohen

That site is a gem!