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Need info on Dave Carter

25 May 03 - 03:10 PM (#958971)
Subject: Need info on Dave Carter
From: GUEST,MeadowMuskrat

I recently saw the Kennedys and for an encore they covered a song by Dave Carter, who they said was lately deceased and had been
a great songwriter. Judging by the song they did, i would be inclined to agree, I didn"t get the title, but it sounded like it was full of native american imagery. I would be interested in any autobiographical
or discographical information.

25 May 03 - 04:07 PM (#959008)
Subject: RE: Need info on Dave Carter
From: John Hardly

I wrote the following review after seeing Carter a few years ago. Sadly, that was the last time I had the pleasure.


Last night I was witness to one of those situations where the opening act stole the show (I heard this happened when Vance Gilbert opened for David Wilcox and when LJ Booth opened for anyone...but I digress).

You like Gillian Welch/David Rawlings?
You like Lyle Lovett (even a little bit?)?
You like storytelling that will draw you in and entrance you?
You like writing that would stand on its own, music or no music? (think Prine or Dylan).
You like the spare sound of acoustic guitar (stupid question here) played ably in duet or in duet with tasteful fiddle?

do yourself a favor

Beg, Borrow or steal to get tickets, Drive a hundred (or as we say here in Indiana, "hunnerd") miles in rain, fog or snow. Kennel the' dogs, kennel th' kids.

Go see Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer

Forget the funky photo in the Fox ad (How's that for alliteration you writers?). I talked to them about that and they said they "demanded" that Fox remove that photo. These guys are the real deal. They do play those Foxes--Dave's is a dred I think maple-back/sides, Tracey's is a rosewood OM. Both have a hummingbird-like sunburst. Dave plays pickless--lots of what my brother used to call "scratch-picking"--alternating thumb bass with finger strums (two-fingered). He also plays finger-style and pattern picking with an interesting habit of resting on unused strings for anchoring. Without the sound of the pick articulating the string, string sound doesn't conflict with the vocal, but rather, lays down a nice bed for the voices to lay on--not that there's any vocal relaxin' goin' on. Some of Dave's lyrics are VERY rapid-fire (I clocked him at one point singing 95mph!). Dave plays a few tunes on an open-back banjo and Tracy plays more fiddle than guitar.

The delivery of the intros is as polished as the song delivery. Dave has a story for each and delivers them with warmth, humor, and the humility of a guy, happy as hell to be doing what he loves--but sensing the need to give you more than your money's worth. His stage presence is not unlike Lyle Lovett's--an at ease, lanky fellow with a smile that creeps up and catches even him unawares.

Tracy has a wonderful singing voice, excellent either in lead or harmony. She plays her parts flawlessly and has a stage presence that is that type of sensuality of a competent but shy person slowly losing inhibition as the music draws her (and you) in.

These guys were a last-minute surprise opening act and I got the impression that not many in the audience knew of them--THEY DO NOW. The audience was enraptured.

Oh yeah, they opened for Cheryl Wheeler who was her usual brilliant, hilarious self.

All three of their CDs ("When I GO", "Tanglewood Tree", and "Drum, Hat Buddha")are worth the purchase price and then some. I think Carter was the best writer of the '90s.


25 May 03 - 04:24 PM (#959022)
Subject: RE: Need info on Dave Carter
From: katlaughing

This might be the song you heard.

These links below lead to thread which have a lot of info in them, from when we lost Dave to a heart attack. Many of us were devastated. He was an incredibly talented songwriter and performer and anyone who saw them was very fortunate. I still miss him. They do have a fourth CD which is listed at their website:Dave and Tracy's site

Obit-Dave Carter

Dave Carter - taken from us

all the best,


30 Dec 12 - 10:38 AM (#3459119)
Subject: Dave Carter
From: Semofolkie

I've been a Dave Carter fan for quite a while now. His music has been celebrated, praised, and studied since his death in July of 2002. He's now joined the ranks of many others (such as Eva Cassidy) whose music and talent seem to grow despite the departure of their artists mortal bodies.

Efforts were made, and the Dave Carter Legacy Project was created in order to promote in perpetuity the work of Dave Carter. But will this be enough? Dylan, Seeger, Guthrie all carved their iconic nitch into the history of what we call folk music.

Joan Baez once said, "Dave is masterful with words, and there's a real spiritual connection in there." It has even been said, that she called him a "Young Bob Dylan."

So here we are...a little over 10 years later, and the lyrical craft master's music still struggles to reach beyond the circle of intermediate folk fame. I suppose, just like Pope JP II, that Saint Dolores will have to keep waiting to get her wings.

30 Dec 12 - 10:47 AM (#3459122)
Subject: RE: Need info on Dave Carter
From: Semofolkie

Aww. It was Either Lord of the Buffalo, When I go, or Gun Metal Eyes