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BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!

27 Jun 03 - 07:48 PM (#973603)
Subject: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
From: michaelr

Check it out here.

If this works I'll be a happy man.


27 Jun 03 - 07:54 PM (#973608)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
From: Bill D about it in this mornings paper...I will be signing up soon..(only had 3 calls yesterday, and only one of those was totally obnoxious...not a bad day!)

27 Jun 03 - 07:59 PM (#973614)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
From: Alice

For the last few years I have had almost no sales calls because whenever I do get one, I tell them, "Put me on your do not call list." I've signed up today for the national register, which should get rid of the few a year that I still get.

Be aware that it doesn't go into effect for awhile, so when you do get a telemarketer call, tell them, "Put me on your do not call list". This request works for charities and pollsters that you don't want bothering you, also, and the telemarketing registry works only for sales calls.


28 Jun 03 - 12:16 AM (#973700)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
From: artbrooks

I signed up about 1 PM today...was told that I'd get e-mail in 5 minutes or so that I had to click on to confirm my enrollment...still waiting for it....

28 Jun 03 - 12:21 AM (#973702)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
From: Sorcha

I tried, but kept getting 404--obviously a popular place. Will try again. Sick of this crap.

28 Jun 03 - 04:16 AM (#973741)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
From: gnomad

Damn! Wrong country, I hope it works for you guys then maybe we Brits will get round to something similar.

28 Jun 03 - 04:42 AM (#973745)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
From: Hillheader


No sooner said than done!!!

It's here

We registered when we moved last year and have never had one call in the last 8 months.


28 Jun 03 - 04:48 AM (#973747)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
From: Hillheader


There is also one for junk mail but it does not work so well due to the number of promotional material which is just delivered to every house.

Mail Preference Service

It does cut it down though.


28 Jun 03 - 12:40 PM (#973849)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
From: Bill D

I actually don't care 'quite' so much about mail...I can at least CHOOSE when to look it over, and the disposal process takes only a moment...and once in a while there IS a promotion I care about. (Got a couple of my best credit cards this way)

28 Jun 03 - 01:41 PM (#973877)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
From: Little Hawk

Yes!!! Destroy them all, I say! Death to telemarketers!!! Show no mercy! Ha! Ha! Ha!

And next, let's find a way to get rid of spammers.

- LH

28 Jun 03 - 03:02 PM (#973923)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
From: Phot

We can get this in the UK as well. It's called the Telephone Preference Service, it's free from BT and Takes 4 - 5 weeks to take effect, can't remember the number you need to dial but it's in your local phone book about Page 9, you can also register to stop unsolicited faxes too.

29 Jun 03 - 10:36 AM (#974211)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
From: Sandra in Sydney

I've been on the Australian Direct Marketing Assn's Off List for years & all I ever get in my mailbox is letters from Real Estate agents either offering me another property or wanting to buy mine. They bought/collected the details either from the Council or the Land Titles Office. I just throw them away or return them with a BIG sticker saying "Unsolicited Junk Mail Return to Sender".

I also never enter competitions, & certainly won't be redeeming the voucher I got from our local bookshop with my new Harry Potter - in the small print on the back it says I allow my address to be used for junk mail (well, they didn't use that phrase). I have also confused shop assistants by refusing vouchers in the past!! "You mean you don't want a chance to win ...???"

I rarely get calls cos I never speak to them. As soon as a bright voice says "Hello, my name's ..." I hang up. They intrude on me, why waste my time being polite to them, or even rude to them, the poor bugger is only doing a job - let 'em get on to the next number on their list.

Spam is a different matter - probably the only way to get rid of it is to close down the internet. Which seems to be getting close as such a large % of traffic is spam. Our beloved leaders are trying to grapple with the problem - but how do they outlaw it when most comes from overseas?


29 Jun 03 - 11:14 AM (#974216)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
From: Allan C.

Then there are the totally automated, prerecorded tele-spammers...I despise them! I get some nearly every week from some mortgage refinancing agency or other. The recordings are usually twice as loud as normal speech. There is virtually no way to tell them to stop! Oh, well. I suppose I can put up with it for a short while longer until I leave the country! That'll surely take care of the problem!

29 Jun 03 - 01:46 PM (#974262)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
From: GUEST,sorefingers

My hatred has nothing to do with what these people sell or calling me
What makes me hop, it has changed my life several times and if there was a court that had jurisdiction I would be rich from the lawsuits about denial of normal use of the phone service I pay for!

If I get an overseas call it is listed as 'unknown' just like the intrusion-sales-abuse calls. In effect I often go not get to talk to family and friends BECAUSE the system is so biased in favor of these timewasting pests!

It is similar to but not quite as wrong as having to pay for advertisers time on cable! If ever there was a case for 'class' law case then this is it!

On average I pay 20 minutes perhour for stuff that A I dont want to watch and B would never watch and C would certainly never ever ever pay to watch and D would DEMAND payment for having to watch...

Spam could be gotten rid of now if the Government or ISPs wanted to do it. It is very very easy to identify and trash all emails of a specific type - it might make the privacy lobby in the USA hop but it can be easily done!

29 Jun 03 - 04:05 PM (#974303)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
From: GUEST,.gargoyle

I don't get many calls from tele-marketers. I kinda wish I did. I used get lots. Now its like my name on their list is hid.

Some nights when I've popped the cork on the second fifth of bourbon - it gets to feeling a little lonely with only the gold fish and the plants. That is when I used to like the marketers to call. They would talk and talk about all sorts of things and I would listen and listen.

Things like "Gold Cards" when they were through I'd explain that Gold was not a good investment....and then they'd start all over again explaining - but I could neve convince them that they should get out of the market because gold had hit its peak. After about 10 minutes they would hang up.

Things like "Re-Activate" - when they were through I would ask if they were serious? I would tell them that they should leave their business immediately because it was dangerous and their children (if they should ever be fortunate have any) could turn out to be mongoloyds or if they were lucky they could have three arms which would make holding more than one telephone easier, and then their children could make it rich and they (as parents of the prodegy) would not have to work anymore. After they explained it all over I'd tell them that the government was looking for people like them, and so were the terrorists, radio-activity is something that should not be sold so easily over the phone....and I don't think it is legal. After about 15 minutes.... sometimes.... they said they would have a supervisor phone me....but they never did.

I REALLY miss the tele-marketers phoning my home. When you are alone.... at home.... chewing peanut-butter and is nice to have someone around to hear you munch, munch, munch....and to wait while you unstick the stuff from the roof of your mouth.


Cordless phones are cool too....because you can walk around with them....and take them into the bathroom with you....(but since I switched from beer to bourbon I'm in the bathroom less.)

08 Jul 03 - 05:50 PM (#979294)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
From: Sorcha

There was a letter in the local paper today denoucing this. Talked about the 'thousands of people just trying to support their families' etc. Tell me how a computer call can support families.........

08 Jul 03 - 09:57 PM (#979436)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
From: Ely

I keep getting calls from The Dating Game. I don't know who spilled the beans that I'm the most socially-unpracticed, hopelessly-single, twentysomething in the United States but I do NOT want to be called by The Dating Game. We've got a new roof. We've got new gutters. We don't need our carpets cleaned (OK, we do, but they're old and we have a dog, so there's no point). I don't even have any clothes to give to charity--I don't buy that many clothes to begin with and I was raised to wear them until they're only good for rags.

If anyone out there needs a dead-end job that doesn't pay all that well, my office is taking applications for receptionists.

08 Jul 03 - 11:19 PM (#979470)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
From: Clinton Hammond

Umm... two words folks... call display...

If you don't recognise the number, don't answer the freekin' phone...

How easy is that???

08 Jul 03 - 11:43 PM (#979482)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
From: LadyJean

When a telemarketer has me leave a message at the tone, I always leave one. Usually, I recite a dirty limerick. If they're going to plague me, I might as well have some fun.

09 Jul 03 - 09:58 AM (#979734)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
From: Sandra in Sydney

Goodonya LadyJean

I heard today that over 20 million Americans have signed up against telemarketing calls & zillions more are expected to join.

I had heard of the automatic messages that run to the end despite being hung up on - it's scary that a machine will keep dialling till the whole message is played. Humans rule not machines, didn't someone tell the machine that?

We only have people calling (so far) & they all have bright-as-buttons voices.


09 Jul 03 - 11:25 AM (#979809)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
From: Mrs.Duck

My phone doesn't tell me who's ringing Clinton. We have an answer machine and screen all calls. Telemarketers never leave a message so I never speak to them. Whilst I disapprove on the whole business I have to say that since my daughter earns her only income from making such calls I really ought to be more pleasant when I speak to them but I'm not !!Tee hee!

09 Jul 03 - 11:30 AM (#979815)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
From: CarolC

We have a device called a "tele-zapper" that does a very nice job of discouraging telemarketers. Where we used to get several calls per day, we now get only about 2 to 4 per week. For anyone who doesn't get satisfaction from the don't call lists, I recommend this product very highly. I got it at the pharmacy down the road from here (CVS).

09 Jul 03 - 11:54 AM (#979845)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!

You can sign up for TPS online in the UK - follow the link given above by Davebhoy.
I did it some weeks ago, and have not had a marketing call since.
Apparantly it is a legal obligation that the marketing company check the database, and they face a fine if they call someone who is registered.
Peace at last.......


09 Jul 03 - 01:53 PM (#979988)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
From: GUEST,Peter from Essex

I just filter everything through the answer phone. No problem

10 Jul 03 - 09:02 AM (#980501)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!
From: Rapparee

Some years ago I answered a phone call from a photo service who offered me a great deal on pictures of my (non-existent) children. It was the 2.34 X 10 to 27th such call of the week, and I...I...

acted like I had broken down crying. When asked what was wrong, I "tearfully" explained that while my wife and I desperately wanted children, I had since our marriage been wounded by a "castrator mine" in Vietnam and...there was a long, long silence and "OH! I'm sorry to have bothered you."

No calls from THEM for four YEARS!!

11 Jul 03 - 01:23 AM (#981056)
Subject: RE: BS: Stop Telemarketers Now!

Telemarketer games are fun.

When family and friends are over, we have frequently (20 or more times) listened to the spiel and when it comes to the close of the sale said, "Sorry, you don't want to talk to me, you need to talk to _______ " and we pass the phone to another person." This continues until the solicitor hangs up. The person who is hung up on must answer the next phone call.