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Tech: Recording to PC

02 Jul 03 - 10:21 AM (#975148)
Subject: Tech: Recording to PC
From: Kim C

I tried to search the forum and kept getting error messages, so please excuse me if this topic has already been addressed. If there are threads I can reference, please do tell.

Anyhow, Mister and I have finally come kicking and screaming into the 21st century, and now have a computer at home. (But of course I am still writing this from work. As if I actually have time to get on the computer at home! Ha!) I know there are folks who record their music straight to their computers, and I was curious about the least complicated way to do this. I also know there are several software programs out there for this very thing.

I just want to be able to set up a microphone and sing into it, much like I used to do back in the old days, just sitting the tape player on the kitchen table.

Any and all ideas given in good faith are much appreciated.



02 Jul 03 - 10:55 AM (#975166)
Subject: RE: Tech: Recording to PC
From: George Seto -

1 - Sound Card - If it is a good one, you can plug in a half-decent microphone to it, or you might have to plug the microphone into a small pre-amp to plug into the computer 2 - Software, lots of it available. Check out Hit Squad

02 Jul 03 - 11:07 AM (#975174)
Subject: RE: Tech: Recording to PC
From: Kim C

I definitely have to do more research on the sound card. I think we have a pretty good one. We've only had the computer a week and have barely had time to set up all the goodies. And dang if we aren't busy for the upcoming holiday weekend too! (sigh)

Has anyone used any of the Cakewalk programs?

02 Jul 03 - 12:03 PM (#975211)
Subject: RE: Tech: Recording to PC
From: Devilmaster

Hi Kim,

There are a few threads on this topic, and I had to search my old posts to find one, but it has a bunch of links to other threads on how to do it.

Enjoy and good luck, eh!


02 Jul 03 - 12:04 PM (#975212)
Subject: RE: Tech: Recording to PC
From: Devilmaster

Whoops! Forgot this ain't UBB....   

My bad. Here ya go.


02 Jul 03 - 02:00 PM (#975318)
Subject: RE: Tech: Recording to PC
From: GUEST,Dave

Goldwave is a good program for recording and not expensive. There is a downloadable trial version.
It's easy to use once you get the hang of it and the quality is imo very good.


02 Jul 03 - 09:09 PM (#975604)
Subject: RE: Tech: Recording to PC
From: GUEST,Russ

Don't worry about the quality of the soundcard. If it came with the PC, and it is an actual separate card rather than something built into the motherboard, it'll probably be one of the OEM SoundBlaster cards. They're fine. You only need to get serious about the card if you get serious about computer recording. For now just play around and have fun and familiarize yourself with the process.

1. If the mic has a switch, make sure it is off.
2. Look for some sort of configuration program that came with the PC. It is used to select an external sound source. Use it to select microphone input. Might have to consult the docs that came with the PC to find our what program to use. Might even have to install the program.
2. Plug mic into sound card. Look for the hole with the tiny picture of a microphone just above or below it. Depending on the cable from the mic you might need to get some sort of adapter at Radio Shack.
3. Start up recording program. It sounds like you have some version of Cakewalk. Click on the record button or choose the record option from a menu or whatever.
4. Turn on the mic.
5. Play and sing your little heart out.
6. Turn off the recording feature.
7. Save the file.

Congratulations. You're in business.