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Other Dougie MacLean Music

16 Aug 98 - 12:59 PM (#35020)
Subject: Other Dougie MacLean Music
From: Kiwi

A friend of mine has given me copies of "O Are Ye Sleepin' Maggie", "A Slave's Lament", and "For a' That".. are there any other really good Dougie MacLean songs that I should be looking for? (before you tell me, I already have "Ae Fond Kiss" on my 'To Collect' list)

Also, what other Robert Burns stuff has he done?

Slán, Kiwi

16 Aug 98 - 08:21 PM (#35066)
Subject: RE: Other Dougie MacLean Music
From: Barry Finn

Kiwi, I got scared halfway through your post, I was thinking Robbie Burns didn't give Dougie credit for the songs he had done, "Are Ye Sleeping Maggie" (usually dedicated to Mrs Thacher) is such a great song I couldn't imagine Robbie calling it his own & then to not give Dougie a write up for it, bad taste, but wait did not Dougie give credit to Tannahill for this night visiting song or maybe it was a nice version by Ray Fisher who credits Jeannie Robertson with the words, no, sorry with the version not the words. Sorry Kiwi for some other Burns' songs I'm sure the Stewarts of Blair or any of the Fisher family or Jeannie Robertson or Norman Kennedy would give you some Burns material that would be to your liking. Some time back Jean Redpath did a whole big thing on Burns, I'm not all that fond of her parlor style treatment of of song though (only my personnel preference), I've heard that someone else has recently done releasing of another Burns' thing but I haven't heard or seen it so no help there. Good luck. Barry

17 Aug 98 - 07:50 AM (#35104)
Subject: RE: Other Dougie MacLean Music
From: Ted from Australia

Kiwi, Check out Dougies brilliant site at Regards Ted

17 Aug 98 - 04:22 PM (#35145)
Subject: RE: Other Dougie MacLean Music
From: Håvard

The songs you mentioned is from Dougie's brilliant album "Tribute" (to Robert Burns, Robert Tannahill and Niel Gow). My favorite (from the same album) is another Tannahill song: "Gloomy winter's noo awa'"

Also look out for his "Tae the Weavers Gin Ye Go" and "Bonnie Bessie Loughan (?)"


17 Aug 98 - 09:08 PM (#35170)
Subject: RE: Other Dougie MacLean Music
From: hrodelbert

'Putumayo' have put out a couple of compilations on cd.One dedicated entirely to Dougie Maclean and part of another Celtic Music thing on which Are ye Sleeping Maggie appears.

17 Aug 98 - 09:22 PM (#35173)
Subject: RE: Other Dougie MacLean Music
From: Kiwi

Thanks for your help, folks.. armed with that knowledge I shall go perusing the CD/tape stores. The only problem being that I just dropped most of last week's paycheck into buying music anyway, so I have to save up for a bit. Money well spent, in my opinion.

Slán, Kiwi

12 Oct 11 - 05:39 PM (#3238030)
Subject: Gloomy Winter - Dougie Maclean version
From: GUEST,scotguitar

H, does anyone have or know where I can find a guitar tab for Dougie's version of gloomy winter? I think it's in CGCGCD# tuning. Epic version of Mr Tanahill's song.

22 Jan 19 - 01:39 PM (#3972917)
Subject: RE: Other Dougie MacLean Music
From: GUEST,akenaton

If you do nothing else Kiwi, buy a copy of Dougie's "Indigenous" CD. Wonderful songs, most penned by the man himself and an illustration of his love for his native country....most of them concerning the influx of wealthy immigrants from the South who can't, or have no wish to, understand the Scottish/Gaelic culture.
My particular favourites as a true born Scot......."Thundering in" and "Eternity".

22 Jan 19 - 02:08 PM (#3972921)
Subject: RE: Other Dougie MacLean Music

I run the Facebook page The Dougie MacLean Musician's Singing Land . I have many tabs for Dougies songs and some of the Burns songs if you would like to join the group and ask there. Gloomy Winter is a Robert Tannahil song (a contemporary of Burns) that Dougie does in open Cm. A great song. Also Green Grow the Rashes O in DADGAD and AE Fond Kiss in GADGBE. Maybe see you over there.

22 Jan 19 - 02:11 PM (#3972923)
Subject: RE: Other Dougie MacLean Music
From: Jeri

You guys are replying to a 20 year old post.

22 Jan 19 - 02:14 PM (#3972925)
Subject: RE: Other Dougie MacLean Music
From: GUEST,Ake