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03 Jul 03 - 11:03 PM (#976375)
Subject: Tech:
From: GUEST,Tyler Eaves

Hi! I'd like to tell you folks about my new website,

This site offers an easy way to get a graphical, color coded (by interval)
representation of many scales, with any root note. The site already
understands a number of tunings for Guitar, Bass, Banjo, and other instruments.
I'd be more than happy to add any other stringed instrument and/or tuning. This site started as a simple program for personal use, but I have decided to share it with the community. There is NO advertising of any kind, but I would appreciate an e-mail or a link if you find it useful.

Tyler Eaves

04 Jul 03 - 04:23 AM (#976484)
Subject: RE: Tech:
From: Geoff the Duck

When Mudcat was down a few days back, Jon Freeman, on his website posted a link to Tyler's website.
The scale generator was simpler and there were a couple minor issues not addressed. Over the space of about 24 hours, Tyler took comments made on Jon's forum and updated/corrected/added features to the generator.
We were very impressed by the almost immediate feedback.