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Lyr Add: Who Is The Man?

15 Jul 03 - 08:01 PM (#984093)
Subject: Lyr Add: Who Is The Man?
From: GUEST,

I first heard this song from Tom Glazer on his "Musical Heritage Of America" series vol. I (CBC Records, 1974). This song is the first song he performs in the collection. It was selected because it was one of the favorites of the Puritans on the Mayflower who landed at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts, in November 1620. The song was part of the Ainsworth Psalter, which actually was put together in the late 1500's (roughly 1570) and used several French melodies. The Ainsworth Psalter was the only book of music they brought. It was believed by most Calvinists of that era that God was/is best worshipped by using the Psalms for words. This particular melody was reportedly a favorite of the Reformer, Martin Luther. The text of this song comes from Psalm 34. There are more verses than the ones written here, the complete verses can be found in: A TREASURY OF AMERICAN SONG, BY O. DOWNES AND ELIE SIEGMEISTER. HOWELL, SOSKIN, 1940. 351P. The verses of Psalm 34 are as follows: Psalm 34:12-14 makes up the lines of verse 1 of this song; while Psalm 34:1-3 and Psalm 34:4-6 make up the lines of verses 2 and 3 of this song, respectively. Before singing this song, Glazer quoted one of the Puritan preachers, I believe it was John Cotton who said: "To sing man's melody is but a vain show of glorie."

Who Is The Man

Who is the man that life doth will
That loveth days good for to see?
Refraineth keep thy tongue from ill
Thy lips from speaking fallacy
Do good and evil quite eschew,
Seek peace and after it pursue

In all times bless the Lord will I
His praise within my mouth alway
My soul shall in the Lord glory
The meek shall hear and joy shall they
O magnify the Lord with me
His name together extol we

I sought God and He me answered
And from my fears all rid me free
At Him they looked and flow-ed
And ashamed let not their faces be
God heard when this poor man did call
And saved him from his troubles all.

16 Jul 03 - 09:31 PM (#984814)
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Who Is The Man?
From: Gerard

Here are the other two (2) verses to Who Is The Man?

Jehovah's angel camp doth lay
'bout them that fear him; and frees them.
Tast ye and see that good is JAH:
O bless man, that hopes in him.
Fear ye Jehovah, saints of His:
For to his fearers, want none is.

Evil shall cause the wicked die:
And haters of the just man, they
Shall be condemned as guilty.
His servants soul, redeem doth JAH:
And they shall not be judged unjust,
All that in him for safety trust.

Notes: "The melody of 'Who Is The Man?' is an ancient European folk-song which served Luther in 1539 for his chorale version of the Lord's Prayer. J.S. Bach treated it in fully a dozen different ways and included it in the score of his 'passion according to St. John.'"

Taken from "A Treasury Of American Song" by Olin Downes and Elie Siegmeister, 1940, 1943; pp. 26-27