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Attribution: Aussie song

19 Jul 03 - 09:07 PM (#986795)
Subject: Attribution: Aussie song
From: Mudlark

One of my fav. songs begins

On a lonely selection, away in the West
There lived an old woman who worked without rest.

and the refrain is

And I'll keep the old place til the children come home.

It's obviously an Aussie song, as it refers to "Sundowners" so thot Eric Bogle....but have searched his discography w/o success. Does anybody know who wrote this. I sing it a lot and would like to give composer's name. Thx...

19 Jul 03 - 09:26 PM (#986802)
Subject: RE: Attribution: Aussie song
From: masato sakurai

See this thread: Composer Req: I'll keep the old place....


19 Jul 03 - 10:07 PM (#986809)
Subject: RE: Attribution: Aussie song
From: alison

Simple answer in case you don't go to the other thread

its a poem "when the children come home" by Henry Lawson, (famous Ozzie poet) set to a tune called "Tom Blackman's Waltz" or "The Mudgee Waltz"

I recommend you follow the link there are other links there to poetry sites.



20 Jul 03 - 01:13 AM (#986845)
Subject: RE: Attribution: Aussie song
From: Mudlark

How embarrassing to find that last year's thread was started by me as well...Old Timers has definitely set in. Thanks very much to those who responded for reminding me of information already kindly given! It's a lovely melody and the words fit perfectly.

20 Jul 03 - 02:59 AM (#986877)
Subject: RE: Attribution: Aussie song
From: Sorcha


20 Jul 03 - 07:40 AM (#986936)
Subject: RE: Attribution: Aussie song
From: Bob Bolton

G'day Mudlark,

I think that it was a local (even if English, back in his murky past!) performer named Mike Jackson who set the Lawson poem When the Children Come Home to The Mudgee Waltz.

BTW: One folklorist friend has pointed out to me that The Mudgee Waltz is one of the 'Germanic' waltzes from the European families of the Mudgee winery district ... and shares a common German ancestor with How Much is that Doggie in the Window? ...! (But it's still one of my favourite waltzes)


Bob Bolton

20 Jul 03 - 12:14 PM (#987018)
Subject: RE: Attribution: Aussie song
From: Mudlark

Hi Bob...I find the musical connection between those 2 melodies occult, to say the least! There are no minors in Doggie, for one thing... On the other hand, my cowboy neighbor loves D. in the Window, and we play it every time we get together, and it does have a fetching cadence.

I am glad to know the derivation of the Aussie tune, however, and who set the words to I can give credit where it's due, as everyone who hears it likes this song, and asks me about it.