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Lyr Req: 'Row On' & 'Bully Song'

23 Aug 98 - 01:59 PM (#35731)
Subject: lyrics wanted

Hello there anybody,

John Townley sings "the bully song" and a song named "Row on" on a cassette named Sailor I wonder if anybody can give me the lyrics of this song. Jan

23 Aug 98 - 04:36 PM (#35741)
Subject: RE: lyrics wanted
From: Susan of DT

While I thought of "Bully in the Alley" and "Bully of the Town", a search on bully got 47 hits. Take a look and see if any are what you are thinking of. PS (1)A thread title that relects what you are looking for is more useful and (2) a few more words are helpful, so we know what you have in mind.

23 Aug 98 - 11:10 PM (#35768)
Subject: RE: lyrics wanted
From: Barry Finn

Hi Jan, would the "Row On" have to do with something about a lighthouse on the shore, maybe words by Dibben (sp?). Give a little more, it'll make it somewhat eaiser to help you. As long as John has been singing this type of music, you're asking to cover a very wide area. Barry

24 Aug 98 - 01:06 PM (#35822)
Subject: RE: lyrics wanted

Row on

a lament found by Gail Huntington in an 1846 journal from the New Bedford Whaler "Three Brothers"
Tune by Tim Laycock
Row on row on another day
may shine with brighter light
like......????? the oars and pull away
??????/ under way??

The Bully song

a boatman sung this on the Ohio River in 1896 With new lyrics is was a hit sung by May Irwin in the play The Widow Jones. The first popular ragtime song, it made its way down to the sea and turns up in the journal of U.S. Naval Midshipman CW Cole aboard the training ship U.S.S. Monongahela in the summer of that year.

The song starts with something like this
    Have you heard about the bully he is just come to town
    He is rounding all the boatmen and he is laying them body's down
    I am a Tenessee boatman and I don't allow
    A red eyed river roustabout..........
    I am looking for that bully and he must be found

See 'The Bully Song'

24 Aug 98 - 02:47 PM (#35835)
Subject: Lyr Add: ROW ON^^
From: Barry Finn


Row on, row on another day
May shine with brighter light
Ply, ply the oars & pull away
Thou must not come tonight

Clouds are upon the summer sky
There's thunder on the wind
Pull on, pull on & homeward hie
Nor give one look behind

Bear where thou goest the word of love
Say all that words can say
Changeless affections strength to prove
But speed upon the way

Oh like yon river would I glide
To where my heart would be
My bark should soon outsail the tide
That hurries to the sea

But yet a star shines constant still
Through yonder cloudy sky
And hope as bright my bosom stills
From faith that can not die

Row on, row on God speed the way
Thou must not linger here
Storms hang about the closing day
Tomorrow may be clear

Thanks Shantyman, for some reason I had "Lights Along The Shore" & couldn't get past it. Barry

25 Aug 98 - 08:55 AM (#35922)
Subject: RE: lyrics wanted
From: Zorro

Is the "bully" song, "The Bully of the Town?" If so, I have the words around here somewhere.. It's an old banjo tune that someone put words to...I heard Doc Watson do it, but a lot of folks have also recorded "I'm looking for the bully, the bully of the town, looking for the bully, that bully can't be found, I'm looking for the bully of the town........." ??

25 Aug 98 - 12:49 PM (#35936)
Subject: RE: lyrics wanted
From: dick greenhaus

To coin a phrase, the DT database is a good place to look. It's in there.

30 Aug 10 - 01:31 PM (#2976009)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: 'Row On' & 'Bully Song'
From: GUEST,John Townley

The whole album, with explanatory notes, is at

30 Aug 10 - 03:35 PM (#2976118)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: 'Row On' & 'Bully Song'
From: GUEST,blowz sans cookie

Row on, row on another day
May shine with brighter light
Ply, ply the oars & pull away
Thou must not come tonight

I think that the last line of this verse is actually:
'There's dawn beyond the night'

(or, at least, that is how Tim Laycock sings it)