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Celtic Fest in Goderich, Ontario

05 Aug 03 - 07:44 PM (#997509)
Subject: Celtic Fest in Goderich, Ontario
From: harper

I'm heading to the Celtic Festival, Aug. 8-10. Other than the festival, are there any other music related events nearby? Thanks!

11 Aug 03 - 04:59 AM (#1000119)
Subject: RE: Celtic Fest in Goderich, Ontario
From: sian, west wales

I had friends playing there: the Welsh group, Crasdant. I'd be curious to know how the festival went ...


11 Aug 03 - 03:52 PM (#1000420)
Subject: RE: Celtic Fest in Goderich, Ontario
From: Phil Cooper

I thought it was great. My group was privileged to play there as well. I really enjoyed Crasdant's set on Saturday night. I was really impressed by Crucible, too.

11 Aug 03 - 05:26 PM (#1000462)
Subject: RE: Celtic Fest in Goderich, Ontario
From: Mooh

It went great.

My new favourites are Crasdant, Crucible, The Creaking Tree String Quartet, and Entourloupe. The duo Pipeline was very good too. It was a particularly good year for this festival in terms of performing musicians, imho.

My old favourites are Cooper Nelson & Early, and Pierre Schyer & Ian Clark (Pierre being much more inspired in a smaller group).

The rest of the lineup was pretty good too.

Entourloupe's set on Sunday evening was some of the best live music I've ever experienced.


12 Aug 03 - 03:46 PM (#1001019)
Subject: RE: Celtic Fest in Goderich, Ontario
From: black walnut

I'm usually at the Goderich Festival, but I missed it this year - Lunenburg instead. I wish I could have gone to both! It sounds like it was (another) good one. One of the wonderful things about the Goderich Festival is the way it keeps attracting great musicians and introduces the area to new acts. Bravo!


16 Aug 03 - 11:26 AM (#1003214)
Subject: RE: Celtic Fest in Goderich, Ontario
From: CET

It's hard to pick out particular highlights, since there were so many. Certainly Crasdant would have to be well up on the list. So would Entourloupe - their final mainstage performance had people up and dancing and screaming for more.

Sean Keane was superb as always. I would like to hear a lot more singing from Crasdant, too. I love their instrumental music, but Stephen Rees has a beautiful voice that should be heard more often. Huw Williams has got to be the funniest man in folk music, as well as being an outstanding guitar player and singer.

I enjoyed the English group, Crucible, too and Calasaig from Scotland. I learned some good songs from both.

There was a great mix of ages in the performers as well as in the audience. During the entire week of the Celtic College and the Festival I heard plenty of people in their teens and twenties playing traditional tunes and singing traditional songs with real talent and respect. The people going wild for Crasdant and Entourloupe were mostly young.

Goderich recharges my musical batteries every year.


16 Aug 03 - 01:46 PM (#1003250)
Subject: RE: Celtic Fest in Goderich, Ontario
From: GUEST,JohnB

I have been to the festival at Goderich twice, about # 2 or 3 and about 5 or 6, also to both the festival and College for the last three years now. I did not know what to expect at mthis years College due to the great turnover in the "normal" teching staff. This year was a BLAST, the best mix I have had at the college, or ever heard at a festival. TO start with the College was incredible, classes from 9 to 4.30 concerts from 7.30 to 9.+++ singing and sessions until you had to leave and then hear about the next day from the hardier souls who managed to stay up until 2.30 or later.
Then the Festival. Crucible, who I heard the weekend before at Millrace, were brilliant. Also goodwere Crasdant (bought two CD's) Calasaig and Enterloupe. Pierre was fantastic with just the guitar accompanyment (sp?). Peter Kennedy who is 81 years old was just amazing, with respect he is an average performer but he is amazing to listen to. His stories of where he collected different songs, dances etc. from are so interesting you just don't want him to stop telling them to you.
Full marks to Warren and Eleanor for a BRAVE move that really paid off bigtime the mix of music from different parts of the Celtic globe (including England) was what really made it for me.
TOP THAT if you can, I for one will be back with my wife for two to see how next years gets even better. See you there if not before.