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Yamaha FG 401 strings

13 Aug 03 - 01:45 PM (#1001339)
Subject: Yamaha FG 401 strings
From: Cattail

When I bought this guitar off my ex-boss it had, I presume, the
original strings on it. It sounded nice, it was about four years old, and even though it hadn't been played much I decided to
replace the strings.

I replaced with a good set of light gauge, phosphor bronze strings,
but now it doesn't sound quite as good as it did.
I am assuming that the light gauge strings are not enough to drive the top, and that I will have to replace with a set of at least medium gauge, if not heavy, strings to bring it back to sounding
as it did when I bought it.

Could anyone tell me what strings would have been fitted by Yamaha
at the factory? Their own make I would suspect, but you never know.

Have any other FG 401 owners any reccomendations on string gauges,
or anything else which might make this guitar sound better.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

Best wishes to you all.

Cattail 0~

13 Aug 03 - 06:36 PM (#1001536)
Subject: RE: Yamaha FG 401 strings
From: mooman

Dear Cattail,

This is basically a dependable, well-built laminated top and body guitar. You don't say what gauges your light gauge strings are but, depending on the string manufacturer, they will probably start with an .011 or .012 gauge plain top E. I doubt that this guitar will be driven well by anthing below about .012 to .052 and, if that isn't sufficient, you might well want to consider moving to medium gauge (generally starting at .013 top E). One frequent problem, however, with this guitar tends to be a rather high action as originally factory set and, if that is the case, with heavier strings you might well want to consider having the action lowered a little to avoid difficult fretting. Any competent repairman or guitar technican will be able to do this.

Hope this helps a little.



13 Aug 03 - 08:44 PM (#1001597)
Subject: RE: Yamaha FG 401 strings
From: Cattail

Thanks for that mooman, sorry about the gauge ommision, but you got
it in one, yes the top E is .012 to .053 on the bottom E.

This as you say would seem to be a little borderline for this guitar and I will try something a little heavier, a medium set .013 - .056
should do the trick.

I would have liked to have known what was originally fitted to it however, they looked like lights and had a nice sound to them,
sorry I threw them out now, but nevermind.

Many thanks for the string info, and the comments on the action
(which is not too bad).

Peace to you and yours.

Cattail 0~