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just saw bert jansch...

13 Aug 03 - 07:15 PM (#1001559)
Subject: just saw bert jansch...
From: GUEST,ice noodle

it was great for the first half, with him alone playing beautifully, real testament to his timeless songs and his superb readings of traditional songs. BUT - for the second half he brought on his "friend", johnny "guitar" hodge, who looked like crocodile dundee meets david bowie's grandma in the house of keith richards, and who insisted on playing pentatonic scales over every single moment of the second half. has anyone else found themselves confounded by this sort of incident? does anyone actually feel his soulless noodling adds anything whatsoever? he must be a really nice guy who bert can't say no to or something...

14 Aug 03 - 02:46 AM (#1001706)
Subject: RE: just saw bert jansch...
From: The Borchester Echo

Quite like Johnny Hodge myself. When I've seen him play with Bert I thought they worked really well together. As he does with Bernard Butler. Whatevever have you got against musical collaboration?

14 Aug 03 - 03:34 AM (#1001719)
Subject: RE: just saw bert jansch...
From: Roger the Skiffler

I saw the same line-up at Bracknell last year and JH's contribution didn't seem as intrusive as you suggest (I preferred BJ on his own, though) but his posing (jacket over the shoulders, swept off like a cloak etc!)seemed a shameless attempt to upstage the unshowy JH (it didn't work!).


14 Aug 03 - 06:57 AM (#1001782)
Subject: RE: just saw bert jansch...
From: GUEST,icenoodle

i dunno. it just seemed too loud, over every single note, and yes the posing. i kept trying to watch bert on his own and trying to block out this strange man lurching about uncontrollably.

i don't have anything against musical collaboration but johnny hodge's idea of "collaboration" seemed akin to a bad harmonica player's idea of "collaboration". honestly i suppose its the juxtaposition of one of my favourite guitarists of all time next to someone with the talent of a senile jimmy page.

14 Aug 03 - 08:28 AM (#1001819)
Subject: RE: just saw bert jansch...
From: GUEST,Strollin' Johnny

Bert's a great picker, but a crap singer. Saw him at Lincoln UK two or three years ago and didn't understand a single word. Should stick to playing.

14 Aug 03 - 09:41 AM (#1001863)
Subject: RE: just saw bert jansch...
From: Roger the Skiffler

What is JH's background? (apart from sharing Keith Richard's stylist*)I did a quick Google search and all the mentions were in association with Bert Jansch.

(Not that I should criticise someone else's style as I'm a conscientious objector in the fashion wars)

15 Aug 03 - 12:31 AM (#1002447)
Subject: RE: just saw bert jansch...
From: Margret RoadKnight

I recorded "When Malindy Sings" accompanied by Bert Jansch (guitar only) and his Australian bassist Peter Howell in Melbourne a few years ago.
Finally released it this week on my "Moving Target>>>>harder to hit" CD... there's even a photo of the three of us in the booklet....
(details at my website - )