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14 Aug 03 - 12:34 PM (#1002003)
Subject: London
From: cockney

Just wanted ter say wot a great place London is! We 'ave a variety of traditional music - fiddly diddly, sing-alongs with the ol' joe-anna, 'eavy metal! You name it we've got it!!!

14 Aug 03 - 12:37 PM (#1002007)
Subject: RE: London
From: mexican

Hey Gringo - who are you kidding - The place is a stinking ghetto!

14 Aug 03 - 12:52 PM (#1002024)
Subject: RE: London
From: Mugwump

I have to agree with Mex it's a poophole - full of Londoners!

14 Aug 03 - 01:13 PM (#1002045)
Subject: RE: London
From: Allan C.

All of the above

14 Aug 03 - 01:16 PM (#1002048)
Subject: RE: London
From: katlaughing

Well it's damn hot, the mo'!

Stay kewl, Micca, Khatt and all you others!

14 Aug 03 - 01:17 PM (#1002049)
Subject: RE: London
From: okthen

Maybe it's because he's a Londoner................

14 Aug 03 - 01:19 PM (#1002053)
Subject: RE: London
From: Larkin

There are plenty worse 'poopholes' in the country- with a lot less going for them - been to Mansfield or Walsall??? Just coz we make more dosh , are very good looking and it's much warmer here, people are always having a go - it's just jealousy. Ignore 'em cockney!

14 Aug 03 - 01:20 PM (#1002054)
Subject: RE: London
From: Leadfingers

The man who is tired of London is tired of Life is one quote I definately DONT go along with.I havent set foot inside the North/South
Circular road for weeks,and never really want to.Its bad enough living inside the M25.

14 Aug 03 - 01:34 PM (#1002065)
Subject: RE: London
From: Sliding Down The Bannister At My Auntie's House

I saw MC5 at Phun City in 1970 ...Oh! M25 ooops . sorry wrong thread.

14 Aug 03 - 01:35 PM (#1002067)
Subject: RE: London
From: Phot

Devon is the best,.....But as an East End boy,...I still miss "The Smoke"....Maybe its......


14 Aug 03 - 01:37 PM (#1002070)
Subject: RE: London
From: Phot

Still can't spell!...


I fixed it for ya Chris, us Londoners have got to stick together. Cheers, Bert

14 Aug 03 - 01:42 PM (#1002077)
Subject: RE: London
From: Ken Ningham

Nore Kann wee!

14 Aug 03 - 03:05 PM (#1002126)
Subject: RE: London
From: Herga Kitty

As a Greater Londoner, I think this thread should be consigned to BS. There is bugger-all about music in the thread (although Herga continue to meet on Mondays except the Bank Holiday on 25 August).

14 Aug 03 - 07:51 PM (#1002348)
Subject: RE: London
From: Rt Revd Sir jOhn from Hull

london is rubbish, hull is the best place in the world.john

15 Aug 03 - 08:58 AM (#1002638)
Subject: RE: London
From: Beardy

As someone who has spent over 10 years working (sic) in the smoke in various spells I have to say that my opinion varies from great to atrocious. Best thing recently has been listening to Radio London especially Robert Elms 12-3pm. Worst not enough good pubs reasonably priced!

As for Hull as I spend a great deal of time there, am here typing this, the same applies; some parts great, others the less said the better. Overall though definitely NOT "the best place in the world". Sorry jOhn.

Must away off to Whitby for weekend with brid widder. Be in the Tap singarounds most of weekend, hope its not too hot!


15 Aug 03 - 10:29 AM (#1002689)
Subject: RE: London
From: Bert

Someone is complaining bout this not being a music thread, so let's make it one. When I was in London many years ago, one could do folk dancing every night of the week, and there was music just about everwhere.

And is that stall still there in Leicester Square where you can buy cheap theatre tickets? I remember buying tickets there to see Tommy Steele.

And take a trip to the Horniman Museum for a fine collection of musical instruments.

15 Aug 03 - 10:42 AM (#1002702)
Subject: RE: London
From: GUEST,Londoner

Why has this been consigned to the BS section? just 'cos the northerner Herga says "Bugger all about music" It is quite obvious that the great philosepher "cockney", in his opening post was praising London's diverse musicalwealth, and trying tospark a debate on that ... i.e. MUSIC

15 Aug 03 - 09:58 PM (#1003019)
Subject: RE: London
From: Malcolm Douglas

My mum's family is from the East End and I grew up south of the river. It's nice to visit once in a while, but I wouldn't want to live there again; too much change for the worse, too much greed, and public transport is shockingly bad since privatisation.

The Horniman is great, though. My Great-great aunt Queenie used to live on the same street (before I was born) and I used to go there regularly as a child. It was like a huge junk shop in those days. Now, Bert: you're older than me. You must remember the axolotls?

27 Jan 04 - 06:05 AM (#1102371)
Subject: RE: London
From: GUEST,remo

London is FAB

27 Jan 04 - 08:47 AM (#1102466)
Subject: RE: London
From: GUEST,c.sparra

Yes the cheapo theatre ticket booth is still in L.Square.

Hornimans also still in leafy Forest Hill. Still housing the amazing musical collection, and the stuffed walrus and the shrunken heads.
Apparently it was set up and left to the public by a guy who made all his dosh from the tea trade, and collected bits and bobs along the way.Currently housing a puppet collection, with the original Andy Pandy, and they say we don't know culture eh?

Congestion charge is a pain, but there are ways around that one, that DO work. Not to be used all the time, because I agree with it in principle, but the odd swerve is sometimes necessary.

I LOVE London and agree with the Robert Elms bit, his enthusiasm is charming.

Got to dash there are eels to jelly.

27 Jan 04 - 10:29 AM (#1102543)
Subject: RE: London
From: Beardy

Although now resident in Hull ('Ull) I have just finished listening to Robert Elms show which can be found on the BBC Radio website everyday from Noon to 3.


27 Jan 04 - 11:14 AM (#1102589)
Subject: RE: London
From: Dave Bryant

I was born in Bedford, but that was only because of evacuation during WW2. I was brought up in Erith, Kent, but my postal address was London SE2. I spent many happy years living in Hampstead London NW3 (and all sorts of places on contracts) before moving back to Bromley, Kent, which was by that time "The London Borough of". I'm now living at Mottingham, Eltham, London SE9 which is part of the London Borough of Greenwich. I suppose that I've always tended to be a fringe Londoner. I enjoy being in central London from time to time, and manage to get to some of the folk clubs now and again. I think though, that I really prefer to be in the surrounding counties, Kent is my main stamping ground, but I also see a fair bit of Essex, Herts, and Surrey.

27 Jan 04 - 11:55 AM (#1102628)
Subject: RE: London
From: mooman

The Viking and myself both grew up in the same exact bit of Sarf London (not North London which is another continent as far as I'm concerned)...Even played rugby against one another (can't remember who won the bl**dy mess!).

Anyone have a problem with that!



P.S. Did all my early playing and learning in London too.

27 Jan 04 - 12:59 PM (#1102669)
Subject: RE: London
From: Mrs.Duck

I was born in Essex but through no fault of my own and without the need to remove I ended up living in the London borough of Redbridge. Sadly folk music never found me while I was there nor coincidently when I spent four years living in Hull as a student. I miss certain aspects of London but it has probably changed a lot since I last lived there.

27 Jan 04 - 01:37 PM (#1102692)
Subject: RE: London

I love London. as to Devon..well it is a sort of boring spot taking up spaces between Dorset and Cornwall.

27 Jan 04 - 06:13 PM (#1102888)
Subject: RE: London

From the Hull and Sheffield perspective, that was probably an interesting new definition of me as northerner (never lived north of Stanmore). But Mooman is quite right about the cultural divide north and south of the Thames.


27 Jan 04 - 06:25 PM (#1102895)
Subject: RE: London
From: GUEST,c.sparra

You mean there's somefink norf ov the Thames?

28 Jan 04 - 10:43 AM (#1103490)
Subject: RE: London
From: Beardy

Dear Herga Kitty, as an ex resident of Chertsey we consider everybody from North of the Thames as Northeners. 25 years ago our pubs in Surrey closed at 1030 while in the North (Middlesex) it was 1100. Many late night convoys were seen crossing the river in search of extra liquid.


28 Jan 04 - 01:02 PM (#1103600)
Subject: RE: London
From: Mrs.Duck

c.sparra - assuming you are claiming to be a cockney sparrow THAT area is North of the Thames :0)

28 Jan 04 - 02:02 PM (#1103644)
Subject: RE: London
From: GUEST,c.sparra

Sparras don't claim they work 18 hrs a day selling roasted chestnuts and whelks. And I've checked on the A to Z, there's nufink up there except a big blank page?

28 Jan 04 - 03:26 PM (#1103704)
Subject: RE: London
From: DougR

I spent a week in London this past September and loved it! A marvelous place to visit.


28 Jan 04 - 04:40 PM (#1103759)
Subject: RE: London
From: GUEST,c.sparra

Gawd bless ya Guv'nor. Out of interest, what was your highlight and lowlight?

28 Jan 04 - 05:18 PM (#1103780)
Subject: RE: London
From: Herga Kitty


In the days when drinking-up time was only 10 minutes, we had 10.30 closing in the borough of Harrow too - you had to go south to somewhere like Kilburn to be served until 11! Apart from birthday nights when we got a bar extension, the Herga folk club started at 8 and finished at 10.30 with John Heydon saying "That shallot, there ain't no more" (or similar)....

Kitty (cookie now reset)

29 Jan 04 - 09:54 AM (#1104285)
Subject: RE: London
From: lady penelope

I'm a nowff London gewl myself. Born and raised in Kentish Town (Camden). I did have the added advantage of living ten minutes walk from Hampstead Heath / Parliament Hill Fields ( which is a huge park to get lost in and great for kids ). So the great outdoors was not an unknown.

I fail to see what the problem is. If you do not like London then DON'T GO THERE! I have visited many places round the country, that , whilst I have found them very nice to visit and may have had excellent times there, I wouln't want to live there for whatever reason. There are places where I would be happy if I never set foot in them again, but I don't start going on and on about why they are soooo terrible. Each to their own I say.

I originally moved to Walthamstow because that's where my Mother found a flat I could afford and she had decided it was time for me to leave home ( well, I was 27........). Parker used to live in South Woodford (Bottom of Epping forest) and Walthamstow was kind of in between there and Camden so we moved in.

We have found that this area provides the perfect (for us) mix of town and country. We have the Walthamstow marshes (Lee Valley) on one side of us and we are but a short bus ride to Epping forest.

On the other hand, we have a lauderette, a chippy and a mini supermarket at the end of the street. We are a ten minute walk from the longest street market in Europe ( where I'm going in a minute) and a large Sainsbury's.

We can get to the west end in 30 minutes and Greenwich and Richmond in an hour. There are plenty of folk clubs and sessions and other kinds of music as well. Great places to eat. We like it so much that we are moving to a house (hopefully, I canna take the strain.....) not even half a mile away.

Not for a minute, though, would I say that this would suit everyone or anyone else!!   Living in any area is always a compromise between what you want and what you can afford, so there will always be good and bad points. I'd like less traffic, but I'm not willing to give everything I've listed above, up.

So yes, London is wonderful, for me!   Anyone who just wants to visit occasionally is more that welcome.

TTFN Lady P.