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the blue doo

24 Aug 03 - 04:46 PM (#1007455)
Subject: the blue doo
From: akenaton

Any one remember the poem Matt McGinn used to recite during his spots in the clubs .It was called "The blue doo" Iv forgotten most of the words...Ake

24 Aug 03 - 04:52 PM (#1007456)
Subject: RE: the blue doo
From: GUEST,Marta

Was this about eating a doo a day ?

Keep old Glasgow city clean eat a doo a day

a doo = pidgeon

24 Aug 03 - 05:25 PM (#1007470)
Subject: RE: the blue doo
From: akenaton

Aye very good Martha...Iv actually eaten doos...My uncle kept racing pidgeons and got so exasperated by their performance that he put them all in the stew pot..
the second verse of "the blue doo"
Noo this doo was seek
It hid hurtit its beak
Jist wae stabbin a daud o hard breid
When alang came a boy ,jist a durty wee boy..
Wi beasts on es heid
Noo the wee boy says jings
Ah love aw things wi wings
An he gied the wee doo a big cuddle
He sortit its beak ..he jist gied it a tweak
An he saffind its breid in a puddle...

25 Aug 03 - 05:56 PM (#1007976)
Subject: lyr add; the wurram and the sparra
From: GUEST,Marta

I added the doo=pigeon for our American mudcatters, I thought you might already know what it is !

Anyway, it does ring a bell as a McGinn thing to me.

It sounds a wee bit like the Wurram and the Sparra;

(Chorus :)
It was down by Glasgow Green
That the fight took place between
The poor wee wurram and the great big sparra
It was a terrible fight
But things turned out all right
For the wurram was protected by his farrer

In the dead of night unseen
In the heart of Glasgow Green
There wriggled in the grass a poor wee wurram
He had stumbled down a hole
That was put there by a mole
And was wishing that his farrer would come for-him

He was all begrotten eyed
As he wriggled and he cried
And he listened for the footsteps of his farrer
But long before the light
Of the sunshine came in sight
The poor wee wurram was gobbled by a sparra


Now like Jonah in the whale
He began to weep and wail
For the wurram chewed him into tiny scraps
But his farrer heard him screaming
Though he thought he must be dreaming
He got out of bed saying "that's my son perhaps"


Now the wurram's farrer was worried
As through the grass he scurried
For you see he was his only pride and joy
And when he was looking for-him
He met another wurram
And he asked the wurram
"Have you seen my boy ?"


It was then that he first heard
The story of the bird
And he got awfy' angry and he ran
Then the poor wee wurram's farrer
Came right up to the sparra
And he fought him just as if he was a man

Well the tension it got heightened
And the sparra he got frightened
He muttered and he spluttered and he coughed
Then the wurram saw his son
All splattered on the grun'
And he stitched him up
And both of them ran off


( from Take me Back to the Jungle LP )

25 Aug 03 - 06:24 PM (#1007988)
Subject: RE: the blue doo
From: akenaton

Thats good Marta...Its one of the very few Matt McGinn LPs I havnt got....and Iv never heard the poem before..I knew Matt quite well in his singing days and he had a really surreal sense of humour..a lovely man..Anyway the memory loss is easing off a wee bit and iv got the last verse of the blue doo...

   So you folks tak heed
   Ayeways saffen doos breid
   An nivir hit boys wi beasts on thir heid
   For it might be the boy who wis good tae the doo
   An if your bad tae him....
   The doo wull get YOU

   At the last word Matt would slap the top of his heid as if shat on
   by the doo    All the best Ake.

25 Aug 03 - 06:39 PM (#1007994)
Subject: RE: the blue doo
From: GUEST,Marta

Aye, to quote David Hayman, Matt McGinn was a "life embellisher".

Take me Back to the Jungle and Tinny Can on My tail are the only old Lps that haven't been re-released in some form. They are two crackers as well, probably his best albums.

27 Aug 03 - 08:37 PM (#1009305)
Subject: RE: the blue doo
From: akenaton

Still looking for 1st verse of Matts poem.. Cant find anything in Google or Matts website..There must be some old keelie who can help....Ake

23 Jan 09 - 07:23 AM (#2546846)
Subject: RE: the blue doo
From: GUEST,Andy fae Alloway

Didnt know if you were still looking for this, but here it is to help you celebrate Burns day! Enjoy

The Blue Doo

There was wunst a wee doo,
An' this wee doo was blue,
It had got itsel' right in a mess.
Now it might be that you
Never heard of this doo,
Well ah'll tell ye for you'd never guess.

Well, this wee doo was seeck,
It had banjo'd its beak,
Jist wi' stabbin' a daud of stale breid.
When alang came a boy,
Jist a durrty wee boy,
Who had snotters an' beasts in his heid.

Said the wee boy – Aw jings!
Ah love a' things wi' wings!
An' he gave the wee doo a big cuddle,
Then he mendit its beak,
He jist gave it a tweak,
Then he saftened its breid in a puddle.

Well, the doo gulped the breid,
It wiz hunger – no' greed,
An' it said tae the boy – Thanksalot,
For yir jist a wee pet,
An' ah'll never forget,
End the truth is it nevah forgot!

So youse people take heed,
Ayeways saften doo's breid,
An' never smack boys who have beasts in thir heid,
For ye might smack the boy
Who was good to the doo,
An' the next thing ye'll know is –
The doo might get you!