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Beatles 'Butcher' album cover

17 Sep 03 - 12:36 PM (#1020836)
Subject: Beatles 'Butcher' album cover
From: nancyjo


You can see it here:

along with the replacement cover. It's George, not Ringo, that has the doll's head on his hand, but it doesn't look to me that it's supposed to be on the "offendsive finger". Keep scrolling, and you'll see a close-up with false teeth on Paul's arm.


17 Sep 03 - 02:31 PM (#1020904)
Subject: RE: Beatles 'Butcher' album cover
From: clueless don

I actually own this LP. It had the "replacement cover" on it, but friends of mine and I steamed this off to reveal the "butcher cover" underneath.

nancyjo, was your posting in answer to a question posted elsewhere?

17 Sep 03 - 04:09 PM (#1020988)
Subject: RE: Beatles 'Butcher' album cover
From: Wesley S

I have a copy of this cover on some sort of Beatles EP at home. I don't think it was any official release.

18 Sep 03 - 05:13 AM (#1021262)
Subject: RE: Beatles 'Butcher' album cover
From: Dita

cd - it came up on the worst album cover thread.

ws - it has been used on a number of Beatle bootlegs, both record and CD.